Rise of Martial lord
9 Chapter 9
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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9 Chapter 9

Raven' father and mother were invited to their bother's party who was 4th elder in the sect due to this Raven saw an opportunity thus he sneaked from the home and went to see what exactly is there that makes even Grandmaster realm think twice before entering this forest. When Raven arrived at the forest Raven thought "This is truly a demonic forest there is strong wave of demonic and killing intent just at the entrance" after that he entered the forest. It was quiet at forest but this is what makes the forest truly dangerous as the demons were waiting in the darkness for a opportunity to kill you so even if you let down your guard for a split second then you can get heavily damaged or worst death. There was demonic force from every part of the forest and this is what made Raven excited. When Raven was alive in his past life he always used to travel searching for new opponents and demons to taste defeat in dual but it never happened to him because the more he batteled more he got stronger from every battle and this made only few people to match against his power but they were unable to make him excited to go all out only the demon king made him fear but due to the fear it made him more excited and at that point he supprassed his limit and fought all out against the demon king but died in the end. When Raven was walking in the forest there was a monster roaming this monster was a lone dark wolf. Dark wolf was a monster which hunted all alone thus it was easy to recognize it as most kind of wolf hunted in group. Raven took out a dagger then carefully searched for a opening. The dark wolf was 3rd stage of grandmaster realm but it was very fast and strong then normal Grandmaster realm but didn't have good defense. Dark wolf also had good senses and when it could easily sense blood. The dark wolf was going inside a cave but it was becoming more guard and there was smell of blood coming from the cave do there was either a dead person or injured person inside the cave. When the lone wolf was walking in the cave it suddenly stopped and charged in the darkness and suddenly a voice came "hmph just a 3rd stage of master realm but trying to kill me" and a dagger came flying and instantly killed no destroyed the head of dark wolf. That person is at least at Earth shattering realm no maybe higher and the man spoke "Brat if you keep hiding I will kill you too" Raven immediately knew this person is at least an heavenly realm otherwise one cannot tell others cultivation realm if they are lower then heavenly rank. The man spoke again while realesing a strong force and killing intent "Brat if you don't appear right now you can consider your self good as dead" when Reaven heard it he knew he wasnt joking so he appeared immediately and said "I hope senior can forgive me for my rudeness" and the man spoke "You are just 3 years old but you already at 3rd stage at master if you meet people who calls themselves peerless genius then they will die of shame" after hearing it Raven replied "Thank you for the compliment senior but compare to you I am nothing more then a dust" Raven knew what he was now so it was the truth and he couldn't deny truth also. The man told "hahaha Brat I like you tell me who is your master for some one who created such a genius he should be someone great" Raven replied "I don't have master senior" the man told "Brat if you want I can be your master it will be great waste of your talent if you be others disciples" Raven replied"Senior I want to but I don't think your cultivation technique will match my cultivation " the man spoke" Brat tell me which cultivation technique are you learning" Raven replied"Senior I am learning cultivation related to learning the ability of demons and monsters by observing them" Raven told half truth and half lie. The man replied "The I have perfect cultivation technique for you but if I give you this to learn you may die but if learned it you can easily kill a person even if the person is at higher realm then you" Raven was stunned when he heard it a person who learned it can kill a person who is higher realm then you it is heaven Defying cultivation if it's existance is known the world will go to war for it but this person is giving me like it is nothing but I must learn it no matter what so Raven asked "Master can you tell me the name of the technique" Senior replied"Its name is 'The Way of the five Beasts"


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