Rise of Martial lord
10 Chapter 10
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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10 Chapter 10

After he returned home he started to see the martial arts and techniques. Phantom steps,Art of total destruction, Diamond body, silent killing techniques, Area teleportation,

Nine mammoth strength,Eye of Emperor, Silent steps,Sky piercing swords etc were of Earth grade but there were only 7 heaven grade arts and techniques like Eye of Divine truth,Tears of heavenly God's, Buddha's Fist, Body of God's, Heaven shattering sword technique, Roar of Godly Lion, Five Element Sword technique all of these techniques were of heaven rank which can cause any sects go war against eachother no wonder the lover of the owner betrayed him. I can totally reach my prime no I can reach even greater realm then what I was in my past life after thinking this he started to laugh like maniac.

After 2 year 6 months

I have reached Grand Master realm now it is the time I can absorb those spiritual stones which made feel like for not being able to absorb them[All of the stones can only be absorbed if reached Grand Master realm] (I can have also mastered all those arts and techniques in earth grade but it is still not enough and I need more time to comprehend them and need life action battle for experience

"Master second elder is calling for you " a maid said and Raven replied" Can you tell what is the reason" The Maid replied"It is because today is the day to awaken the grade of talent of Night clan younger generation " Raven replied"Oh I almost forgot this day"[Every 8 to 10 years Raven's clan used to awaken the the talent of younger generation the more talented you are the more resources you would be give] Raven thought(I was able to reach master realm without any resources and I can finally know what grade of talent I posses) after reaching to Martial hall there was a object in the middle of hall. A man in thirties shouted"Now all you come when I call your name"

Jacob human third rank

Dan human second rank

Daniel human second rank

Albert human fourth rank

Lon human third rank

After some time

Andrew human seventh rank

"Man as expected of Son of patriarch he has seventh rank which can only be seen in hundred years in Night clan" "Yup man it seems he was always considered to be genius in our clan". A man with powerful aura came in and said " hahaha I knew my son always was a genius unlike the son of second elder who always hides in his room" "It seems patriarch and second elder are in conflict" "Yup It seems so but it is the truth" gossip started happening in the hall and second elder said " patriarch why don't you wait for my son to awaken his Martial talent" The patriarch replied "Let's see" The instructor told "Raven come and put your hand in this orb" as Raven kept his hand there was no change and patriarch started laughing "ahahahahahahaha look at your son even the worst talent was considered to be first rank human rank but your son proved that there is still a rank worse then human first rank haahahahahahahah"

All the youngsters started to laugh at Raven but Raven was silent and was thinking (It seems my talent can't be measured by it otherwise I couldn't have reached Grandmaster realm at such age without external help or cultivation) after that Raven's father took him inside and said " Don't worry son it doesn't matter how much worse grade you posses you are still my son and you will be forever even if it means losing everything I will still help you" Raven was shocked to hear this when he was in his past life he always used to hear families kicking out their son or daughter for possessing worse grade but his father was still not angry but was comforting him Raven unknowingly started to cry Raven who was a cold blooded killer who killed anyone who stood against him never experienced this even in his past life his father told"Dont cry son I won't let anyone bully you " after his father said that Raven asked" Father where is mother did she have a breakthrough" his father replied "I dont know son she was taken away by some people to tell you the truth son I never knew your mother's history but at first sight I fallen in love with her so I never asked her about history I wanted to search but you were here so I couldn't do it and those people were very powerfull so I couldn't win against them so I thought if you could posses at least human fifth rank grade I would have supported you every ways possible to rescue your mother but It seems it isn't possible" after that he sighed hearing that Raven released his aura of Grandmaster realm and his father spoke in tremble " Son you you you are" Raven said "Yes father I have reached Grandmaster realm I always used to cultivate inside the room but it was very hard to reach this realm without any cultivation resources " and his father told "Son you should know in the upper Kingdom there was once a genius who reached master realm when he was at 9 age but he was provided with countless resources but you still reached Grandmaster realm without any cultivation resources you I don't think anyone can match against you even in upper kingdoms it seems we can probably save your mother" after this Raven withdrew his aura smiled and went to his room to absorb those spiritual stones.


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