Rise of Martial lord
11 Chapter 11
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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11 Chapter 11

After he absorbed 10 of them he was able to advance to 4th stage of Grandmaster realm but soon he started wondering what kind of talent does this body posses to have this much heaven defying talent even 10th grade Demi god bone couldn't compare to this talent.The talents were divided into Human,Warrior,Emperor,Dragon,heavenly,heaven defying,Demi god bone,Godly,God defying talent even if there is difference of one level of talent it will affect it will affect a lot.After some time he began to to train his body if one's body isn't strong then it doesn't matter which realm you are you will be defeated by lower realm easily if one doesn't train his body but he fortunately have Graphene body art to strengthen his body and organs after he reached 4th stage after some days he started to see those art and techniques of heaven grade

Eye of Divine Truth

The Divine Eyes Of Truth no lies no secrets can be hidden from this eye.This eye can see flaws,Increases comprehensive ability,detect nearby enemies,can see invisible enemies,can see weak spot of defensive mechanisms,illusion.This eye has total of three level

Divine ability :Eyes of Time

This can make the user see the movement in slow motion of any enemy no matter their speed and could stop time for 10 seconds

Divine ability :Eyes of Destruction

This can make the user destroy everything he gazes on

Divine ability : Eyes of Gods

This can make everyone kneel against you and those who don't death is their only way

Tears of Heavenly Gods

Tears of heavenly Gods was made from tears of heavenly Gods itself if reached to its peak it can make God fall into tear itself when performed Tears will come out and when the tears comes out ground Destruction shall occur.

Buddha's Fist

The Buddha known to use hands as their own weapon.This technique was created by Buddha its self and if practiced it can your hand more stronger than a diamond it had three levels

Buddha's Unbreakable Fist

This made the users punch unbreakable not even low heaven grade armor could survive its punch

Buddha's ten thousand punch

Literally When performed it the user can total of ten thousand punch

Buddha's Rage

This is for a last resort as when performed it until you kill your target no body except for Buddha himself can stop you in berserk mode.

Shell of the Heavenly Turtle

Heaven turtle god was one of the overlord of Godly realm as its shell were almost unbreakable but this technique could make your skin its armor and could increase your speed by 10% but if mastered it could have hardness of one tenth of its original shell and could increase speed by 15% and can automatic heal you

Heaven shattering Sword technique

The original technique could cut the heaven into two halves its self but to perform its full power you needed to at least have 15 rays of Sword Qi it had five levels

First form of heavenly Sword:Sword origin

The origin of sword should be comprehend to perform it and when performed speed could be made out of thin air

Second form of heavenly Sword:Sword Destruction

The destruction of Swords which can destroy every every swords in its domain

Third Form of Heavenly Sword:Sword of Origin and Destruction

Every sword will obey you and your will the stronger the will the powerful it is

Fourth Form of Heavenly Sword:Blood of Gods

The technique which killed the Gods and drenched the sword in bloods of Gods

Last from of Heavenly Sword:Heaven shatterer

The last from of sword and the most powerful one the heaven shatterer which had split apart the Heaven which was known as home of Gods itself

Roar of Godly Lion

The Godly lion which was known was the Gods of lion species.If performed the ear drums will blow if not prepared and can the opponents paralyze or unable to move

Elemental Sword Art

The Elements which exist in the world combined into one Art which can counter any elements of performed.


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