Rise of Martial lord
12 Chapter 12
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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12 Chapter 12

All of the heaven grade were extremely powerful but hard to master.Eye of Divine Truth would be most suitable to master for Raven at first because if mastered it others arts and techniques would make it easier to master. After 1 and half half year

I have finally mastered the Divine Eyes of Truth but still can't show its power due to weak cultivation realm I should probably step into earthly realm

The realm were divided like this

Qi gathering realm

Warrior realm

Master realm

Grandmaster realm

Earthly realm

Earth shattering realm

Sky realm

Sky shattering realm

Celestial realm

Earthly immortal realm

Earthly Immortal dominater relam

Earthly Immortal conquerer realm

Supreme Earthly Immortal realm

Inmortal realm

Immortal dominator realm

Immortal conquerer realm

Supreme Immortal realm

Heavenly realm

Heaven shattering realm

All of this realm were separated like distance of sun and earth. This were known to be the realm but Raven didn't believe it because one of his friend Lombart when he was at heavenly realm his friend was killed and left one message "Heaven shattering realm isn't the limit of cultivation" when he had read this he was shocked to think there exist realm beyond heaven shattering realm but when he tried to searched him he found nothing about him he had disappeared like he never existed and this caused him to rage and destroyed 4 sects which had hatered towards his friend but only learned they were not responsible for his death. After consuming 100 high quality spiritual stones he had reached 9th stage of Grandmaster realm.He started to stabilize his body by training his body. Afterwards he began to cultivate his graphene body and reached 9th stage and he started to comprehend Heaven shattering sword techniques he started to meditate his sword for a month in this room and finally reached enlightenment "Everyone says sword is a weapon to take others life but Sword is a way of life, sword can take life but it can also protect a life sword is a part of your own body, many says swordmasters are nothing without their swords but if a swordsmaster wants he can cut a people with just his imagination, Everyone says Swords are created by blacksmiths but if supreme swordmasters want they can cut their enemies with just their imagination, the Swords are the tools that can decide your death" Raven was finally able to comprehend the ways of swords and heaven shattering sword technique. After that he started to look at other heaven grades arts and techniques. 'Shell of Godly tortoise' their shells were the best in the world even if the experts were at higher levels they cant do anything but leave dents and scratches in their shell after trying to learn it he couldnt reach anywhere so Raven tried to use his Divine Eyes of Truth to learn it and when he activated it he thought he reached another world this period was known as the battle of God's and Godly beast. All the Beast and God's were falling after one another there were some of the beast like Nine tailed Fox, Godly Lion, Golden Flame Phoenix,Black panther these were all mythical beast which was thought to be extinct and even a single bone of these beast and God's were enough for Supreme sect to declare war against each other and Raven didn't even knew the name of most of these beast and God's. In the battle there were 10 to 20 number of God's who were hitting a beast this beast was none other then Godly tortoise they were only able to scratch at beast and they were called God's to think the Godly Tortorise's shell was this formidable and there was a Roar of beast this beast was Godly Lion his roar caused Raven to almost lose his eardrums this was only illusion if this was in real life Raven was sure he would lose his life if he heard this in real life after that he returned to real life "huff huff to think I forgot to even breath which I was in that illusion this is truly great and to think the Gods were this formidable in their Golden age I thought reaching for heaven shattering realm I was capable of challenging Gods but I am of nothing but a air to them which exist but cant be seen " after that he was able to perform both Shell of Godly Tortorise and Roar of the Godly Lion.


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