Rise of Martial lord
13 Chapter 13
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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13 Chapter 13

After the illusion Raven looked at others Heavenly grades the Buddha's fist Raven went to the Demonic forest after that he started to hit trees with his fist he could break the trees easily so he activated his Divine Eye of Truth to search for stronger things after searching for 2 to 4 hours he found a stone which had durability of at least purple grade weapons the grades were divided like this

White grade

Yellow grade

Purple grade

Golden grade

Black grade

Earth grade

Heaven grade

The stone was probably not known since it looked completely like normal stones after that Raven started to hit the stones with his bare hands he started to feel pain but he continued hitting it harder and harder to the point blood started appearing in his hands after five days of hitting the stones the stone was destroyed if Raven had used his Qi he could have destroyed it easily but he Raven had only used power of average non cultivator so he had taken a lot of time.Raven started to search for more stones and searching for five hours he found a stone comparable to low grade Earth grade weapon.Raven started to hit the stones day after day.Raven cleared his mind and became calm after destroying the stone he finally attained First level of Buddha's Fist:Unbreakable Fist his Fist had became 10 times stronger then before and he could exert 2 time the power of what he had after that he went inside a mountain due to felling strong energy of Qi inside a mountain there was a cave inside the cave there was a pond the pond was clear.After that Raven went and tried to master second level of Buddha's Fist:Ten thousand punch according to which to master it he should activate the Unbreakable Fist and try to hit 1000 punch per second which was almost impossible the average but Raven didn't gave up and activated Unbreakable Fist and started hitting in thin air he could only hit 100 punches per second but Raven didn't gave up and started punching in the air day by day he was getting better now he could hit 456 punches per second much better then what he started he started to hit and when he exhausted his Qi he rested which improved his Qi storage, his movements and his strength.After 9 weeks he was able to hit 734 punches per second which had lot of improvement in his body after 1 month and 12 day he was finally able to hit 1000 punches per second and now it was the last level of Buddha's Fist:Buddha's rage which told to perform this the person should have hatred and strong sense of revenge against his enemy and for Revenge he should be ready to sell his soul to devil when Raven read it he was sure he can't perform Buddha's Rage right now so he started to look at others he started to read Element Sword technique in which this technique should contain all the elements to perform this which was like a joke to think how could a person contain all the elements.After that he tried to perform it to see it would work or not but when he tried it he saw elements like wind,water,fire,thunder,earth,metal,space,and all of the elements Raven was now sure he had talent at least Godly grade because no one had heard about a person who was compatible with all the elements when he performed it Raven pretty much made a hole in the wall which nearly collapsed but expended all of his Qi.Raven finally attained Grandmaster level after that he looked at Heaven shattering sword technique which maybe the most powerful technique right now.


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