Rise of Martial lord
14 Chapter 14
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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14 Chapter 14

Heaven shattering sword technique was the most powerful sword technique he had found up till now even in his last life the Nine hell sword technique which he used to use was of medium heaven grade sowed technique which he used to use. Heaven shattering sword technique was written in ancient language but with the help of his past life he was able to read it "The place where the God's calls their home I wonder what would happen if I destroyed their home what would they do" This sentence made Raven frighten to think a person would think to destroy the place where the gods lives this person truly had nerves and lot if guts to do it.The statement revealed that the person who created this technique only created it to see what would the Gods do if their home was destroyed if I want to master this I probably need to produce 5 rays of Sword qi just to display below average power of this technique. After half a 16 days Raven was finally able to display five reasons of sword qi. After that Raven absorbed 31 high leveled spirit stones to reach Earthly realm. After stabilizing his body Raven thought "I am currently too weak to travel this world I think I should reach Ultimate realm of Earthly realm. (Ultimate realm all of the realm had ultimate state which required massive resources to level up but would grant 4 times the power of average leveled and would give you power to fight against someone at least at 2 levels higher than you) Raven knew how to reach Ultimate realm so he concerted his power in his Diantian and after some hours Raven finally entered Ultimate realm of Earthly realm. After absorbing 50 spiritual stones he was finally able to level up to 2nd level of Earthly realm which Costed a lot but was worth it. After that Raven started to cultivate his body and reached 9th level of Graphene body which made his body and his organs more stronger then before. After that he pondered in his last life to search his previous arts and decided to use doppelganger art. This was a clone art which made the user to make a duplicate of himself. At this level he was only able to produce 1 clone of himself which contained 50% of his power. The clone looked same like him after that he absorbed the clone and he went to the the forest to kill some of the beast after one week of killing at least one thousand of beast Raven used Dragon devouring art to absorb their abilities after absorbing them he was able to advance to 3rd level of Earthly Realm but only gained black serpent's eyes which made Raven sense and eye sight slightly better. While returning to home there was a aura of killing intent which meant a fight was going on there so he went to see what was happening there were four people at seventies at Grand Master realm they were currently fighting a beast know as two headed wolf which was at 8th stage of Grand master level seeing this it was most likely the beast would die so Raven continued to return home. After he returned home he started to search for his father but he couldn't find him so he asked to one of the servants "Hey Can you tell where second elder currently is?" The servant replied " the second elder has been kept in frost room by patriarch and his son now is taking possession of his belongings" after that Raven released his killing intent which made the servant collapse just from his eyes and after that Raven went to the Frost room( The frost room was known for being extremely cold not even 9th level grand master level could stay in there being unharmed) so Raven was extremely angry to think his father was being treated like this so Raven went in barging while the guards tired to stop him "Hey who do you think you are barg ahhhh ahhh" "You are seeking Dea ahhhh" those who stood in Ravens way were either injured or killed "Call master's son only he can deal against this demon" "Call master immediately we will try to hold him"

Raven was slaughtering his way to the frost room and when he got there he destroyed the door and saw his father unconscious he carried him and saw two men in lead they were none other then Patriarch and Andrew and they spoke "Just like your father you are a scoundrel to think you are this much ruthless to kill your own families you must have relied on a treasure to get this further give this treasure to me and I will consider you sparing Andrew spoke while releasing his aura of 4th stage of Grandmaster realm " Only I posses qualification to use that treasure give that treasure to me and submit to me" hearing this Raven immediately released his aura making everyone bow down before him and spoke "Do you have the qualification to make me submit to you?" Andrew and the patriarch who was currently bowing said while trembling "No no no we were blinded by our greed please give us mercy to lowly beings like us" after saying that Raven sliced of their heads and said "Does any body has any problems if my father becomes the leader of the clan?" after saying that nobody dared to make a single noise and carried his father putting in the bed and said "I have become too ignorant to let my father become like this" after saying that Raven examined his father and took out a pill which was at Earth grade and made his father to sallow after that his father began to sweat after some hours his father woke up and said "Son how are here and where had you gone"

Raven replied "Father I had gone to secluded and I am sorry to let you be like this" His father replied "Son it isn't your Mistake I was the one who is weak" Raven immediately took out 150 to 200 highest graded crystal gave to his father and said "Father take all of these you will be at least be able to breakthrough to 1st stage of Earthly realm" his father replied in hesitation"take all of these to level up I am just an old man this resources will only be wasted by me so you should all of these" after hearing this Raven replied "Don't worry father I have lot of them (but in truth he only had less then 500) after some time his father finally took those crystal and after that Raven absorbed all of the crystal he had and advanced to 3rd stage of Grand master realm.


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