Rise of Martial lord
15 Chapter 15
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Rise of Martial lord
Author :Killer5644
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15 Chapter 15

After he leveled to 3rd level of Earthly realm he had nearly become broke but he still had pills which will help him but he didn't wanted to level up quickly because it will only cause his body to grow to weak and make him difficult to level up further so he focused in leveling up his Graphene body and he was able to level upto 10th stage if graphene body and after that Raven started to focus in producing sword rays and after 6 days he was finally able to produce another sword rays now he was able to produce total of 4 rays just one rays was needed if he needed 5 sword rays to perform 1st form of heaven shattering sword technique the 2nd stage needed 10 rays, 3rd stage needed 15 rays,4th form needed 20 rays,while the last form needed 30 sword rays so to master them Raven estimated he would need atleast 60 years of sword training to perform all of these after some time Raven's father came he was currently at 8th stage of Grand master realm and he had yet to use all of the spirit stones people could trade them too the currency were divided like this

Copper coin

Silver coin

Gold coin

white gold coin

platinum coin

there were crystals too they were divided in rank instead because they were very precious they were divided ranging from 15th to 1st crystals the one Raven had used was 1st rank crystals they were very precious and helped allot in cultivation.After that Raven went to to Demonic forest and made the monsters living in that place a complete living hell and Raven got abilities like stealth,demonic claw,white falcon's eyes but except for stealth others were like trash to Raven after some time Raven went to his home and walked upto his Father and his Father said "Son you are going to explore the world aren't you?" when Raven heard this he was shocked and said"Yes Father and I am here to tell you good bye and go to search for my mother" his Father said "I knew this day would appear so I had already prepared for this and I pray you won't get into trouble too much" Raven said"Yes Father"after saying this Raven vanished using instant teleportation and he got to the road and said to himself(This is my start if my Journey)


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