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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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41 I Am Lin Che“s Man

Lin Che looked at her own father, "Father, how have I been unscrupulous? I had no part to play in this rumor."

"If you are really honest, you can still make up for it by going to the Chengs' and apologizing to them now. They still have not found someone for the marriage." Han Caiying would rather die than let Lin Li marry and Lin Youcai could only look at the Chengs give their fortune away to someone else. The thought of it made his heart anxious.

Lin Che was in disbelief. She looked at her father mockingly and was unable to fathom how he could still be thinking of that matter now.

"Father, don't think about this anymore. Don't say that I don't want to. Actually, I already have a boyfriend so I will not marry anyone else." Lin Che did not mention that she was already married. She only revealed that she had a boyfriend.

Lin Youcai was shocked. He looked at Lin Che suspiciously, "Are you serious?"

Lin Che laughed, "Why would I lie about something like that?"

"Gu Jingyu?"

"Of course not. That is only a rumor."

Lin Youcai's eyes turned with disappointment. It was impossible. With her, how could she captivate the eyes of someone like Gu Jingyu?

Lin Youcai snorted, "You better not bring home a poor gigolo from your circle. I will tell you now. I will never agree to it. You better not get cheated too. I don't see how the Chengs are bad. If you enter their family, you become a Lady everywhere you go and live a blissful life with endless money to spend. You…"

"If you want their money so much, why don't you send Stepmother to marry then? I am your daughter, but you want to sell me. You…"

Lin Che was devastated. She never understood why she was ever born into this family.

Lin Youcai's face sank. Han Caiying had just overheard Lin Che's last words.

"Lin Che, what kind of attitude is this? I let you into my home to attend the engagement and treat you like family. How dare you say such things to me and your father?"

Lin Che sneered, "Only you know best why you let me return. Anyway, I already have a man. I don't believe the Chengs will still be willing. You both better dismiss this idea of yours."

Han Caiying's face turned red, "You shameless girl! I just knew it. You were out there fooling around and you dare say you already have a man? You're still proudly showing off how loose you are? You…"

Lin Che already knew that no matter what she did, she was always wrong in their eyes.

If she just came back like that, they would say she had no respect for this house.

If she tidied herself up before coming back, they would say that she was showing off.

Lin Che turned and walked away immediately.

However, a quiet voice suddenly sounded, "Are you forcing Lin Che to marry someone else?"

This voice…

It was deep, hoarse, but had an air of compassion.

Lin Che turned her head to see Gu Jingze behind, dressed in a black suit as he walked over.

Gu Jingze's tall stature brought about a king-like aura. His eyes were unwavering and it seemed like nobody could look deeper in.

While still in her wheelchair, Lin Che felt his hand pushing behind without much resistance.

Lin Che did not expect him to be here.

Nobody expected him to be here.

Lin Che did not even tell him that she would be coming here.

After all, they were only married because of a contract. She did not want to bother him with her personal matters.

Looking up, her eyes met his deep, dark eyes that seemed to be staring into hers. He then raised his eyes and looked at Lin Youcai and Han Caiying with obvious contempt.

Han Caiying glared at Gu Jingze and asked rudely, "Where are you from?"

Gu Jingze nonchalantly glanced over Han Caiying. His voice was cold and although he restrained it, his voice was still undeniably sharp, "Is this your stepmother?" He completely ignored Han Caiying and lowered his head to ask Lin Che.

Lin Che looked at Han Caiying and said, "Hm."

Han Caiying indignantly pointed her finger at Gu Jingze, "Ha! You must be Lin Che's gigolo, aren't you?

Who allowed you to be here?"

Gu Jingze held onto the wheelchair and looked at Han Caiying. Without batting an eyelid, he replied, "It's an engagement. Of course, the family must attend. Since you invited Lin Che, I have to come along, am I not right?"

Lin Che figured Han Caiying must not have realized who Gu Jingze is.

Lin Che would never have imagined that such a perfect person existed. First, he was the cream of the crop. He would never have been within her reach and neither would she have tried. Second, although reporters try to take pictures of him secretly, they were not successful. He was always surrounded by too many people protecting him and never giving them a chance to leak out photos.

Such an elusive person. People could only hear of him but they never saw him.

Han Caiying took one good look at Gu Jingze. He was indeed not bad looking. Maybe he was also a celebrity?

Han Caiying snorted and said, "Who do you think you are to claim to be family? If you want to marry and take away our Lin Che, you should at least get our approval which we have not given you. We will definitely not."

Gu Jingze replied bluntly, his voice lacking warmth, "I do not need approval from anybody for who I want to marry."

"Ha, you're too arrogant. She is part of the Lin family and she is our daughter, not some cheap thing you can take away any time. Tell me first. What is it that you do? How much do you earn in a month? Do you have a house?

"Are you local? Do you have a car?

"How much dowry have you prepared for us? Let me tell you that our minimum dowry is one million yuan. If you can't meet that, don't think about marrying her. For all these years she's been eating here, living here, and using the privileged title of Miss Lin… So much extravagance. It will certainly not be for free."

Gu Jingze repeated, "One million yuan?"

Han Caiying asked, "What's the matter? Can't afford it? If you can't afford it, then get lost."

At this moment, Lin Youcai was tugging onto Han Caiying from behind. Looking at Gu Jingze with excitement in his eyes as if he wanted to appease the man, he said, "Are you really our Lin Che's boyfriend?"

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che who was biting her lip and looking at him sheepishly.

Her eyes shone like lakes reflecting the starlight, softly moving.

Gu Jingze replied, "Yes."

Lin Youcai laughed, "This Lin Che didn't tell us she had a boyfriend all along. She should have said it sooner."


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