The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
87 Seeing Her Unhappy Made Him Unhappy
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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87 Seeing Her Unhappy Made Him Unhappy

Chen Meili laughed coldly while looking at Lin Che, "You can fool others, but you think you can fool me? I've seen you before when you were young and always doing homework with Qin Qing. Our pure and innocent Qin Qing said you were a good person, but I already knew your motive."

Lin Che was stunned.

Bringing up her childhood made her embarrassed and sad.

The situation may have been the same but people have changed over time Lin Che's face darkened slightly as she looked at Chen Meili, "I treated him well because I had a motive?"

"Nothing good comes out of an illegitimate child like you. You're untrue to Qin Qing. You saw that he was too pure and innocent and you thought that he would be an easy target for you. You thought that you could get hold of Qin Qing and live a good life? Ah, I know your wretched little idea all too well. I have walked more than the bridge you crossed. It's too bad that the Qin family is not that easy to enter."

Lin Che bit her lip and clenched her fists. Thinking about her past feelings, her face turned pale and her lips started to become green.

Her past feelings about Qin Qing were something that she could never forget or ignore. Especially when everybody else could tell how she felt but Qin Qing had no clue…

She felt pathetic.

Chen Meili realized that she was just sitting there drinking coffee but with no car in sight. She smiled at the staff and said, "Hey, you guys really don't know how to look at people. Does she look like someone who can afford a luxury car? She's probably only here to be a freeloader. She thinks she's a celebrity, so she can afford a luxury car? Ah, judging by her, can she even drive a good car? Does she even deserve one?"

"Aunty Qin, don't go overboard!" Lin Che stood up and glared angrily at Chen Meili.

Chen Meili held Lin Li's hand for support as she got up and proudly walked over to Lin Che's side. She said, "Why don't you take a good look at yourself first? Let's go, Lin Li. This place has been tainted with the putrid smell of poverty. It stinks so bad."

"At least it smells better than an old woman like you," Lin Che retaliated.

Chen Meili was shocked and turned around in a huff. She scrunched up her face, making the wrinkles more obvious, "You… you…" She was so furious that she wanted to lunge at her. The staff hurriedly held her back.

Chen Meili went away still cursing and swearing.

Lin Che sat down frustrated. She watched Lin Li leave as she turned back and smiled in ridicule. Although Lin Che managed to agitate Chen Meili, she was still in an ugly mood.

Gu Jingze entered from behind and saw Lin Che sitting there looking sorrowful. His initially neutral face suddenly turned cold.

His deep eyes were clouded.

"Lin Che," he called from behind.

Lin Che turned around in surprise, "Is the car all ready?"

Gu Jingze looked at her, "What were they saying just now?"

He could see them from afar but he could not hear their conversation.

Lin Che forced a smile, "It's nothing."

Gu Jingze felt uncomfortable seeing her try to put on a strong front.

His expression grew sullen. He stared at Lin Che and did not make a move.

Lin Che said, "I'm already used to it. Whatever nonsense she says doesn't affect me. If I really fought with her, the headlines tomorrow would all be about how I bullied an old lady."

She spoke as she forced her smile. It did not look good.

She always had a strong front, but that smile somehow made Gu Jingze's heart prickly.

It was as if seeing her unhappy only made him unhappy too.

He tightened his lips and pulled Lin Che's hand. He looked at her, "Do you want to see them unhappy?"

"Of course I do… But what are you going to do?"

Gu Jingze let her hand rest on her arm and smiled faintly at her. However, with that strong face, Lin Che could tell that he was in a different mood.

She felt that his face was a lot darker than usual and his eyes had become abysmal like a dark sky.

"Nothing much. I'm just going to let you watch a good show," the corners of his mouth curled up into a smirk that any woman would find sexy. It harbored a sense of mischief and calamity.

Before Lin Che could react, Gu Jingze was already bringing her with him and walking for over ten minutes. She overheard someone say, "That person just damaged our Sir's car." "

Lin Che listened to Chen Meili's sharp voice that followed, "Don't you know who I am? We couldn't have damaged that car. We don't touch cars like that. It's only a toy worth a few million. We…"

At that moment, Gu Jingze held Lin Che's hand and casually walked over. His deep voice resonated like a cello, "Who damaged the car I just bought?"

Lin Che saw the Gu family's security guard walking over, "Sir, this lady just damaged our car and she is trying to get away. We've called the police and are waiting for them to handle this, but she's making noise and refusing to admit that she did it."

Lin Li and Chen Meili turned around to see Gu Jingze dressed all in black. Noble and elegant, he was like a god.

Chen Meili was shocked, especially more so to see Lin Che actually holding onto his arm and standing right beside him.

Lin Li's eyes initially lit up but it turned to jealousy as she looked at Lin Che.

This Lin Che was standing beside Gu Jingze… What an eyesore.

Chen Meili was shocked at first, but she saw Gu Jingze only take a brief glance at her. He could not be bothered to look at her again and lazily said, "Since the police are coming, let them handle it. What are you guys making noise for?"

Chen Meili snorted loudly and again exclaimed, "The Qin family doesn't care for a car like this that's only a few million. Why would I even want to touch it? Also, you think calling the police will solve the problem? I just want to see what the police can do with me. Furthermore, I don't believe you will still be able to put the blame on me!"

Gu Jingze's expression was indifferent. It made Chen Meili feel even more guilty.

When she finished, Gu Jingze grunted. Without even looking at Chen Meili in the eye, he said to his security guard, "Tell the police that I dislike this person very much. She is in the wrong but is refusing to repent. Let the police handle this properly and have them at least lock her up for a few days before she disrupts the peace again."

Chen Meili panicked. Her face immediately turned purple.

She wanted to say something but Lin Li stopped her.

She looked at Gu Jingze jealously. Although she was reluctant, she quickly whispered in Chen Meili's ear, "Mother… This is Gu Jingze. That Gu Jingze from the Gu family."

The color drained from Chen Meili's face. The thick foundation on her face could not even cover her expression.

This man was Gu Jingze?

She was starting to feel scared. She had heard about Gu Jingze before.

However, looking at Lin Che, she refused to believe it.

How could that be? Lin Li must be mistaken. How could a little pebble like Lin Che know Gu Jingze?


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