The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
98 Gu Jingyu Did Not Play His Cards According to the Rules Again
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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98 Gu Jingyu Did Not Play His Cards According to the Rules Again

Lin Che watched Gu Jingze leave silently, thinking that he must have finally left after he was done joking around with her. She dragged her long dress helplessly to attend the event.

Just outside the Panda Programme Festival area, the atmosphere was already different.

Lin Che held her dress and walked in, accompanied by Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin told her, "You should have a big chance this time. Even if you don't win the award, at least we got to be here."

"I don't think my odds are that high. There are so many popular shows this year and many roles were more outstanding than mine, especially those villainous roles. Everybody believes that bad women have good acting skills."

"That's not for certain. Your role was outstanding too," Yu Minmin smiled and patted Lin Che's arm.

Lin Che looked outside to see a newcomer actress from another popular show walking on the red carpet. The host introduced her energetically and said, "Wang Qingchu's performance in the TV series 'Women's World' is remarkable. Her portrayal of the antagonist has been engraved deeply in people's hearts. She is only 20 and is the youngest out of all the nominees."

Lin Che watched as everyone looked at Wang Qingchu enter the scene. A roar of lights flashed everywhere. She shrugged and looked at Yu Minmin.

As Lin Che mentioned, this was her competitor.

At only 20 years old, she indeed looked radiant.

Yu Minmin heard people beside her discussing openly, "It seems like she might win the award; she looks so proud and confident as if she already won."

"Yes. Also, she recently got into a relationship with that Liu Kai. She has been leading the hot topics. I also think she'll win big tonight."

Everyone looked at Lin Che. There was a hint of disdain in their eyes.

Lin Che turned around and Yu Minmin spoke in a low voice, "Don't mind about what they think. In this industry, when there's nothing to talk about, people will stir up nonsense. Live and let them live."

Lin Che nodded, "I'm fine, Sister Yu. I know."

Just then, someone from behind hit the back of her head.

"Ouch, who's that?"

She turned back to see Gu Jingyu, someone she had not seen in a long time. She had no idea when he caught up behind her.

"What are you looking at?" he asked.

Lin Che asked, "Gu Jingyu, why are you here?"

"I saw you standing here stupidly, so I came over to check."

"How am I stupid…" Lin Che gently rubbed her head.

Gu Jingyu said, "Silly. Come on! Let's not wait anymore. Walk with me."

"Huh? Aren't you supposed to come in later? I don't have anyone walking on the red carpet with me today."

"Am I not paired up with you now?"

"But…" Lin Che was pulled along by him and she stumbled forward.

"But what? Let's go. I'll be with you."

How could that be?

Although she knew that Gu Jingyu loved breaking the rules since they didn't matter to him, she always followed the rules in the industry.

Gu Jingyu was supposed to be a part of the finale walk. As he pulled Lin Che along, everybody looked on in envy. When it was his turn, he dragged Lin Che with him and placed her hand in the nook of his arm as they walked on the red carpet together.

The host inside was shocked but was also aware that Gu Jingyu often did not go by the book, so he reacted quickly.

Everyone looked at the two of them on the red carpet enviously. The lights flashed nonstop and the host commented on how Gu Jingyu abandoned the female lead and walked the red carpet with the supporting actress instead.

It fed the rumor that was hyped up by everyone for a while.

Yu Minmin watched them from behind and shook her head speechlessly.

They finally walked to the end of the red carpet and went to their own seats.

Sitting at the front, Wang Qingchu suddenly turned back to Lin Che and smiled, "We've been nominated together this time."

Lin Che smiled along, "Indeed."

"I think your sword is pretty big this time. There's Gu Jingyu and Mu Feiran after all. Even the supporting roles had Lin Li and the likes. It's impossible for newcomers like us; none of us are old. We're already lucky to be famous. Who knew we'd become the dark horses?"

Even though the words were self-deprecating, her tone had a sense of pride in it.

She implied that Lin Che's show was famous because of the stars in it while hers had no big stars. She hinted that she got here with her own effort.

Lin Che smiled and said, "Really? I don't know why but no big celebrity wanted to take up that script of yours. It seemed like a good script."

She really meant that the script was trash with no substance. Of course, if that was true, big stars would not take it.

Wang Qingchu's face changed subtly. She glanced at Lin Che and groaned deep down in her heart. It was just because of Gu Jingyu's backing.

Just then, a number of people passed by and hurriedly greeted Lin Che when they saw her.

She knew some of them while she had not met others before. She had not known or even seen some of them.

Although Lin Che was always filming, she never joined any gathering in the circle. This Festival was like an enormous gathering. All the celebrities that someone could think of were there. They all had a film this year. This was also the first time so many people actually knew who she was and there were people who wanted to know her.

After being bombarded for a long time, the ceremony was finally about to start. Everyone returned back to their places.

Lin Che let out a breath and said to Yu Minmin, "I exchanged a lot of WeChat numbers just now."

Yu Minmin replied, "Of course. You're now a rising star! There are many people who want to know you."

"Why would they want to know me?" Lin Che asked curiously.

Yu Minmin said, "Networking is important in this industry. Who knows in the future if favors are going to be needed? You're famous now but the future is endless. Of course, they want to get to know you early."

"Okay," Lin Che never expected herself to be already of value to others. "I thought I was still new." "

"You're only new this year. In the future, you're going to get more famous!" Yu Minmin smiled at her.

"Who knows? With more newcomers, I don't know if I might get photographed on the beach."

Because of her past experience, Lin Che did not feel optimistic.

In the front, Wang Qingchu watched and snorted. She turned back. The people on her side were indeed a lot less. She muttered in her heart that it was only because of Gu Jingyu; what was the big deal? She did not believe that Lin Che could rely on him forever.

The awards ceremony soon started.

Wang Qingchu left quietly.

In the single room outside, someone gasped.

Wang Qingchu gasped seductively, "President Chen, you promised. This year's Best Newcomer Award was supposed to be mine."

"Hm, yours. It's yours."

"You didn't see how arrogant that Lin Che was! She's making use of Gu Jingyu's affection to steal tomorrow's headlines. You can't give the award to her!"

"Fine, fine, I won't give it to her. Baby, let's continue…"

Wang Qingchu fixed her makeup before returning. She looked at Lin Che behind in contempt, listening to Yu Minmin tell her what to say for her acceptance speech. She smiled even more and said, "Don't waste your time, Lin Che. I know your acting is not bad and you work hard, but this award is definitely mine." She turned around, "Even if you have Gu Jingyu, it's useless. I can tell you this now… You have no idea what kind of backing I have!"


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