The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
246 Couldn“t Be Ruthless To Her No Matter How Angry He Was
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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246 Couldn“t Be Ruthless To Her No Matter How Angry He Was

Yang Lingxin obediently said, "Yes, Sister Yu called and asked who could come. Since there was nothing much to do at home actually, I thought that I might as well earn an extra day's pay."

As for Yu Minmin, she also only stayed at home for a day during this holiday.

She simply couldn't stay idle at home. Ever since her father got banned from gambling, he always drank at home. When he saw Yu Minmin, he would scold her as an ingrate, a waste of resources, and call her unfilial. Yu Minmin didn't want to argue with him for her mother's sake, so decided to just leave the house.

Sitting in Lin Che's nanny car, they arrived at Times Square.

Before they reached, Lin Che saw a gray-haired old lady in the distance. She was sitting in a corner with some worn bags at her feet. It seemed like there were some people who looked down on her and a security guard was walking over to chase her away.

Lin Che quickly alighted from the car and ran towards that direction.

She could immediately tell that that should be her grandmother because she looked very much like her mother.

Although her mother passed away many years ago, she was the only person who was good to her back then. Her mother's image and voice were still engraved in her mind.

"Granny," Lin Che ran over and the old lady quickly stood up.

The security guard was taken aback. When he looked up, he saw Lin Che and a few other people get out of the car and approach him. He was very puzzled.

"You guys…"

Lin Che said, "Why are you chasing people away? Can't an old lady who just lost her way sit here for a while?"

The security guard looked at Lin Che who seemed to be of wealthy status. He knew he couldn't afford to offend her, so he quickly said, "I thought she was a beggar. Sorry. Sorry, will that do?"

Lin Che didn't bother with the security guard's charming smile. She pulled up her grandmother's hand, "Granny, it's me, Little Che."

The old lady looked at Lin Che. After taking one good look at Lin Che, the old lady's eyes became watery as she held Lin Che's hand with her own shaky hand, "Little Che, Little Che, it's really you."

Lin Che hugged her grandmother heartwarmingly for a while before taking her to the car.

Looking at the brand-new car with pristine interiors, she was embarrassed to go in. Eventually, Lin Che pulled her in.

On the road, Lin Che asked about her situation. She replied, "I'm really old and useless now. I saw an advertisement for a hospital here that can cure my cough. I took a very long train ride and came here. Who knew that my cough wouldn't get better after I spent all my money. Someone told me that the hospital was a fraud. I asked for my money back but they refused to return it to me. An old woman like me can't fight them, so I had no choice but to come back. But now, I don't even have enough money to return home and I almost wanted to become a beggar. I decided to try calling you and see if I could find you. I really didn't want to call you. Sigh…"

"Granny, it's only right that you call me. Why? Do you have a coughing problem?"


Yu Minmin heard this and said, "I know a hospital that can cure it. Lin Che, where do you want to take Granny? The Gu house or…"

Lin Che knew that the Gu house was very big and there were plenty of guestrooms. However, she was a fake wealthy lady. Although she willingly wanted to restore her relationship with him, she still felt sour deep down inside. She didn't want to mention Gu Jingze, so she said to Yu Minmin, "Let's go straight to the hospital."

Yu Minmin contacted the hospital.

Granny looked at Lin Che and smiled at her petite face, "You look somewhat like your Mom, but not really. You're prettier."

Lin Che chuckled, "Mom looked like Granny too, so I look like Granny too."

"Oh my, I'm so ugly…"

"No way, Granny must have been a beauty in your youth." "

Granny's name was Qiu Shuyun. She was 78 years old. For such an old lady to travel all the way from a small town in Y district, it must have been tough on her.

The hospital already made preparations. Yang Lingxin went back and forth fastidiously to help. Yu Minmin also already contacted the doctor and brought him to assess Granny's illness.

After checking, the doctor said that it didn't look good.

Lin Che got shocked and let Granny rest in the hospital ward. She went to the office to understand more.

The doctor said, "Her cough is due to a polyp in her throat. It has grown too big."

"Is it very serious?" Lin Che asked.

The doctor replied, "It's not particularly serious, but it's just that she is getting very old. This was also delayed for too long and it has grown very big."

"Then… Doctor, please tell me if there's any possibility of cancer?" Lin Che was most worried about this.

The doctor said, "It's still okay. We will need to run some tests for that but a polyp like that is usually benign. However, I can't make any promises."

Lin Che was full of worry, especially after hearing that Granny would need surgery at her age.

She talked to the doctor some more and asked about everything that could go wrong. She then left the office.

Just as she stepped out, her phone that she left outside was vibrating.

She hurried over but it stopped.

She took a look to see that it was a call from Gu Jingze.

He still cared enough to call her?

He had been ignoring her for a day already.

Puzzled, she picked up her phone and called Gu Jingze back but the line was busy.

The next moment, someone walked towards her from a far distance. Upon closer look, it was Qin Hao.

Lin Che got a shock, "Assistant Qin, why are you…"

Qin Hao looked at Lin Che and rushed over frantically, "Madam, are you alright? Are you sick? Why are you at the hospital?"

"How did you know I was at the hospital?" Lin Che asked Qin Hao strangely.

Qin Hao said, "President Gu instructed me to rush over first. He will be reaching out soon."

"Gu… Gu Jingze?"

This hospital wasn't considered the best in this district. The best one was a private hospital. Gu Jingze always went there during the few times something happened.

Before Lin Che could react, there was a commotion outside. People were already frantically yelling, "So cool! It looks like a motorcade."

"I think the head is a Maybach. I've never seen a Maybach this close in person before."

"This is seriously too cool."

When Gu Jingze entered, his steps were calm but also very fast.

He tried calling her from home so many times but she didn't answer.

Gu Jingze initially didn't want to call her but his mother said that something cropped up and she had to go. Thus, he got curious and called to check on her. It turned out that he couldn't even get through.

He then got anxious.

He was frustrated with himself. Since Lin Che didn't want any relationship with him, he shouldn't have bothered about her.

However, he really thought that she was in trouble so he had rushed here at top speed.

He never realized that he was such a blind person.

However, he still came.

He had his men find Lin Che's whereabouts and found out that the GPS on her phone showed that she was at a hospital. He was too shocked to think about anything else and rushed straight here.


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