The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
351 Lu Chuxia Said That She Pushed Her Into The Water
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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351 Lu Chuxia Said That She Pushed Her Into The Water

Lin Che looked at Lu Chuxia.

She was shouting in the water. It was not long before many maids and guests rushed over from behind.

In the flurry of chaos, a few people pulled Lu Chuxia out together.

Lu Chuxia looked up at Lin Che. She was drenched and the makeup on her face was all washed off. She was so mad that she could barely contain herself.

However, she wasn't the top socialite for nothing. Even if her makeup was completely washed off, she still looked very pretty.

Her complexion that she spent so much time and money on couldn't be any worse either.

She only felt very humiliated as she saw that everyone was looking at her. She immediately cried and pointed at Lin Che.

"Lin Che, why did you do this to me?"

Lin Che looked speechlessly at her, "What did you say?"

Lu Chuxia continued very agitatedly, "Why did you push me into the water? Is it just because I told you that I saved Jingze's life before, so you're doing this to me? I do indeed share some experiences with Jingze. This is an indisputable fact. What's the meaning of pushing me now? Are you trying to kill me?"

The people at the side heard Lu Chuxia's accusation and imagined what just happened.

Were they fighting over Gu Jingze, so Lin Che pushed Lu Chuxia into the water?

Lin Che looked at her in shock, "What exactly are you saying? I don't know what you're talking about at all. Since when did I push you? You were clearly the one who attacked me first."

"How can I possibly attack you? What reasons would I have to do that!"

Just then, Lu Beichen walked over from behind followed by Gu Jingyan. The pair looked at the scene. Their eyes swept across Lin Che at the side and Lu Chuxia who was surrounded by a crowd.

"What exactly is going on here?"

Lu Chuxia called out to her own brother, "Brother, she pushed me into the water."

Lu Beichen looked at Lin Che and could not believe that she would do something like this.

He looked at Lin Che and asked, "What is going on?"

Lin Che felt outnumbered as she stood alone, facing the row of people.

"She attacked me first and wanted to push me into the water. I only retaliated accordingly," Lin Che said.

Tears started streaming down Lu Chuxia's face when she heard this. She looked at Lu Beichen, "Brother, listen to her ridiculous allegations. I'm the young mistress of the Lu family after all. Why would I need to be at odds with someone of no background?"

Lu Beichen frowned and stared at his own sister, "Shut up."

This Lu Chuxia had really been too pampered and was just shooting her mouth off.

Lu Chuxia said, "You can ask the rest if you don't believe me. Didn't you all see her push me down?"

Lu Beichen immediately looked at the people behind him. Those who followed behind only knew Lu Chuxia. There were also a lot of them who admired Lu Chuxia's title as the number one socialite. Furthermore, Lin Che was indeed of no background while Lu Chuxia was the young mistress of the Lu family. She could easily get whatever she desired.

They naturally thought in their hearts that Lu Chuxia had no need to make life difficult for Lin Che.

One of them said, "We did see Lin Che struggling with Lu Chuxia and then pushing her down."

He spoke the truth as he saw it. However, whatever happened before was unknown to any of them.

Lu Chuxia became even more outraged and looked at Lin Che. "What do you have to say for yourself now?"

Lin Che felt extremely furious and looked at the surrounding crowd. "All of you only saw me push her. However, you guys were so far away. Are you even sure that you saw exactly what just happened?"

Some of them felt guilty upon facing Lin Che's questioning. However, under the influence of the Lu family, their hearts would naturally still pledge allegiance to the Lu family.

Someone then said, "We all know Chuxia's character. She has been in B City for so many years and graced countless events. Why would she bother to fight with you?"

"Exactly. Miss Chuxia gets everything she wants. She wouldn't need to be at odds with you."

"And Miss Chuxia has been spoiled since she was young. She definitely wouldn't be able to win in a fight against you."

"That's right. Miss Chuxia has always been so well-mannered. Why would she lie? She wouldn't be so rough as to get physical with you." Lin Che heard this and was bewildered.

Because Lu Chuxia had power and authority, whatever she did was right?

Lin Che looked at the crowd, "But everything should be based on evidence. What evidence do you guys have to prove that I was at fault?"

Everyone was stumbled at that moment. They were too far away and indeed couldn't see what exactly happened between them.

Lin Che said, "You guys said that she has no reason to fight me. What reason would I have to fight her then?"

Lu Chuxia's eyes darkened. She looked at Lin Che, not expecting her to be so brazen. Lin Che dared to oppose her so directly and even dared to say such a rebuttal to so many people protecting her.

Lu Chuxia said, "It's because I told you that I had a history with Gu Jingze. You think that my relationship with Jingze is too intimate, so you're jealous of me and want to drown me."

Everybody heard this and then turned to Lin Che, waiting for what else she had to say for herself.

Lin Che scoffed coldly, "You'd better get this clear. I'm jealous of you? Why do I have to be jealous of you? The one beside Gu Jingze right now isn't you. It's me!"

Lu Chuxia's complexion immediately became rigid.

Lin Che's words seemed to have directly hit her where it hurt.

Lu Chuxia was furious inside, but she still cried with frailty on the outside and said, "Yes, yes. Of course, I'm jealous of you. Why would I need to be jealous of you? If there's no Gu Jingze, does that mean no one else wants me? Even without a man, is my Lu family unable to provide for me?"

Everyone heard this and agreed. Lu Chuxia did not have to go to such lengths just for a man.

Someone then said to Lin Che, "The one who is jealous is definitely you. You can only rely on Gu Jingze and that's why you're so sensitive. Miss Chuxia is different. She doesn't need to be so sensitive."

"That's right. Furthermore, how can Miss Chuxia possibly be jealous of you? You must have realized that you can't compare to Miss Chuxia and you are worried about being replaced by her one day. That's why you're jealous."

Lin Che felt extremely speechless.

At this moment, Lu Beichen was frowning at the back, "Enough. Let's stop here."

After staring at all the blabbermouths, he looked towards Lin Che and said, "Let's forget about it. Regardless of the facts, she was the one to fall into the lake. This can also be taken as a form of punishment for her. Let us head back. Jingze is still waiting for us."

Gu Jingyan looked at Lu Beichen. Although he did not outrightly protect his own sister, she still felt that he allowed this story to be twisted.

She stood out and exclaimed, "What is the meaning of this? I know that my Sister-in-law would never do such a thing. Sister-in-law has my second brother's protection and has absolutely no need to be jealous of anyone. Sister-in-law is now a part of our family and has the Gu family's backing. She has absolutely no need to stoop so low in front of other people."


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