The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
387 We“ll See How Gu Jingyu Punishes Her
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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387 We“ll See How Gu Jingyu Punishes Her

Not to mention that right now, Lin Che had still not agreed to leave Gu Jingze. Thus, Lu Chuxia preferably hoped that Gu Jingyu would fly into a rage after learning the truth and immediately tell Lin Che to go to hell.

Seeing that Lin Che had stopped talking, Lu Chuxia said directly, "Jingyu, did you know that Lin Che is already married?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

That's what she wanted to talk about?

Gu Jingyu looked at Lin Che.

Lu Chuxia did not see any hint of anger on Gu Jingyu's face. She could not really believe it; how could he not be angry upon learning that Lin Che was married?

Lin Che raised her head. Gu Jingyu said, "Was this all you wanted to tell me? So what if she's married? Does that prevent her from acting with me?"

Lu Chuxia was completely shocked and looked at the other two disbelievingly.

She only regained her composure after a long time and said to him again, "There's something else. Do you know who her husband is?"

Gu Jingyu paused. He really did not know and had never asked about this.

He looked at Lin Che and saw that her face was starting to turn pale. Sensing that bad news was imminent, his heart sank.

"What's wrong, Lin Che? Tell me."

Lin Che bit her lip. She really could not bear to hurt him like this.

She felt very upset and fearful at having to tell Gu Jingyu that she had deceived him for so long.

She was afraid that Gu Jingyu would be so angry that he would completely ignore her from now on.

She had always treated Gu Jingyu as a very close friend and a very good mentor. He was always giving her constant guidance and teaching her how to act and how to survive in the entertainment industry.

However, she had really been in the wrong for deceiving him for such a long time.

"Jingyu… my husband… you know my husband too."

Gu Jingyu frowned. "Who exactly is your husband?"


Lu Chuxia could not wait any longer. Seeing as Lin Che did not tell him even after stalling for a long time, she quickly said, "It's Gu Jingze! It's your Second Brother. She, Lin Che, is your sister-in-law!"

Gu Jingyu's face darkened considerably.

He looked at her with eyes full of incredulity.

It was obvious that his eyes had sunk in a great deal within a short time. His handsome and white face was covered in a greenish tinge. Bystanders could not help but feel their hearts drop into their stomachs as they looked at him.

The rims of Lin Che's eyes were moist. She gazed at Gu Jingyu with the knowledge that she had been in the wrong and that she had made a mistake.

"I'm sorry, Jingyu. I shouldn't have kept this from you. In the beginning, I just didn't think that we would be spending so much time together. I didn't think that I would become friends with you. Later on, it became difficult for me to tell you this. You weren't on good terms with your family either, so you never found out about it. No one dared to mention your family matters to you, so I didn't tell you. I thought that you would find out sooner or later. But I didn't expect that the matter would drag out for so long."

Tears were already glistening in Lin Che's eyes as she spoke.

An apologetic expression had already taken over her face completely. She simply looked at Gu Jingyu and merely hoped that he would say something. It did not matter if he cursed at her or even insulted her.

She could not tolerate Lu Chuxia's insults, but she would willingly accept any insults Gu Jingyu hurled at her.

Despite her expectations, Gu Jingyu's reproach never came.

He merely looked at Lin Che. "The man you've told me you're married to is… is my Second Brother?"

With her lip between her teeth, Lin Che nodded. "Yes. It's your Second Brother."

"You… but how is this possible? How did my Second Brother come to know you? Why did he get together with you?"

Lu Chuxia burst with joy when she saw Gu Jingyu's expression. She simply stood there and looked at Lin Che arrogantly as if she was watching Lin Che make a fool of herself and wanted to see how she would get herself out of this situation.

Lin Che said, "That was an accident too. In short, he and I didn't think that we would end up together at the beginning. But the Gu family forced us to marry later on. We've been together for a pretty long time. I guess we've slowly become used to each other."

"Then, was it your idea not to tell me or was it my Second Brother's?" Gu Jingyu asked again.

Lin Che said, "When I first met you, he and I hadn't known one another for long. I asked Gu Jingze about this and he said that your relationship with the family wasn't too great, so there was no need to tell you. Furthermore, we were uncertain about the future. I didn't expect us to get together afterward and for the relationship to last so long."

Gu Jingyu sucked in a long breath. Standing there, his jet-black eyes darted back and forth along his bottom eyelids as if he was in deep thought.

However, his momentary silence made Lin Che even more nervous.

On the other hand, Lu Chuxia waited patiently and expectantly from the side for the matter to blow up.

Lin Che glared at Lu Chuxia who was, in turn, raising her eyebrows at Lin Che in an extremely arrogant manner.

Lin Che merely glanced at her. Right now, she could not be bothered with what Lu Chuxia thought and simply hoped that Gu Jingyu would not be too angry.

Just then, Gu Jingyu finally looked at Lin Che. "Alright. I really didn't think that you would become my sister-in-law."

"I'm… not really your sister-in-law. Fine, actually, I am. But we're still friends as well. I've always treated you as a very close friend of mine. This has nothing to do with me being part of your family or Gu Jingze either."

But Gu Jingyu continued to put on a poker face and said, "But I'm still angry."

"Ah…" Lin Che's heart was about to jump out of her chest. She hastily said, "I don't know what to say either."

"Tell me. What should we do about my anger?"


Lu Chuxia watched gleefully from the side. She felt even more eager about what would happen as she looked at Lin Che's flustered appearance.

However, Gu Jingyu suddenly said, "How about this? You'll treat me to a month's worth of takeout. I'll put you in charge of next month's meals for our promotion period too."

"Huh?" Lin Che's jaw dropped and stayed there for a long time.

That was it?

Beside them, the smile on Lu Chuxia's face also began to stiffen immediately.

Gu Jingyu asked, "Why? Are you not going to do it?"

Lin Che froze before quickly saying, "No, no. How can I possibly refuse? I'll do it, I'll do it. I'll treat you to whatever you want to eat."

"That's more like it."

It was only now that Lu Chuxia registered what was happening. She glared at Gu Jingyu and yelled his name in a shrill voice, "Gu Jingyu, what do you mean by this?"

Gu Jingyu looked at Lu Chuxia, "What's wrong?"

Lu Chuxia said, "You're letting it go just like that?"

Gu Jingyu chuckled and said, "If not, what do you think I should do? Whichever way you put it, she's my sister-in-law. Do you expect me to beat her up? Do you think my Second Brother would let me off if I hit her? Besides, this isn't much of an issue either. Even if she's my sister-in-law, I'm still her senior on the film set. In any case, I barely see my Second Brother a few times a year. It's fine for me to pretend that he doesn't exist."


How could this happen?

Lu Chuxia could not believe that he had actually decided to just let things be.

But Lin Che had deceived him for such a long time and had even been so ambiguous with him; she had obviously made a conscious effort to seduce him despite being together with Gu Jingze.

How could he not feel an ounce of anger?

Or was it because Lin Che was so irresistible to the point that he did not care at all?


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