The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
523 Making You Happy Is Worth All This Money
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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523 Making You Happy Is Worth All This Money

Lin Che gulped down the fruit juice and felt a lot better.

She looked up at the boss. "Your crayfish is too spicy."

The boss withdrew fearfully. He felt bitter but did not say it out loud.

You were clearly the one who wanted the spiciest, most lip-numbing crayfish. Why is this lady blaming me for making it too spicy?

He originally didn't want to put so much seasoning. When he saw so many burly people around, he was afraid that it wouldn't be spicy enough. Thus, he specially added some more…

The boss said, "I'll get you a new plate."

"No need, no need," Lin Che said. "Just give me some vinegar."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The boss quickly went to get it for her.

Who knew that this lady would be rather nice?

Lin Che took a deep breath and asked, "Aren't you eating?"

"I'm not eating."

Lin Che said, "It's really fragrant if you eat it once in a while. It'll be a waste if you don't eat."

"It's okay. I'll eat after you're done," Gu Jingze said.

"What would be left for you when I finish all the food?!"

Gu Jingze looked slyly at her lips. "I'll just have a taste. Just a little trace will be enough."

Lin Che immediately noticed Gu Jingze's gaze and pouted. "Get lost. I don't want that!"

Gu Jingze responded, "What's wrong? I said I'll just have a taste of the ingredients in the bowl."


Gu Jingze's eyes glimmered. "Why? Where did you think I was talking about?"


Gu Jingze said, "That's true. We were disturbed today and I couldn't do the things I should have done to you in the hotel… At least we still have time now. Let me…"

He lowered his head and plainly pecked her lips from across the table.

The faint imprint slowly deepened.

She tasted his full lips and felt his warmth and heat. Immediately, she felt as if her heart was filled with bliss. She couldn't resist taking the initiative. Together with him, their tongues intertwined over the table. She tasted him slowly.

Gu Jingze was like a medicine that could soothe people's hearts. Fooling around with him like this, the thorns in her heart seemed to slowly be plucked off.

Lin Che thought that perhaps it was her fault. She never thought that anyone would be so in love with Gu Jingze.

And throughout all this time, Yang Lingxin was all the more always circling around Gu Jingze, watching her live with him. She thought that it was all the more Yang Lingxin couldn't stand it any longer.

That was why she became so crazy.

Even for Lin Che herself, when she first got together with Gu Jingze, she also kept thinking that she was able to block off Gu Jingze's charm herself. In the end, she couldn't at all.

It was all the harder to resist when she looked at Gu Jingze up close. His perfection barged into her heart a little by little.

After eating spicy crayfish, Lin Che's mood was already a lot better. When she left with Gu Jingze, she then saw that there was not a single person besides them in the shop. The stall owner stood there very respectfully and politely.

Gu Jingze let his men pay the bill and did not take the change.

"The crayfish was not bad," he said and looked at Lin Che beside him as if thinking of something.

Lin Che glanced at him and shyly turned her head away, pretending not to hear him.

Except for her lips, he didn't eat anything just now.

The stall owner naturally didn't understand. He only looked at that stack of notes and quickly thanked them in surprise.

"Thank you. Please come again…"

Watching Gu Jingze take Lin Che away, the stall owner was still counting the money.

Ten thousand yuan; not a single yuan more or less.

It looked like serving all these wealthy people today was not in vain.

Lin Che got in the car and said, "You gave the stall owner too much money."

Gu Jingze said, "I believe… this crayfish dish was worth that value."

"In what way?!"

He looked at her red lips. "It tasted very nice, although… it wasn't quite filling."

"Get lost!"

Lin Che didn't want to fool around with him anymore.

Gu Jingze laughed and signaled for the chauffeur to drive off.

However, he did feel that it was worth it.

To be able to let Lin Che walk out from the sadness just now, it was worth spending that money.

The next day, Lin Che told Yu Minmin what happened.

Yu Minmin didn't say much.

"Perhaps she was still too young, so she couldn't control herself. Perhaps even petty people had their own sense of pride. They don't wish to be helped. Or perhaps… she's not someone who was supposed to get along with us in the first place. Sigh… Life is just like that. If we click, we can get along. If we can't, we become strangers. It's no big deal."

"Yeah…" Lin Che also sighed and said.

Yu Minmin and Lin Che went to Lin Che's home to help pick out her outfit.

Unknowingly, Lin Che already had so many clothes that she was so surprised when the maids piled them all up in front of her.

"Why do I have so many clothes?" Lin Che asked speechlessly.

The maid said, "The housekeeper will always buy some clothes in every season. Take a look first. If you don't like any, you can let the housekeeper pick some more."

"No need, no need. There are too many clothes. Tell the housekeeper not to buy so much…"

"Madam, you are the thrifty one and have never worn these. Actually, we've never been able to finish spending the household allowance that Sir gives us. We still have a lot of money left. If you're free, you can take it and go shopping."

Lin Che replied, "It's okay, it's okay. I don't lack anything and you guys already buy everything for me. There's no need for me to shop and I'm too busy to go shopping now."

Yu Minmin said, "Seriously. You're so rich but you're still so thrifty."

Lin Che said, "I didn't earn this money."

"Whatever your husband earns is yours too."

"Fine. But of course, I want to save my money. Can't my heart ache when I spend so much?"

"Okay okay…"

Yu Minmin picked up a piece of clothing for her to wear. "Let's not pin our hopes on winning the award on our first time there. Thus, let's prepare properly for the red carpet and not embarrass ourselves."

"Alright… But since when have I embarrassed you?"

"You haven't… but you've also never been too outstanding."

"…" Lin Che said speechlessly, "That's because I have a manager like you. At least I've appeared in the headlines numerous times, right?"

"Yes, but you can't deny that there was plenty of trouble too. You can't deny that from the break off to the contract termination, it was really… full of twists and turns. However, we always thankfully climbed out of the danger victoriously. Now, you're also considered half of a front-liner."


"If you can get the Gold Medal Award this time, you'll really be a total front-liner. However, I still don't dare to have too much hope on it. After all, the Gold Medal Award doesn't just look at the level of fame, acting skills, and influential power. There are still a lot of other aspects that will affect the results. Let's not have too much hope on it."

"I know. You don't need to prepare me for the worst. Qualifying for it already made people's jaws drop. How can I hope that I'll get the award so easily this time?"

Lin Che and Yu Minmin settled on her outfit. After that, Yu Minmin headed straight back to Glazed Tile Palace.


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