The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
567 The People Beside Yu Minmin Are Presidential Guards
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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567 The People Beside Yu Minmin Are Presidential Guards

If it really had already been set and she used those dirty tricks, that would be called snatching.

Lin Che slept so soundly that she didn't want to get up.

However, Yu Minmin really came to visit her in the afternoon.

When Yu Minmin arrived, the guards at the entrance naturally let her in. It was only when she went in that she asked about Lin Che.

Lin Che woke up, heard that she was here, and hurried out.

"You really came. I was sleeping."

"Why are you sleeping in the middle of the day?"

"I didn't get enough sleep the past few days and you know how filming is like. I can forget about getting enough sleep once I'm with the crew. Now that I'm back for a few days, I'm trying to get as much sleep as I can."

Yu Minmin said, "You didn't see the comments the director gave about you. You're really not bad. Not one person in the crew didn't praise you."

"Well, that's because I'm loveable."

"Yeah right. I think it's because everyone sees that you're dumb while everyone else is much brighter. When they look back on how dumb you are, they'll treat you like a rare commodity."

"Get lost." The two of them fooled around when Lin Che suddenly recalled something. She turned back to look.

Mo Huiling seemed to have gone somewhere and was not around.

Lin Che said, "Let's go out and talk instead."

"Oh," Yu Minmin replied. "Let's take a stroll in your neighborhood. Isn't this a wealthy community? Take me around and show me how a wealthy neighborhood looks like."

"Please. It can't be as big as Glazed Tile Palace."

Yu Minmin said, "The areas of the Glazed Tile Palace that are truly meant for living are not as big as the Gu residence. It's only because there are those offices at the front and areas to handle public affairs. That is why it looks big."


When the two were out walking, some presidential guards followed behind.

They were always following Yu Minmin until she gradually got used to it.

Yu Minmin asked, "How long is she planning to stay here?"

"Who knows? Probably until her wound is healed. That wound is actually rather dangerous. It was just an inch short of hitting the lungs, but she was lucky and the bullet only hit her shoulder. I'm guessing that even if she's healed, she wouldn't announce it and she'll definitely continue hanging around longer."

Yu Minmin said, "That's not good. But Gu Jingze will probably think of a way to get rid of her."

"I hope so. I don't wish for them to blow things up either. After all, Mo Huiling is also capable. If things got worse and word got out, people would really be talking bad about the Gu family. That won't be good too."

The two of them chatted as Yu Minmin continued looking at this neighborhood.

This neighborhood was very huge as if it had mountains on one side and water on the other.

In the past, this place was said to be the most unique out of all wealthy districts in B City because of the villas here.

Looking around, Yu Minmin sighed. "Really. An expensive place has the benefits of an expensive place. The air here is so fresh and it's safe too. Look at all those patrolling security guards. They really look the part."

The two of them were talking when Mo Huiling came back from the opposite direction.

When she returned, she kicked up a fuss with the security because she wanted to enter and she wanted them to carry her things.

She deliberately went out to buy lots of clothes. Although she couldn't use one shoulder, she still wanted to dress prettily. A maid of the Gu family followed behind her, but she also couldn't carry that many things.

Mo Huiling said to the security guards, "What are you staring at? Since I'm back, don't you know how to take my stuff?"

Madam was usually very warm and friendly to them. She never kicked up a fuss like this.

They looked at Mo Huiling. Who did she think she was? She was freeloading here and still dared to yell at them like this.

Thus, the guards only looked at her and ignored her.

Just then, someone at the side said, "Madam wants a chair over there."

The security guards heard this and asked, "A chair?"

"Yes. Madam is resting by the man-made lake over there. She wants to watch the scenery."

The security guards immediately went to get a chair for her.

Mo Huiling saw that these people had completely different attitudes towards her and Lin Che.

This was too much.

She grunted.

"I took a bullet for your sir. I save his life and you guys treat me this way. Fine… Fine."

Mo Huiling went straight to look for Lin Che.

She exclaimed as she walked, "I want to find Lin Che and ask her. See how exactly she's treating me as a benefactor. She is taking this opportunity when Jingze is not here to make a fool out of me with all these people."

Lin Che and Yu Minmin sat together by the lake. The crowd here was sparse and although there were many villas, it was still very empty. After all, not many people could afford to buy one here. Those who bought them also did not live in them. There were fewer joggers in the day time too.

Not far off, Mo Huiling yelled.

"Lin Che! Explain me to what exactly is the meaning of this! Did you make those guards treat me this way? You are really cunning. Jingze won't let you off if he finds out!"

Lin Che was speechless.

Yu Minmin turned back to look. She said speechlessly, "What is this Mo Huiling's problem? What did we do to her?"

Lin Che replied, "It's okay. This person has paranoia."

Mo Huiling scolded nonstop. When she walked closer to them, she was blocked by the presidential guards.

Mo Huiling looked at the two guards but did not recognize these people. She only thought that they were the Gu family's guards.

"Ha, Lin Che. You must be thinking that I'd do something to you when Jingze is not home. That is why you specially brought these people out. You seriously… Let me tell you. Don't think that I won't dare to touch you like this!"

Inside, Yu Minmin heard this and couldn't help say, "If you really dare to do it, just come and do it. Stop yapping about. Oh, right. A dog that barks does not bite."

"You… Who are you calling a dog?"

"I didn't call you. Did I say your name? Or do you just like to admit criticism so much?"

"You… Lin Che, you brought so many people out with you. Gu Jingze doesn't even do that. Do you really think that you're the boss now?"

Lin Che turned back. Mo Huiling was yelling that she wanted to come over, but the presidential guards simply didn't let her. They stood there and stopped her from moving.

Mo Huiling said, "Lin Che, you… You dare to do this to me?"

Lin Che asked speechlessly, "How come you are turning this on me now?"

"Ha, I don't believe that they'll dare to do anything to me," she spoke as she tried to come in.

Lin Che said, "You better take a closer look. Are these the Gu family's guards? If you really want to barge in, don't blame anyone else if you get into trouble."

Mo Huiling then took a closer look.

These people did not carry the Gu family's emblem… They had the president's emblem.

These were presidential guards.

She then realized that the woman in front who insulted her was no ordinary person. She was the current Madam President.

If she opposed the presidential security, it would only lead to being shot on the spot and nobody would say anything about it either.


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