The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
602 A Gift Of Thanks From Mr. Eric
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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602 A Gift Of Thanks From Mr. Eric

Although her wrist was fractured, the first thing Lin Che did when she woke up in the morning was still call Yu Minmin.

She told her that there was a boy named Xueyang who was only eighteen and seemed to have potential.

Yu Minmin asked, "Are you talking about the boy who took Yunshi away?"

"Yes." Lin Che continued, "He's handsome and looks very outgoing. He really looks like a teen idol. I think he's worth nurturing. Anyway, aren't we planning to sign on some new talents to nurture? I think he's quite suitable."

"Alright then. To be honest, I thought that he must be very handsome and very good-looking to be able to lure Eric's daughter away. Tell him to come for an audition when the time comes."

"Hn. Then, I'll leave it to you."

"Alright. Don't worry and just recuperate. Although it's a slight fracture, you must rest for a while, no matter what. Otherwise, there will be side effects."

"Hn. Don't worry."

In actual fact, Lin Che had not thought about dealing with anything else either. She was planning to stay at home and rest today.

However, in the early afternoon, Eric suddenly released his schedule publicly and said that he was going to visit historical sites in C Nation.

This time, he had chosen the Lu family to escort him and made a public appearance with his daughter.

All of this was normal and did not trigger much of a reaction. However, Eric suddenly said during an on-site interview, "Our company just collaborated with another company to produce a perfume commercial. X3 hopes to collaborate with Lin Che. I really want her to be our brand ambassador."

Everyone was immediately confused.

Was he referring to that celebrity Lin Che?

Was she going to be the endorsement model for such a major international brand of perfume?

No way. These perfume commercials had always featured huge Hollywood stars or European supermodels. When had they ever featured Asian faces? Not even once.

However, Lin Che's name had suddenly come up out of nowhere.

Everyone hastily asked Eric, "Why Lin Che? Did Mr. Eric know Lin Che before this?"

Eric smiled. "No. But my daughter is an avid fan of Lin Che's. So I was forced to watch several Lin Che's drama series. Then, I realized that she's really beautiful and that her personality also suits this fragrance of perfume, X3, very well. Like the fragrance, she has an independent kind of beauty. The advertising lines for this fragrance will be very captivating. I think that they suit Lin Che very well. Of course, I still haven't asked Lin Che for her approval. But I sincerely hope that she will agree."

Everyone immediately went into an uproar. They felt that Lin Che was really too lucky to actually have Eric's daughter as her fan.

Was she about to expand out of Asia and into Hollywood just like that by endorsing this fragrance of perfume…

This perfume commercial would probably be broadcast overseas numerous times and not just in the country, right?

But Lin Che was still unaware of this news.

It was only when Yu Minmin called her in a rush to tell her about this that Lin Che was stunned.

Yu Minmin said, "Oh well. You just went on the down-low for a few days and now you're going to be in the headlines again."

Lin Che said, "What does Mr. Eric mean by this… I really… I merely fractured my arm…"

"I guess you can consider it a profit from misfortune. It's probably because he wants to thank you. Anyway, no matter who wanted to harm you and to create a rift, she has already failed completely."

Yes. She has failed completely. Because she did not manage to create any rift and had instead made Eric like Lin Che even more.

Outside, as expected, Mo Huiling was so angry that she was about to throw her phone.

She thought hatefully to herself, This Lin Che was really… ridiculous. Could it be that she had been able to capture Gu Jingze's heart so quickly because of her scheming ways?

Lin Che was still resting in the room. She could not be bothered to go to her own bedroom either because she knew that Mo Huiling was outside.

Just then, the door opened and Gu Jingze came in.

She looked at Gu Jingze strangely. "Why are you here…"

Gu Jingze said, "It's nothing. I came to accompany you."

Did Gu Jingze mean that he was not going to work but was going to stay home to accompany her while she recuperated?

Lin Che hastily said, "There's no need. I'll just watch television at home while I rest. You should go ahead and do what you need to do."

Gu Jingze looked at her for some time but, nevertheless, lifted the blanket and lay beside her. "I can work from anywhere. Just watch your television."

Of course, Lin Che did not dare to continue watching. She was afraid of disturbing him.

"I'll get my earphones and use them instead," she said.

Gu Jingze said, "It's alright. Just watch whatever you're watching. This small amount of noise won't disturb me."

Lin Che fidgeted a little before saying, "Are you sure…"

Gu Jingze said, "You won't disturb me as long as you don't move around randomly."

Lin Che was about to continue fidgeting but stopped abruptly upon hearing his words.

He wound his arms around her body and said gently to her, "You're the only one who can disturb me."

"…" Lin Che's face turned completely red. She leaned into his embrace and did not dare to move.

Fine then. She would not do anything else and just watch television obediently.

In the television series that she was watching, the male and female leads were having a wedding.

Because she had been following this series for a long time, Lin Che felt very moved when she finally saw this scene and had an expression of yearning on her face.

But she did not know that next to her, Gu Jingze was watching her and had seen all of this.

Gu Jingze suddenly put down his tablet computer and looked at Lin Che.

Lin Che looked up. "Why?"

"It's nothing. Tell me what you want to eat later and I'll tell them to prepare the meal."

"Anything. I just want some noodles."


Gu Jingze went out. He saw Mo Huiling stand up immediately and look at him with a beseeching expression.

However, Gu Jingze did not even glance at her and spoke directly to the maids.

Mo Huiling had been awkwardly rebuffed. Although it was not the first time, having him do it in front of the maids still made her feel embarrassed.

She thought to herself secretly that she had to quickly think of another way to make Gu Jingze and Lin Che… separate first!

However, the next day.

Gu Jingze suddenly came to the bedroom. He looked at Lin Che and asked, "How is your hand?"

Lin Che moved it and said, "The painkillers are very useful. It doesn't hurt that much anymore."

Gu Jingze said, "Let's take the chance to go out for a bit while you're on leave for a few days."

"Huh? To do what?"

"I'll take you somewhere to relax."

"Oh, are we going out to play?"

"I guess you can say so."

What did he mean by that…

Still, Lin Che did not question him further. She sat up and saw the maids come in to help her pack. She went to take a look at what she needed to bring.

She only brought some daily necessities with her. The two of them got into the car and headed straight for the airport.

It was only when they reached the airport that Lin Che asked, "Where are we going now?"

"To Greece."


Gu Jingze asked, "Why?"

Lin Che said, "All of a sudden, we're going so far away and you're not telling me what we're doing either. I'm just curious."

"Didn't I say that we were going to relax?"

Lin Che pursed her lips. For some reason, she did not think that it was so simple.

They only arrived in Greece the next day.

They were not anxious upon arrival. Lin Che thought to herself that one advantage of being rich was that there was no need to rush when they were overseas. Gu Jingze took it so slowly. He said that they would rest first before preparing for tomorrow. Lin Che surfed some website about how to travel on a budget. She felt that her strategy was really not suitable for a company president…


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