The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
642 Mr. and Mrs. President Displayed Their Affection
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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642 Mr. and Mrs. President Displayed Their Affection

Mr. President bent down and whispered into his wife's ear. This was too intimate.

And this was right in front of the media. Mr. President was too good and affectionate.

Madam President… was really lucky.

However, they naturally could not hear Gu Jingming whisper beside Yu Minmin's ear, "If you don't say something, I'm going to throw you out."

Yu Minmin cursed and swore internally. She turned to the media, smiled, and waved.

The flashlights went off like crazy. All the cameras turned towards Yu Minmin.

On the news that day, Yu Minmin's wave to the cameras as well as the image of Gu Jingming whispering beside her ear graced the covers of the papers.

"Mr. and Mrs. President out on a sweet visit; the hearts of fangirls everywhere shattered."

"In the history of the highest value of the regime, what did Madam President save in her past life to enjoy today's sweetness?"

"Mr. President is so popular that his intimate photos are kept private."

Such titles were everywhere online.

Yu Minmin was also praised. Her value was raised and she looked more like the nation's mother than before the wedding.

Yin Suya could see all these on the TV.

She narrowed her eyes. Gu Jingming actually brought Yu Minmin along on his visit today.

Yin Suya knew that netizens online previously commented that the president never brought his wife out with him every since getting married. People grew suspicious of their life after being married. Gu Jingming's people probably saw this and decided to suddenly let Yu Minmin come along.

Otherwise, Gu Jingming would never have appeared with such an uncultured woman in public.

Yin Suya continued looking at those photos and couldn't bury the pain in her heart.

Needless to say what thoughts manifested in her heart when she saw those praises.

Yes. No matter who it was, anyone would look good in those exquisite clothing specially tailored for Glazed Tile Palace. Those were individual designs by the designer, coupled with term-free personal service.

Whoever stood at such a high position would also obviously look like the nation's mother. It was all because of Gu Jingming.

Actually, looking at Yu Minmin alone, how could she be the nation's mother if she was cowering?

Yin Suya watched and picked up her phone.

"Hey, Xiaoai. Jingming is on a visit to A Nation. Don't say that I didn't give you a heads up."

The person on the other end said, "You are so generous to give Mr. President to me…"

"I'm only helping you. You told me yourself that your family's goods are stuck and you need a way out. You wanted to seek Mr. President to help, but I can't do it now. After all, I'm not at Jingming's side and you don't know the woman beside him. I'm not familiar with her either so we have no hope. Thus, I can only give you this idea. After all… no man can reject a woman's advances… right?"

"Alright then. I must really thank you. Actually, I saw the news today. That Yu Minmin is with Mr. President and people are saying that she is so graceful. She is clearly not as graceful as you. If you were standing there, you'd absolutely look like the nation's mother. What is she worth? Seriously."

Yin Suya heard this and she tightened up once again.

This was her pain.

It was all her fault for missing her chance Gu Jingming. She missed out on the chance to have everything that Yu Minmin had today.

She held her phone tightly, but her voice remained calm and collected. "Jingming and I are only good friends now. Just keep all this between you and me. If others heard this, they would think that I'm jealous."

"Yes, yes, of course, I'll keep it between us. Okay, I'll head to A Nation now. You said that you'll help me right?"

"Of course. The invitation. I will send the state party's invitation to you."

She no longer had the same relationship with Gu Jingming in the past. However, she could still get an invitation.

On that day, Yu Minmin and Gu Jingming arrived in A Nation.

As it was just around the corner, they only took two hours to travel.

When they disembarked the plane, the welcoming party outside was even more enthusiastic.

The other party's head of state welcomed them personally. Many media crew also followed outside.

C Nation's president had a good affinity with people. This was well-known to the world.

Thus, every time a little bit of news came up from C Nation, they were easily featured on little gossip columns. Gu Jingming was conveniently talked about at the same time.

After all, Gu Jingming was young, wise, handsome, and very popular among young women around the world.

Boring politics suddenly became alive because of Gu Jingming.

C Nation felt that their foreign affairs department saved a lot of trouble because of Gu Jingming's diplomacy.

Very soon after, Gu Jingming checked into a major hotel that A Nation specially used to host country leaders.

Inside, Yu Minmin and Gu Jingming shared the same presidential suite.

Yu Minmin thought about how the president was staying in the presidential suite. This was really…

Making a full circle.

She did not tell this lame joke to Gu Jingming. She snickered to herself as she thought about it.

When Gu Jingming found her, he saw her sitting there smiling foolishly.

She was facing outside and her chest tightened. With her back straight and turned slightly, she looked a lot better.

Yu Minmin felt that something was not right. She turned around to see Gu Jingming looking at her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She got caught…

Yu Minmin quickly stopped herself and asked him properly, "What am I going to do tonight?"

She was happy thinking about something, but she was not happy to see him?

It seemed like this happiness had nothing to do with him?

He straightened his face and asked her, "Are you asking me?"

Of course, she was asking him. Who else could she be asking? They were the only two people in the room.

Yu Minmin said, "I haven't been on a visit before. Do I need to do anything tonight? Otherwise, I really don't know anything. I'll be an embarrassment…"

"You're afraid to be an embarrassment?"

Of course, she was afraid. There would be plenty of media coverage and this was her first time on an overseas visit.

Actually, she rarely went overseas. Who would have thought that on the one time she could go overseas, it was for a state visit…

The thought of it was unbelievable.

However, Gu Jingming suddenly said, "If you're really afraid, come here."

Yu Minmin said, "Huh?"

She played dumb too many times that Gu Jingming immediately saw through it.

He smirked, "If you don't want to be an embarrassment, you must please me first. If I'm happy, maybe I'll help you."

Hey, how could this…

"Gu Jingming, I… If I become an embarrassment, I'll embarrass you too."

"It's okay. I'm not afraid of that. At the very most, I'll make a public statement and say that my wife has never been outside before and she didn't know. Everyone will only remember how embarrassing you were and instead become more sympathetic towards me. They'll think that I'm totally tolerant and doting on you. You're so embarrassing and yet I still take you out."


Yu Minmin looked at him and didn't want to yield to him. She said, "Then forget it. I'm used to being an embarrassment anyway. I'll just say that my husband doesn't mind and I have nothing to fear. That would do."

Seeing that Yu Minmin wanted to escape, Gu Jingming immediately grabbed hold of her waist.

Okay, she was not afraid of embarrassment but she was afraid of him?


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