The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
650 Didn't You Say You Were Going To Abort The Child
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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650 Didn't You Say You Were Going To Abort The Child

Upon hearing Gu Jingze agree, Mo Huiling immediately looked up. Tears were still in her eyes but she looked rather shocked.

She didn't say that she wanted to do it now. She said… Wait a minute.

He wanted her to get rid of the child so quickly? Did he have no feelings and compassion for the child at all?

Mo Huiling thought about it hurtfully. She looked up with meekness in her eyes and her hands fiddled in front of her, "Well, the doctor I made an appointment with can only do it next week."

She still wanted to be with him during this period. She wanted to make use of this motive and get close to Gu Jingze.

She was just in luck when she heard that Lin Che just went to Los Angeles and Gu Jingze was alone at home.

Gu Jingze said plainly, "Oh, it's okay. I'll help you book a doctor."

Mo Huiling quickly grabbed his hand and then remembered that she could not touch him. She immediately withdrew her hand and said, "I… The doctor I go to is the best. If I'm going to do an operation, I'm not going to any rubbish doctor. What if my body gets ruined? This doctor is usually very busy and she only has time for me next week."

Gu Jingze asked, "What's the name of your doctor?"


"Say it."

Mo Huiling looked at the unhappiness in his eyes. She could only bite her lip and say, "She is Dr. Gu Chunlai. She's a top gynecologist. People wait in line for months for delivery and operations. If it's not her, I won't find anyone else."

"Okay. Come with me."


Gu Jingze's lower lip curved downwards as he looked at her.

Mo Huiling's heart halted. She had no choice but to follow him.

As Gu Jingze brought her along, Mo Huiling could see that the car was really headed straight to a private hospital. Her heart began to beat faster.

However, she assumed that if she was not willing, Gu Jingze probably would not force her to go through with it.

But why were they going to a private hospital now? She inevitably wondered if he found his own doctor to convince her to abort her child. If that was the case, she absolutely would not agree to it.

When they arrived, the doctor saw that it was Gu Jingze and they immediately welcomed him and Mo Huiling.

"Mr. Gu, everything is already prepared."

"Where is the doctor?"

"We have already called Dr. Gu here," the doctor smiled and replied politely.

Mo Huiling froze. What was going on…

Dr. Gu… Wasn't she the hardest to get? How come…

Gu Jingze turned back and said, "Go in. Dr. Gu is already waiting for you."

"No no no… You're lying. How can it be Dr. Gu…" Mo Huiling said frantically.

Gu Jingze grunted, "Why wouldn't it be her?"

Just then. Dr. Gu came out from inside.

Mo Huiling saw that it was really her…

Dr. Gu said, "Miss Mo, you're just in time. Come in for an examination."

"Y-y-you…" Mo Huiling thought that she miscalculated. The Gu family was no ordinary family. It would be much easier for them if they wanted to engage a doctor than it would for her.

She waited so long for this Dr. Gu. Little did she expect that the doctor would simply come at the call of the Gu family.

She forgot that Gu Jingze was simply this capable.

Gu Jingze placed his hands in the pockets of his windbreaker. There was a blank expression on his face.

Mo Huiling had no choice but to go in.

Gu Jingze scoffed. When Mo Huiling went in, he waved his hand to his men and said, "Go in and keep an eye on her."

Mo Huiling laid on the bed. Because of Gu Jingze, Dr. Gu was a lot nicer to her now. She cursed internally. The Mo family may be inferior to the Gu family, but she was still a daughter of the Mo family. This doctor's attitude change was too significant.

"Miss Mo, I'm going to do an ultrasound. It'll be a little cold so please bear with it."

She applied the icy cold gel on Mo Huiling's belly.

Mo Huiling simply felt unhappy no matter what she thought. There was no way…

She could not abort the child just like this.

She never intended to abort the child. She only wanted to create an opportunity to get close to Gu Jingze. Now, Gu Jingze was actually forcing her to abort the child and she definitely had to find excuses. She hoped that the one week delay could help change Gu Jingze's attitude. Otherwise, she would find an excuse. Either way, she was never going to abort the child.

When the ultrasound machine was placed on her belly, it felt uncomfortable to her.

She pushed the doctor's hand away angrily, "Go away. Who do you think you are? You have your nose in the air and you dare touch my child? Do you know that the Gu family's heir is inside me?"

She grunted, jumped down from the bed, and headed out.

"Ah, you…" The doctor was stunned for a moment and grunted coldly. If it wasn't because of Gu Jingze, she wouldn't have come here either. However, she really did not know that this woman was related to Gu Jingze. Otherwise, she wouldn't be so proud. As she watched Mo Huiling run out, she didn't dare to say anything and let her run away.

Mo Huiling dashed out.

Gu Jingze blocked her.

Mo Huiling looked up and said frantically, "I'm sorry, Jingze, I… I still can't bear to abort our child. I can't do it!" After that, she pushed him away and ran out.

The guards saw this and wanted to go after her. However, Gu Jingze raised his hand to stop them.

"Forget it."

He turned around. "Let her go."

He knew that she had some tricks up her sleeves, so he let her go now.

Meanwhile, on the outside, Mo Huiling turned back to look at this hospital.

She was angry and frustrated. She did not expect Gu Jingze to really be precautious around her now.

If he treated her a tenth of how he treated Lin Che, the situation wouldn't have been this way. However, his heart now really… only had that little slut, Lin Che. What hypnotizing soup did that little slut make him drink exactly? He was now so loyal to her. He was so nice to Lin Che that it made Mo Huiling jealous.

But… She shouldn't let this trip go to waste either.

She took a photo of the hospital and Gu Jingze's car. She scoffed and thought, Ah, Lin Che. If you see that Gu Jingze accompanied me to the hospital, will you still think that Gu Jingze is solely devoted to you?

She did not believe that Gu Jingze and Lin Che's relationship would be so good that there wouldn't be any misunderstandings.

Lin Che was still feeling badly battered in Hollywood.

Stephen was also with her. He looked at Lin Che and said, "He is indeed starting to say some stuff in the actors' union now. He is requesting to use Asian faces. He wants to seize the Asian market regardless of the quality of the film and is citing reasons that the rewards of local actors will be impacted. He wants you to go home."

Lin Che knew that C Nationals who come here would rather have lesser rewards just to be able to film a good Hollywood movie. Thus, with low pay and high box office, it was a high-cost performance. Some would even offer to invest a little and the movie industry here was naturally willing to use Asians. This, in turn, caused a conflict with the local actors and affected their work greatly. Their authority was relatively high. If Lin Che really offended the union, there was no turning back.


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