The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
682 I Didn't Expect Lin Che To Be Worth So Much Money
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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682 I Didn't Expect Lin Che To Be Worth So Much Money

Lin Che had not expected anyone to actually photograph such a scene.

Online, the netizens were recklessly cursing her out and expressing their disapproval towards her on various platforms.

Some people commented, "Is Lin Che abandoning her family now that she's famous?"

"She made her biological father get on his knees for her. She's so heartless. She's literally worse than a beast."

Numerous celebrities became embroiled in conflicts with their families after gaining popularity. The conflicts were always about money. There had been several examples before this. When money became involved, the fantasy surrounding a celebrity was completely broken, triggering the discontent of many fans.

As she read the comments, Lin Che truly found them laughable.

Perhaps many netizens had not read the actual article. Even if they had, they would not know the truth either. In any case, they simply started berating her for treating her father this way.

Indeed, maternal and paternal love was probably noble in the eyes of many. However, there were several fathers who really had no love to give and only cared about profiting. Wouldn't she be a total saint if she continued to love a father like this?

Yu Minmin quickly called Lin Che upon seeing the news.

"Lin Che, are you alright?"

This incident was not a minor one. Yu Minmin was worried that Lin Che would be upset.

Lin Che said to Yu Minmin, "It's alright. Don't worry. I saw through my father a long time ago. He wouldn't have kneeled down in front of me if not for the fact that he knew we were being photographed. He wouldn't have begged me like that if not for the fact that he knew this was all a scheme. He had planned all of this from the start. I was merely set up by my father. Why would I feel sad for a father like this?"

Yu Minmin consoled her, "Alright then. I'll return to the company shortly. We'll deal with this together then."

"Hey, don't worry. Mr. President's matters are not minor ones. Just settle matters on your end."

"Alright. I know that nothing will happen either since Gu Jingze is around to help you settle things."

Gu Jingze had already blocked all media outlets once the news had been released. The news was no longer being reported and the media outlet which first released the news had been closed within an afternoon and ceased operations.

However, the news still spread very quickly across the Internet. Of course, it was impossible to block it. Although it was not spreading so quickly and its impact had lessened slightly, there were still some comments awaiting the aftermath and awaiting Lin Che's response. There was also speculation about why the media outlet had deleted the article and did not pursue it further. Exactly what kind of backing did Lin Che have that was powerful enough to make a media outlet disappear without a trace in the blink of an eye?

Lin Che found it slightly difficult to stomach her food at lunch.

Seeing that she was feeling unwell, Gu Jingze clasped her hands atop the table. "Let's go over to Chen Yucheng's for a check-up."

"Huh? What? Me? No, no. I'm completely fine. I don't need to go."

"Let's just go and take a look."

"I'm serious. I'm completely fine. I'm just wondering how to best settle this." Lin Che smiled and flipped their hands over. Then, she said, "I'm just thinking about what you said. Sure enough, you were right about someone using my father to deal with me."

"Hn. I've already managed to find the culprit."

"Huh? Really?"

"That's right. I'll deal with in the afternoon. You can rest at home if you don't have anything on."

"You found the culprit so quickly?"

"Hn. Although I don't have evidence, I basically already know who did it."

However, just then, Gu Jingze received a call from his family. Over the phone, Mu Wanqing said softly that Gu Xiande was asking Gu Jingze to make a trip back home.

Gu Jingze glanced at Lin Che and agreed to Mu Wanqing's request.

He gestured for Lin Che to go ahead and eat first. He wiped his mouth and changed his clothes in preparation to return to the Gu residence.

Not long after Gu Jingze left, Lin Che saw that Lin Youcai actually had the nerve to call her.

Lin Che lifted her phone in disbelief. She pondered a little before deciding to protect herself. She pressed the button to record the call before saying to Lin Youcai, "Father, you've already set me up. Why are you calling me now? Did you want to see how your daughter is after being cursed at?"

Lin Youcai quickly chuckled and said, "Lin Che, don't say it like that. I only did it because someone threatened to hand my evidence to the authorities if I didn't do it. Right now, you've saved your father's life just by sacrificing your reputation for the moment. Don't you think that's great?" Lin Youcai hastily tried to calm her down. The person who had made him do this was very good at manipulating him. He had threatened him and placated him at the same time. On one hand, he would have lost his job if he did not do it. On the other hand, he would get a large sum of money if he did it. As he looked at the large amount of money, he thought that even a fool would choose the money. He had not expected the other party to be so generous. He was willing to spend so much money just to cause trouble for Lin Youcai. Thus, Lin Che was worth so much money right now.

Lin Che scoffed, "You really do love your daughter."

"Little Che, you're so powerful now. You can get whatever you want. Even if you stop working as an entertainer and stay at home as a Young Madam, you'll be a cut above the rest your whole life anyway. At the moment, you're merely being criticized a little. At most, just go back home instead of being a celebrity. Wouldn't that be fine?"

"That's enough. Did you call just to say this?"

"Of course not. I am still on your side. I just wanted to tell you to let this incident go. Don't pursue it further and don't retaliate either or you will exacerbate the situation. It won't be good for either of us. It's better to just… let me be an honest mayor until I retire peacefully… if you continue investigating, the situation will only snowball and become worse. Don't you think so?"

"Huh. You're truly selfish. But I've already recorded our conversation. I want to know if the netizens will still think that I was wrong for making you kneel after hearing this," Lin Che said while saving the recording.

"You… you recorded this?" Lin Youcai's first reaction was shock. Then, he slowed his voice down and said, "Releasing it publicly will only make everyone continue discussing the incident. My advice to you is to stop worsening the situation. The public would still have a poor impression of you if you make a big deal out of this, right?"

"That's not for you to worry about." Lin Che scoffed and hanged up.

Lin Che immediately sent the recording to Yu Minmin and asked her if they could use this.

Yu Minmin said, "We may be able to use this, but we can't just use it as it is. Your father is right about one thing. If we really release it, people will still be skeptical of you. It won't be good for your image either if people criticize you terribly. Let me think of a solution."

Meanwhile, Gu Xiande called Gu Jingze into his study room in no time.

Gu Xiande looked at Gu Jingze and immediately threw the newspaper onto the table. "Look at what's happened now. The situation has blown up instead of subsiding. You said that you could settle things. But it's obvious now that you've become more hesitant and weak because of Lin Che. You… Jingze, you're truly a disappointment."


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