The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
709 Please Be My Guest For Only A Few Days
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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709 Please Be My Guest For Only A Few Days

Li Mingyu watched as she actually pulled up a chair gracefully to sit down. He was also puzzled.

He smiled and shrugged. He walked over and also took a seat. He looked at Lin Che and said, "I've always been puzzled. Gu Jingze was with Mo Huiling for such a long time. Why did Gu Jingze immediately not want Mo Huiling after your appearance?"

Lin Che asked, "How do you know that it's him who didn't want her and not Mo Huiling looking for trouble herself?"

"Ha…" She was still so arrogant at a time like this. Did she really think that he wouldn't dare to do anything to her?

Lin Che asked, "Did you get me in here just to ask this?"

Li Mingyu crossed his legs and looked casually at her. "That's right. I made you come here because I wanted to ask you that. I'm helpless. You know that Gu Jingze has always been a stubborn person. If I wanted to invite you here, he would absolutely refuse. Thus, I could only think of this method and beg someone to bring you here."

Sure enough, it was all planned by him for her to come here.

Lin Che shook her head and said, "I'm honored to be able to make Director Li go through such an effort."

"No, no. Mrs. Gu, you are very capable. Furthermore, you're so beautiful. It's worth it."

Lin Che said, "Actually, there's nothing much that I can tell you either. I can only say that Gu Jingze and I are actually not what you guys think. Mo Huiling is now carrying your child. You should treat her well and live life together with her. Isn't it better that our paths don't cross? There's actually nothing much to talk about between you and me. Why don't you…"

Lin Che stood up and said, "Let me go back now?"

Li Mingyu chuckled. The wrinkles at the corners of his eyes were more obvious when he smiled. "Aren't you belittling me too much if you just leave like this?"

Lin Che said hesitantly, "Haven't I already tried to chat with you? There's no fruition so let's stop here. We have different interests and we have nothing in common to talk about."

Lin Che then walked towards the door.

Li Mingyu did not stop her and let her open the door.

Lin Che was puzzled. What was he trying to do?

The moment she opened the door…

The floor was covered in fresh blood.

The four beautiful bodyguards were already on the ground.

Lin Che took one look and her heart shuddered. Then, she quietly closed the door.

The image of the four bodies was still in her mind. She turned to glare at Li Mingyu, "Fine, fine. Let's continue to talk. I want to see what you want to chat about."

Li Mingyu said, "That's more like it."

He looked at Lin Che and said, "Don't be angry, Mrs. Gu. Those four may be dead, but it's not that they weren't good enough. The important thing is that there were only four of them. No matter how good they were, they would not be able to win against so many people and guns. At least they've been through professional training and long lost the thought of saving their own lives. Thus, it is also not a big deal to them if they die. If your heart aches for them, I can still return you your four bodyguards."

"I really have to thank you then."

Lin Che sat down as her heart drummed. She thought that she was really not going to get out of here so easily.

However, he had no intention of touching her. It seemed as if his target was not her, but it was…

Gu Jingze.

Li Mingyu smiled and clapped his hands. Then, four beauties really entered.

Li Mingyu said, "Take it that I'm returning the four bodyguards to you to show my apology. I'm even especially inviting you to stay here for a few days. You'll be my VIP guest here. Don't worry. This place is much more comfortable than Gu Jingze's place. If you don't want to leave when the time comes and you want to just stay here, I'll absolutely welcome you."


Lin Che looked up at the four bodyguards.

Was she now under house arrest by these four people?

Judging by their appearance, they looked completely difficult to deal with. She sighed, realizing that she was entangled in the game of the wealthy. She was only concerned that Gu Jingze would definitely be anxious.

Thankfully, her pregnancy was not made public yet so nobody else knew about it now.

Otherwise, who knew what trouble would brew if he knew she was carrying the flesh and blood of the Gu family?

Lin Che said, "Well, on Gu Jingze's side…"

Li Mingyu said, "Don't worry. I'll definitely inform him for you, but whether he wants to come for you will have to depend on how much feelings he has for you."

"…" Lin Che glared at Li Mingyu. This man was really rotten to the core.

It was her first time coming across such a devious man, but since she was already here, she had to accept it. She waved and said, "Alright then. Help me tell the production crew that I'll be taking leave too."

Li Mingyu heard this and looked at Lin Che who leaned against her seat. He squinted his eyes as if he was scrutinizing her.

He was also very surprised that she didn't show any sign of fear at all. She even went along with his game so readily.

This woman was indeed quite interesting.

He was beginning to become more interested in her.

Mo Huiling lost to her… Perhaps it wasn't by chance.

At the thought of Mo Huiling…

Lin Che also thought about Mo Huiling. She looked up and asked, "Oh right, Miss Mo is still with you, right? How is she now?"

Li Mingyu froze.

He looked ahead and said quietly, "Yeah, she's fine."

Li Mingyu very quickly prepared the plane. It wasn't convenient in the United States. It was still better to return to A Nation.

Thus, he told his men to inform Gu Jingze while he went to the back.

In a warehouse in the backyard, his men opened the door. The smell that immediately struck his nose was disgusting.

What followed was very annoying yelling.

"Let me out! Let me out! Jingze, how can you do this to me? Sob…"

The person inside was none other than Mo Huiling.

She was unkempt and her clothes were dirty. She had not bathed for a long time and she reeked.

Li Mingyu brought her to the United States to see a doctor. However, she said that she could not take any medication now as it was not good for the baby. If he wanted to keep the baby, she would have to give birth first before she would take the medicine.

Li Mingyu took her away in the beginning with the intention of treating her well. However, this woman became more and more annoying. She whined nonstop, making him frustrated.

He lost control and hit her. She then started wailing.

It put him in an even fouler mood and his attitude towards her deteriorated.

No child could handle their parents being sick for a long time. Furthermore, she was just a woman.

He really loved her, but no matter how much he loved her, he couldn't stand her like this.

The more he loved her, the more his heart ached for her and the more he couldn't hold his temper.

He squatted down and said to her, "Huiling, I've found Lin Che and brought her here but I know the one at fault is not her. It's that man. He abandoned you and even treated you this terribly. That is why you're sick. I'll avenge you. Please get better, okay?"


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