The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
735 Shen Youran Said That She Was Getting Married
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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735 Shen Youran Said That She Was Getting Married

Lin Che leaned into Mu Wanqing's embrace and acted like a spoiled child. "Of course not, Mother."

Mu Wanqing was completely enamored by the way she behaved like a little girl. She liked the intimacy of this sort. It was a pity that Gu Jingyan had always been a very headstrong person, so she never felt that she had a daughter. Instead, she felt like she had four sons.

When Mu Wanqing and Gu Xiande left, the first thing Gu Jingze did was to arrange for everyone to head back to the Gu residence.

Ultimately, he did not feel as comfortable in the hospital as he did at home. He preferred going back home to recuperate instead of staying in the hospital.

At most, he could just bring the doctors to his home as well.

When they were informed that Lin Che and Gu Jingze were coming home, the people at home eagerly started to prepare for their return.

Yu Minmin was still here. However, she was still sitting in a wheelchair with her personal bodyguards trailing behind her.

Abby also came here to visit them.

However, Shen Youran was not here. Apparently, she had gone abroad with Chen Yucheng recently and was still not back.

Upon seeing familiar faces again, Lin Che was nearly moved to tears. She rushed to hug all of them. "Oh my god, I thought that I would never see you guys again. Seriously…"

Yu Minmin said, "How silly. Why would you not be able to see us again?"

She released Yu Minmin and looked at her. "What happened to you? I was away for a few days and now, you're in a wheelchair."

Yu Minmin sighed and said, "I… was involved in a minor incident."

Beside her, Abby helped her explain, "She just fell into the water and her arms were slightly scratched. But it seems that Mr. President has prohibited her from getting off the wheelchair. He even specially dispatched some people to watch over her."

Lin Che said, "No way. Is Mr. President so unreasonable?" She looked Yu Minmin up and down. Seeing that she was fine, Lin Che knew that the accident was probably not particularly serious. She stopped worrying and deliberately teased Yu Minmin. "Looks like Mr. President is a worrywart."

Just then, Gu Jingze came behind Lin Che. "I think Older Brother's idea is a good one. I wonder where he ordered this wheelchair from. I should order one for you too."

Lin Che pursed her lips and said, "No way. Am I so mad that I would sit in one of these?"

Yu Minmin smiled and looked at her stomach. "Of course, you need one. Saying that the child in your belly is worth a king's ransom would be an underestimation."

She said, "Quick. I'll give up my wheelchair for you."

Lin Che glared at Yu Minmin.

Abby said, "The only time I think that having a boyfriend is actually good is when I look at the two of you."

Lin Che said, "This… depends on the person too. If you meet someone like this, you will be annoyed to death too." She pointed to Gu Jingze beside her.

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes dangerously and stared at Lin Che. All of a sudden, he leaned in close to her.

Lin Che was shocked. Thinking that he was going to simply kiss her in front of everyone, she quickly reached up to cover her face.

Abby and Yu Minmin hastily said, "Good lord. Flaunt your affection elsewhere if you want to."

Lin Che blushed while saying, "Of course not!"

They were not at all aware of how terrible Gu Jingze was.

He was obviously doing it on purpose.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che's expression. He lowered his head and pecked her cheek before saying, "Alright. You guys continue chatting. I'll go in and rest first."

Lin Che had already turned to stone.

Abby watched him go in and turned to say to Lin Che, "Wow, Gu Jingze looked so handsome when he kissed you."

Yu Minmin shrugged. "Yes. Actually, handsome men look handsome no matter what they do."

Lin Che scoffed. "That's enough. Stop joking around. I just got back and I haven't figured out what's going on. But you've already started teasing me."

Yu Minmin said, "I just got back not long ago. I only heard that you were in a lot of danger. Gu Jingming wouldn't let me get involved no matter what. I seriously…"

When she thought about how he had guarded her and brought her with him everywhere like she was a pocket mouse, she felt depressed.

Abby said, "There was nothing on my end. I could only wait for news from you. But several media outlets in C Nation caught Li Mingyu shopping with you in America. They even said that you bought half the shopping mall in one go and were particularly generous. Thus, everyone thought that you were involved with a wealthy tycoon in A Nation."

Lin Che said gloomily, "Involved? I was just so angry that I wanted to spend all his money."

"Don't be so upset. I saw the comments. So many people are envious of you," Abby said.

But Lin Che felt that these comments were nonsensical.

Of course, they did not know that she had been to hell and back over these few days. But when she thought about how she and Gu Jingze had been through thick and thin together because of this incident, she felt as if she had gotten much closer to him. She found it very heart-warming.

However, she truly did not want to experience something like this ever again.

Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che. "I can't believe that I'm about to become an aunt. How has your stomach been? You've been fine the past few days, right?"

"I'm alright. I just got an injection to stabilize the fetus's condition when I came back. The doctors also told me to get more rest."

"Then, quickly go in and rest."

After being escorted inside, Lin Che saw that Shen Youran was calling her again.

She said into the phone, "I heard that you're back. I was dying of worry. I nearly went to A Nation to look for you, but Chen Yucheng stopped me from going and adding to the trouble."

"Oh, you. Didn't you go abroad?" Lin Che continued, "Don't be in a rush to get back. I'm quite fine at home."

"But I was planning to go back in two days anyway." She paused before saying, "I'm going to marry Chen Yucheng…"

"What?" Lin Che's voice was so loud that it surprised Yu Minmin and Abby.

"Why are you shouting… I'll tell you the details when I get back tomorrow." Shen Youran hummed and said, "I even took the chance to buy something for my future nephew. Wait for me, alright?"

"Alright. I'll interrogate you thoroughly when you get back. How could you tell me only when you're about to get married?"

"I… this also happened out of the blue," Shen Youran said sheepishly.

In reality, Shen Youran was indeed surprised. Initially, Chen Yucheng had said that he was taking her abroad to attend a meeting. But in the end, he had taken her straight to the Chen residence in America to meet his parents.

The Chen family had always disapproved. However, they did not comment on the fact that Chen Yucheng had brought her home. They merely told him to prepare for the wedding slowly and not rush things.

Chen Yucheng did not listen to them at all. He merely said that they would have their wedding two months from now and that he would arrange his return on his own.

His family members nearly died of anger. On one hand, Shen Youran was very touched by Chen Yucheng's sincerity. On the other hand, she was also slightly worried that he would get into a conflict with his family.

But there was indeed a great disparity between their families. She could understand the Chen family's disapproval. However, she felt vexed at the fact that she and Chen Yucheng had progressed to this stage. She couldn't let him go now.

Lin Che had only rested for a little while when Mu Wanqing arrived.

She brought many things with her. The parcels were in various sizes and all of them were items for children.

She said, "If you're going abroad to prepare for pregnancy, take these items first. You can rest for a few days. We can go and buy more when you're feeling better."

As she looked at the numerous items, Lin Che genuinely suspected that Mu Wanqing had moved the entire store here.

However, Mu Wanqing felt that this was a very ordinary occurrence. She told the maids to quickly clear out a room for the child.

Even if the child was not going to be born in the country, the room would be useful sooner or later.


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