The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
748 Gu Jingze, Your Son Is In Trouble
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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748 Gu Jingze, Your Son Is In Trouble

Gu Shinian replied, "Fine, you came at the right time. I want to see my father but they wouldn't let me in."

Yu Minmin said, "Your mother is worried sick. You have to leave with me quickly. I will bring you out."

Fortunately, there were not many who knew that he came out on his own. If someone knew that Gu Jingze's son was roaming around the streets, that would be trouble.

Gu Shinian wanted to resist but when he saw the convoy that came together with Yu Minmin, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said, "Alright then. Let's go."

Yu Minmin was surprised that he actually listened to her. She took him to the car hurriedly and was thinking to herself, Lin Che might be mistaken. Lin Che said that he was a little demon but from what she had seen, he was actually quite obedient.

In the car, Yu Minmin gave Lin Che a call but it did not go through. Thinking that she must be on the plane, she called Shen Youran quickly.

"Youran, don't look for him anymore. I have already caught him and we are now on the way to your place. Let him stay at your place for a few days while we wait for his mom to bring him back… Hm, don't worry, we found him at Gu Industries. He didn't see his dad. In fact, he wouldn't have been able to see his dad today. He's not even at Gu Industries because he went to the state banquet."

She hung up the call and looked at Gu Shinian who was sitting obediently beside her. That small face, that small mouth, and his expression resembled Gu Jingze but it was slightly different. The genes of both his mother and father had blended very well with each other and that gave him his very own unique charm.

Hm, he was more handsome. In the future, he might be better looking than his dad.

While she was deep in thought, Gu Shinian said suddenly, "Aunty, I want to pee."

"What, now…"

"Children can't hold their pee. I have no choice too." He said.

Yu Minmin was speechless. Would children who could not hold their pee say that?

Nevertheless, she got the driver to stop by the road and went into a mall. She wanted to bring him to the washroom but he refused and said that he wanted to go to the gents. Thus, she got someone to follow him while she waited outside the washroom.

However, after a short while, the bodyguard came out of the washroom and reported hurriedly, "Madam, this is bad. Young Master is gone."

"What?" Yu Minmin was so shocked that she almost dropped her mobile phone. "What did you say?"

The bodyguard was also very shocked. He pointed inside and said, "Young Master said he wants to poop so he went into the cubicle. But after a long time, there was no sound at all. Even when I knocked on the door, there was no response too. I broke into the cubicle and realized that Young Master had escaped through the window."


Yu Minmin pushed open the door and searched through the washroom but there was no sight of Gu Shinian.

She hurriedly ordered her guards to chase after him.

She gave Shen Youran a call and told her gloomily, "We are done for. I have lost him again. I suspect that he went to the state banquet when he heard us talking about it on the car."

Shen Youran did not understand. What did she mean by she lost him again?

Yu Minmin told her the entire incident in a short summary.

Shen Youran could not stop giggling on the phone. "How could you be deceived by these small tricks?"

Yu Minmin said in astonishment, "You call these small tricks? He's merely three years old! Besides, he behaved normally in the car and looked very innocent. His big eyes were very sincere. You have not seen that look. You would never be able to guess that behind his obedient look, he was already planning something in his mind. It's my fault. Lin Che had warned me to not believe this little demon's words and I thought he was just a child…

"Alright, what are you going to do now?"

"What else can I do? I'll go and look for him of course!" Yu Minmin sighed and said, "Otherwise, I won't be able to answer to Lin Che…"

At the state banquet.

This was not considered a grand state banquet. The people who came were some of the wealthiest men in the country, so there were not many at the banquet. After all, to be invited to the banquet held at National Assembly Hall, those guests must be of extraordinary identities.

A few people were crowding around and talking among themselves when they saw a delicate woman walking in from the other side.

She was in her twenties and took care of her complexion very well. Her face looked very soft and tender. She appeared very elegant. Her eyes scanned through the hall and her graceful and calm disposition as a well-bred young lady showed naturally. She did not have to say a single word and yet she was exuding a different kind of aura that surpassed everyone in the hall.

"Did you see that person? She's Yun Luo."

"I heard that recently, Gu Jingze had been really doting on her. Indeed, Gu Jingze came today and she's here as well."

"She's really beautiful."

"Beauty is secondary. She's also the daughter of the Yun family who has control over M Country's military forces. That's what's most important."

"Logically speaking, Gu Jingze would not care about the Yuns of M Country."

"Yes but now, we are talking about identity. She stands out from the rest. Gu Jingze is such a powerful and influential man. His woman must be better than others too, right? Then, they will look compatible together."

"Aiya, I'm so envious of her that she can stay by Gu Jingze's side."

"Don't say it anymore. Look, the Gu family is here. Gu Jingze is also here."

Gu Jingze has indeed arrived.

Just as he entered the hall, Yun Luo was already by his side. She smiled at Gu Jingze. "Jingze, you are here."

As the miss of Yun family, Yun Luo was unlike other demanding missies. She was always very calm and graceful, not affected by anything else and sometimes, people would not know what to say to her.

Gu Jingze replied to her with a "hm" and told her, "Your body is quite weak, so stop walking around. There are rooms inside where you can sit."

Yun Luo had been suffering from congenital heart disease since she was young. It was a blessing that she was still alive.

Yun Luo said, "Don't worry. I'm just going to stand for a while. Nothing will happen. Thank you for leaving me a room."

Yun Luo looked at him with those big sparkling eyes and she seemed very grateful for his gesture.

Meanwhile outside the banquet hall.

A little demon appeared in the sight of the security. He was holding onto the invitation and wanted to get into the state banquet.

He had stolen the invitation card from Yu Minmin and handed it over to the security. The security looked at him in shock and questioned him, "What's your relationship with Mrs. President?"

Gu Shinian lifted his head and said, "Mrs. President is my godmother."

The security would not believe him. He had never heard of Mrs. President having a godson. Moreover, it was a little kid who brought the invitation card here.

The security said, "Wait here. I'm going in to ask."

Even though he said that he was going to ask, he called the headquarters immediately instead, "There's a kid here who is pretending to be Mrs. President's godson. He looks suspicious. But the strange thing is that the invitation card that he is holding is real."

Meanwhile, Gu Shinian had already sensed that something was wrong. He got hold of an opportunity and sneaked into the banquet.

When the security turned around, Gu Shinian was nowhere to be seen.

The security was taken aback and quickly sounded the alarm in the security office. "This is bad. Someone has barged into the banquet. Look for him immediately."

Suddenly, it became very chaotic. The security was mobilized to look for the missing boy. At the same time, they reported to the security team in the banquet hall that a suspicious boy had barged in. The guests in the hall were distinguished people with… they could not afford to let their guard down.

Meanwhile, in the banquet hall.

Yu Minmin was feeling helpless. She had already searched the entire place but he was nowhere to be found and the security had started going around to catch the little boy.

She was at her wits' end, so she ran to Gu Jingze.

"Gu Jingze, it's bad. There's something that I need your help with and only you can help…"

Gu Jingze's eyebrows furrowed in confusion and he looked at Yu Minmin.

Although they were both in Gu family, Gu Jingze had not spoken to Yu Minmin directly like this for ages. "What's the matter?"

"Your… Your son is in trouble…" She said.


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