The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
830 This Man Is A Black Eagle
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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830 This Man Is A Black Eagle

Mu Feiran did not realize at the moment he would change his attitude so quickly, suddenly wanting to treat her to a meal.

But since he already said so, she could not reject him.

After all, he said he could not have a meal because he had to come to her place mid-travel.

Right at this moment, Yunyun was not a great help by shouting at the side, "Uncle Mo, I also haven't eaten, let us eat together."


Mu Feiran wanted to say that this was the infamous boss of the mafia. She wanted to tell Yunyun to please not call him "Uncle Mo" so endearingly.

After Lin Che told Mu Feiran about the history of the Black Eagle, Mu Feiran also occasionally asked other people and looked at the information online. Expectedly, as Lin Che said, Black Eagle was not some good guy, but a frightening boss of the mafia. He definitely had a dark past and scary legends.

He seemed so gentle now but Mu Feiran was still not familiar with him, so she did not dare to completely trust him.

She was slightly worried that he would turn around and become the Black Eagle. Who knew if he would suddenly turn his back on her?

Mu Feiran looked at Yunyun who was still latched onto him.

However, when Mo Jingyan carried Yunyun, they looked surprisingly harmonious. Yunyun's petite body enclosed within Mo Jingyan's wide hug made it seem all the more adorable.

This scene made Mu Feiran remember that Yunyun was never so close to an adult male before because she did not have a father.

Mu Feiran's heart squeezed and she bitterly smiled at Mo Jingyan. "Okay, I should treat you to a meal. Where do you want to go to eat?"

Mo Jingyan looked at Mu Feiran. "I don't like eating food outside. It's too unhealthy."


What did he mean by not eating food outside… Did he mean that he wants to eat home-cooked food? Home-cooked… was she supposed to cook?

Didn't that mean they had to go to her house…

Mu Feiran internally grumbled. She thought Mo Jingyan was too shameless for a person who she had just met.

But then again, he should not have any other ulterior motives. As the boss of the mafia and the leader of the business sector, how could he like a normal outdated artist like her?

She could only agree. Mo Jingyan said, "Let's go, ride my car and I'll drive."

"Ride mine. I can send you back later." Mu Feiran said.

However, Mu Feiran immediately noticed that Mo Jingyan's car was a black White Lamborghini race car.

But although her car was not cheap either, it was too lousy in comparison…

She suddenly felt that it would be degrading for Mo Jingyan to sit in her car.

She abashedly said, "If not, you drive your car and follow me."

Mo Jingyan looked back at his car, which was a two-seater race car. The turf was very low and it would not be convenient for a child to sit inside.

He turned back and said, "Alright. Let's use your car."


Mu Feiran looked at Mo Jingyan walking towards her car and quickly followed.

Mu Feiran placed Yunyun on the child seat behind.

Mo Jingyan looked at the child seat and turned back to sit at the front seat.

Mu Feiran's car is more feminine, so when Mu Feiran saw him sit down. It seemed… a little small.

Mo Jingyan was tall and buff, so when he sat down, the originally not so small car seemed extremely cramp suddenly. Mu Feiran thought strangely, Was her car originally that small?

She thought it was really uncomfortable that Mo Jingyan sat inside, but she could not say anything at the moment. Thus, she could only quickly drive to reach home earlier.

Mu Feiran's home was decorated endearingly. Because it housed only Yunyun and her, all decorations and flooring were very feminine. Once you entered, you could feel the difference in the atmosphere.

Mu Feiran let Yunyun play with Mo Jingyan and hurried to inside to start cooking.

Her cooking was alright and not particularly delicious, but her home-cooked food was still considered edible.

She hurriedly made a few dishes. When she went out, she saw Yunyun playing with Mo Jingyan.

Yunyun happily climbed onto Mo Jingyan who laughed boisterously. He squinted his eyes and placed Yunyun on his neck to ride himself, and twirled around the room.

Yunyun's happy laughter filled the entire room.

She shyly hugged Mo Jingyan, her little face red with laughter.

Mu Feiran suddenly felt a sense of warmth as if she just saw a dream. But the next moment, she thought… Yunyun was too daring. This was Black Eagle she was talking about…

Mu Feiran looked at the time. It had unknowingly reached nine. She gratefully said, "Okay, the food is ready. Come and eat?"

Mo Jingyan hugged Yunyun and said, "Okay, good Yunyun, come and eat together."


Mu Feiran hurriedly took Yunyun back and said, "Sorry, you had to play with her…"

Mo Jingyan sat down and her chair a little small for him. Mu Feiran bit on her lips and sighed. That was because she never thought she would have this sort of guest in her house.

She looked worriedly at Mo Jingyan, but she realized her dishes seemed to fit this big shot's palette. He gulped down bite after bite and quickly finished his meal.

She did not dare to let Yunyun stay behind and trouble him, so she brought her in to wash the dishes.

Yunyun was very sensible. She watched Mu Feiran do the dirty dishes since she was young and even obediently helped at the side.

After she was done and went out, she saw Mo Jingyan leaning against the sofa with his eyes closed as if he was asleep.

She froze. She saw his long legs stretched out. Actually, his body proportion was very good. His two long legs were very toned, but his body seemed very thin and long.

And that face.

He should have a cold look, but once asleep, he looked very demure.

However, his eyebrows were furrowed, so he still looked a little stern even while asleep.

This man was undeniably handsome…

At least it was the type of face that would make people fall in love.

Mu Feiran actually did not have many requirements for a man's looks. If not, she would not have married Mo Ding after seeing so many handsome men in the entertainment industry.

But this man gave her have different thoughts.

Actually… there was some use to men looking handsome.

It made it much more pleasant to look at.

Could it be because she got hurt from Mo Ding, so her criteria for choosing men had changed?

She quickly patted her face and speechlessly thought, What choosing men! This man was Mo Jingyan, the Black Eagle!

She must be crazy to just think of him as a man!


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