The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
851 The Gu Family Had Always Kept A Low Profile
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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851 The Gu Family Had Always Kept A Low Profile

"You… You wouldn't dare. You wouldn't dare to touch me. If you touch me…"

"So what if I touch you? You can try…"

"Even my loyal soldiers won't let you off."

"Are you talking about those loyal soldiers I already killed outside?" Gu Jingze asked lightly.


Outside the room…

Mo Jingyan opened the door at this moment.

Sauntering in with the hint of blood and followed by a team of people, Mo Jingyan looked around at the situation, smirked, and patted the dust off his hands. "Outside is done. I didn't expect these people to be pretty strong but fortunately, we have experienced countless battles. Otherwise, we would have lost."

Fang Jimin leaned in defeat on the ground.

Gu Jingze looked at him. "Kill yourself. When you do, I promise that your son won't die. At the very most, he would only be locked up for the rest of his life. I may even help your family so that you have a successor, otherwise…"

"You… Gu Jingze, you are heartless. Our families have been friends for so many years…"

"Fang Jimin, you can ask yourself. If I let you off today and you have the opportunity to kill us one day, wouldn't you take it?"

Fang Jimin was naturally unhappy. There was anger in his eyes. He suddenly lunged at Gu Jingze.



Gu Jingze's final shot was aimed at his head.

Fang Jimin finally collapsed on the ground. He stopped breathing.

Gu Jingze took off his leather glove and tossed it to his men. Then, he placed the gun in Fang Jimin's hand.

Mo Jingyan said, "The rest of the Fang family had already left the country with Fang Zhongmou. It looks like Fang Jimin knew that it would be hard to deal with your family and made everyone disperse to protect them."

Gu Jingze said, "I'll let my people say that Fang Zhongmou fled back to his country and his whereabouts are unknown now. Father Fang was already killed by him at home. Send his tragic photo to the rest of the Fang Clan and let those disciples take a look."

Mo Jingyan said, "When you want to be vicious, you're no worse off than me. You still have the cheek to say that I'm the vicious one."

"If he had a chance one day, the ones that will be destroyed by him is my family. Tell me, if it were you, how would you handle someone who betrays you?"

Mo Jingyan narrowed his eyes and viciousness glimmered in them. "Sorry to say but my method is very different from yours. We would usually throw them into the kennel and cover them with minced meat. We'll let the dogs have a taste of that."

Gu Jingze shook his head, scoffed, and walked away.

That day, all the wealthy families in C Nation knew about this matter. Gu Jingze and Mo Jingyan dealt with Fang Zhongmou's family.

Gu Jingze only took his men into the house. The Fang family specially sent people to observe the Gu family's movements and secretly spied on the Gu family's guards. They realized that the Gu family didn't particularly have many guards together, so they didn't think that Gu Jingze would do anything. However, Gu Jingze knew that the Fang family was observing him, so he intentionally made no movements and did not bring many people with him to an unexpected visit to the Fang house. Nobody knew how the two of them ended up working together, but it was only known that the Fang family's capable guards were suddenly gone and Fang Jimin died in his own home. It was rumored that he had more than a dozen gunshots to his body which were not fatal. It tortured him until he had a final gunshot to his head which killed him completely.

Gu Jingze was deliberately showing his strength as a warning.

The photos were transmitted in various families in a seemingly inadvertent way. Everyone who saw them felt uneasy. The Fang family held military power for so many years and deliberately cultivated so many forces. However, just one overnight feud with the Gu family landed them in tragedy. The so-called disciples of the Fang clan saw the photos and also did not dare to act recklessly. They did not want to be annihilated by Gu Jingze.

At this time, Gu Jingze also sent his people to comfort everyone, telling them that Fang Jimin may be dead, but his position was open and everyone can compete fairly for it. According to legal procedures, they would begin selections from the bottom.

Fang Jimin held many positions and one of them was the most important position which was vied for by everyone. In an instant, everyone wondered who would take on this role.

After all, they were disciples and no one is a relative. They really went against the Gu family for the sake of the Fang family.

Just like this, the Gu family scattered all the original disciples of the Fang clan. Although they have not yet reached the point of complete separation. They would slowly disintegrate and there would be no cohesiveness like before.

The whole nation was now blaming Fang Zhongmou for Fang Jimin's death. There was even an international search warrant for Fang Zhongmou, claiming that he killed his own father over a dispute and then ran away.

Many people knew that Fang Zhongmou did not want to go abroad, but the Fang family sent him out of C Nation. He quarreled with his father that day but he was still sent away. When this incident took place, the way Fang Zhongmou quietly left the country already placed him as the prime suspect for the murder.

There had been a slight change in the pattern of the powerhouses. The family quietly won this battle against the Fang family and it also showed everyone that the Gu family really kept a low profile. They did not reveal themselves casually, but it did not mean that they allowed anyone to step over them.

Mo Jingyan and Gu Jingze stepped into Mo Jingyan's bar together.

Mo Jingyan said, "For every day that Fang Zhongmou is not found, you guys need to be extra careful."

Gu Jingze said, "I know. Once we get rid of the Fang family's threat, everything else is easy to talk about. Otherwise, if the two families really go to war, casualty numbers won't be small." Gu Jingze looked at the time. "I can't stay long. I still have other things to do."

Mo Jingyan said, "Alright, busy man."

"My father is here for a few days and there are many guests at home. I need to go back and handle them."

Mo Jingyan froze. Gu Jingze faced his back, so he could not see Mo Jingyan's expression.

When Mo Jingyan turned around, he was already back to normal.

He looked at Gu Jingze. "Your father? Gu Qigang?"

Gu Jingze looked at him. "Why? My father left the family a long time ago. Do you know my father?"

Mo Jingyan smiled. "Of course not. I'm just puzzled because I haven't heard about him in a while. Why is he suddenly back?"

"He's probably tired of running around and wants to have a peaceful retirement. In any case, my mother is very happy about it. I don't want to ask any more questions."

Gu Jingze stood up to leave and Mo Jingyan walked him out. Watching him leave, Mo Jingyan's expression then became cold and dead.

Gu Qigang…


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