The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
859 Her Bodyguards Were Still Quite Helpful
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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859 Her Bodyguards Were Still Quite Helpful

Lin Che's gaze was fixed in front of her. The determination in her eyes contrasted against her face stunned everyone who looked at her.

Lin Che looked as if she did not have an ounce of feminine delicateness. Her eyes were slightly narrowed and there was a dangerous air about them. For a moment, she had a very strong deterrent aura. It was inconceivable that this aura came from a woman who looked so slender.

In particular, her ample confidence and fearless manner were also immensely shocking.

At first, the woman opposite her was visibly frightened. She looked slightly struck dumb with fear.

However, she immediately realized what was happening and silently scolded herself.

What was there to be afraid of? Lin Che was just an actress. She thought that she was actually capable of doing anything and was the ruler of this world just because her fans placed her on a very high pedestal.

In reality, the people who ruled this world were definitely not these actors. It was the people who had wealth and power like the family she had married into.

The woman looked at Lin Che. "You won't take it lying down? I'm the one who won't take it lying down. You people hit him over such a trivial matter and even justified it so righteously. He's just a child but he was beaten up to this extent because of a prank. I absolutely won't let things end here. You must apologize to me. Not only do you have to apologize, but you also have to compensate us!"

Lin Che chuckled. "Compensate you? If it was someone else who my child had hit, I would compensate. But if it's you, I won't compensate. It was wrong to hit him but you were in the wrong too! I will pay for the medical fees because that's what I should do. But as for compensation beyond that, I will not even pay a cent."

She looked down and pulled Gu Shinian to his feet. "Don't hit anyone in the future, you hear me?!"

Gu Shinian said, "But he bullied Yunyun in that manner…"

"You could have told the teacher that he bullied her."

"I did. The teacher didn't do anything at all."

Lin Che frowned. Beside her, the teacher's face turned pale too.

The teacher thought nothing of it as well; the children were merely messing around.

This was especially because the boy came from such a wealthy and powerful family. Whenever he got into fights, the matter was usually settled very easily. Someone from his family would just come and threaten the other party. The other party would simply apologize and leave it at that. Besides, he had only touched her butt and kissed her face this time.

Lin Che looked at the teacher. "In that case, you're in the wrong. You didn't even do anything when he did that to a little girl? It was also indecency on your part, alright?"

"But children…"

"Children are differentiated by sex as well. They have feelings too. Yunyun was touched by a boy without her permission. She felt so uncomfortable and scared but you guys actually didn't do anything about it? You can't indulge him just because he's a child and still doesn't understand, right? If the child doesn't know, it can't be that the adults don't know either, right? You didn't stop him and educate him in time. Instead, you didn't care enough to do anything about it. Right now, I seriously have my doubts about this kindergarten. I don't know whether or not this kindergarten is up to standard and can take in students."

Hearing this, the woman opposite her was even more furious. "Hey, can you mind your words? What do you mean, indecent? Ha. You really think you're so important? You're even doubting whether their kindergarten is up to standard. Are you at the level where you can question such matters? You're just an actress. Don't think so highly of yourself. Forget about leaving today if you don't compensate us. I want to see if an actress like you can actually turn things upside down."

She narrowed her eyes at the phone in Lin Che's hands. She was worried that Lin Che would use her influence by uploading a post on Weibo. That would only stir up more trouble. Thus, she immediately gave the male subordinate behind her a meaningful look, hinting to him to snatch the phone away from her first.

The man received her signal and instantly started walking towards Lin Che.

He was about to snatch her phone from her while they were speaking.

However, Lin Che was quick to react. Without hesitating, she gripped the man's wrist forcefully and twisted it backward…

The man immediately howled in pain. Lin Che pushed him away, causing him to fall to the ground.

Subsequently, Dongzi walked over and pinned the man's arms down in one swift motion.

The man howled even more. Even his face was being pressed to the ground. He was furious and wanted to move but was unable to.

It had not occurred to the woman that the two people behind Lin Che whom she had brought with her were not her assistants or something, but trained bodyguards. Her expression changed and she looked slightly distressed. However, she did not want to lose face and started screaming at this moment, "Good lord. They're hitting us, they're hitting us. Lin Che, do you know which family he's from? If you dare to instruct your subordinates to touch even a hair on our heads, I will definitely make sure you can't survive in B City!"

Lin Che scoffed and looked at this woman who was acting like quite the braggart. "I do want to see how you'll make sure I can't survive in B City."

She gave Dongzi a meaningful look. He immediately released the man and pushed him towards the woman.

The woman's face was pale from anger. Her driver, her maids, and the security guards who had followed her from home to carry her bags were outside. She said to them, "Come here, all of you. Seize this terrible woman for me, hmph."

She thought that she could definitely knock down the two people Lin Che had brought with her since she herself had six or seven people with her.

When the six or seven of them heard this, they quickly ran in.

The teacher was immediately frightened out of her wits. She did not think that there was actually going to be a fight here today.

Paying no heed to where they were, they rushed towards Lin Che.

Dongzi brought the other man with him and stood directly in front of Lin Che. Those people immediately approached them for a fight but did not expect to be pushed to the ground directly before even touching Dongzi and the other man's bodies.

Under the surprised gazes of the people around them, Dongzi and the other bodyguard knocked out two people in an extremely neat fashion, causing them to wail loudly.

The woman was stunned for a moment too. She saw the two of them knock the six or seven people to the ground without using much effort at all. Then, they proceeded to stand behind Lin Che with completely calm expressions.

Were these people Lin Che's bodyguards? Why were they so brilliant…

After a moment of amazement, she regained her bearings only to see Lin Che gazing at her calmly. Her unaffected manner made the woman upset.

Soon after, she pointed at Lin Che and started shouting, "You… how dare you hit my people?! Do you have a death wish?!"

"It's probably someone else who has a death wish. My people won't start a fight unless someone is trying to harm me. They were just exercising their right of private defense. Of course, if you people dare to make a move again and they use too much strength in retaliation, it would be pointless for you guys to cry in front of me after losing an arm or a leg. " Lin Che brushed off the dust on her hands and looked at the woman opposite her. "Apologize to Yunyun!"

"You… you…" Naturally, she could not take this lying down now that she was suddenly in a disadvantageous situation.

She looked at the two tall and sturdy bodyguards before looking at Lin Che who stood there with ample confidence. Then, she said, "Just you wait." Thereafter, she picked up her phone and dialed a number, wailing sadly, "Hubby, someone is bullying your son and your wife here. If you don't come here quickly, soon you won't be able to see me, boohoohoo…"


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