The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
863 Who“s The Boss In Our Family?
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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863 Who“s The Boss In Our Family?

Lin Che looked at him. "So in our family, I'm the boss and Niannian is second in command."

"Alright then. I'll be the third," Gu Jingze said grudgingly.

Lin Che pulled the dog leash. "Prince is third!"

"…" Gu Jingze said, "Fine, fine. I'll be the fourth. Alright?"

Only then did Lin Che's lips curve into a smile. But of course, she was merely joking too.

Since they were a family, there was no need for hierarchy. Everyone cared about each other and supported each other. All of them were important to one another. That was enough.

In no time, Gu Jingze received a call. He was informed that the kindergarten had received news that the authorities had directly raided the Sun residence within the span of a night and had found out about several improper dealings. As a result, some people in their family had already been brought to the National Bureau of Corruption Prevention for investigation.

Meanwhile, the Sun family was in terrible shape. The vice-mayor immediately returned home to ask Sun Xinyue what exactly was going on.

Sun Xinyue thought to himself that his child had really brought trouble to him and so had his wife. They knew nothing at all and had offended people they should not have offended.

"Is it Gu Jingze…" He said with a sullen expression on his face.

"That's not what I heard. I heard that it was… Mo Jinyan…"

"Black Hawk? How can that be? We've never offended him… or was Black Hawk helping Gu Jingze…"

"Have you offended Gu Jingze before? You… you unfilial brat. You're an absolute disgrace! You could've offended anyone else, but you offended Gu Jingze. You…"

The next day, the kindergarten was already aware of what had happened. At last, the grandson of the Sun family didn't dare to recklessly cause trouble and bully the other kids again. Although the children did not know what had happened, everyone felt that Gu Shinian was a hero because they knew that he had taught that tyrant a lesson yesterday and beat him to a pulp. That child was in a senior class but he could even beat him up to that extent.

As a result, when he arrived at the kindergarten, people immediately gathered around him and praised him.

Of course, the teachers had already been replaced. In particular, the best and most trustworthy teacher in the kindergarten was now the form teacher of the class. The rest of the teachers were all internationally-accredited preschool educators. The management of the class was also strengthened immediately. All of a sudden, everyone was particularly focused on Gu Shinian along with Yunyun, Chen Nian and Chen Jiu.

Meanwhile, on the other end.

After pulling out of the production, Lin Che attended an event for the first time. She made her public appearance at the award ceremony of the National Acting Ceremony. However, as she did not have any works, she attended in the capacity of a judge.

Quite a few people attended the event. Xue Yang, who was under their company, also attended the event with her.

Peng Yu and the male lead of the drama walked the red carpet together. After they walked the red carpet, the reporters immediately started asking about Lin Che's withdrawal from the production.

Peng Yu did not mince her words either and said bluntly, "It's not even the first time Lin Che has pulled out of production. This isn't my first time cleaning up her mess either. I don't know how to comment on this matter. Anyway, her reasons aren't clear. I merely received a notice saying that she was withdrawing from the production. As for me, I only care about acting my role properly, honing my acting skills, and expanding my repertoire. There is no point in responding to such things. After all, these are things that everyone can see."

The subtext of her words was that she did not want to respond directly. Everyone could probably tell why Lin Che had withdrawn. It was simply because Lin Che's acting skills were terrible. After the release of the trailer, she realized that she had been overshadowed by Peng Yu, hence the withdrawal.

When Peng Yu finished speaking, someone on the other side had already announced Lin Che's arrival.

After Peng Yu had been taught a lesson the last time, she did not want to have a popularity contest with Lin Che. She hastily asked, "Isn't she here? Why don't you just ask her about it?"

The reporters were about to leave. They quickly rushed off.

At the entrance, everyone was really looking forward to Lin Che's first public appearance after pulling out of the production.

At this moment, they saw her walk in with Xue Yang. In her stylish and long dress, she looked beautiful and alluring. The custom-made dress looked like it belonged to a luxury brand and looked extremely expensive. As it was the only design of its kind, there was absolutely no way anyone else could be wearing the same thing. People could not help but speculate how much her dress cost…

Upon Lin Che's arrival, all the reporters started turning their camera lenses to her and took photos repeatedly with their cameras poised. It was as if everyone else suddenly became dispensable.

Backstage, a few of the celebrities who had been around since before could not help but recall the past when they witnessed this scene. Lin Che had basically been the topic of conversation each time she appeared and always became the center of attention, overshadowing everyone else instantly. They thought that since Lin Che had made her comeback after so many years, she should no longer have the same halo she used to have. However, they did not expect that she would still be the subject of so many conversations. She was surrounded by people the moment she appeared. How could anyone else compare? Why was the gap so huge?

They did not know what exactly about Lin Che made people like her. But for some reason, she was always the center of attention.

Everyone was waiting for Lin Che to say something. However, Lin Che directly canceled the interview segment and followed Xue Yang inside.

The reporters were immensely disappointed and did not know what Lin Che was planning again either.

After going in, Lin Che found her seat and sat down. However, she happened to see Peng Yu at the side, coincidentally looking at her. Sneering, Peng Yu said to her own assistant, "Some people are simply shameless. They still want to appear in public and join in even though they have no works. Seriously, once you fall to a certain level, you come here just to get some screentime."

Lin Che placed her hands in front of her and began to clasp them slowly and leisurely.

"Dongzi." With one word from her, Dongzi raised his hand, aimed it swiftly at Peng Yu's face, and slapped her.

With a resounding slap, Peng Yu's face turned red and swollen at a visible pace after being hit by Dongzi's strong hand.

"You… Lin Che, you hit me. There are reporters everywhere outside and there are so many people here too. How dare you actually hit me?!" Peng Yu stood up immediately. Her face was stinging in pain after being hit. It was way more painful than all the times she had been beaten in the past. Right now, she could even feel the pain of her cheek turning swollen. It was probably swollen to quite a large extent.

But of course, the person who had hit her was a professional bodyguard. He had not held back any strength in his hand either. He had hit her firmly and squarely. It would be strange if it did not hurt.

Lin Che turned her face slightly towards her. "Dear me, I'm so sorry. I just called Dongzi's name. Perhaps he misunderstood me."

"You… You did it on purpose. Why are you making excuses? It's pointless for you to give excuses anyway. I'm going to tell the reporters right now…"

"Sure. Go ahead." Lin Che stood up immediately and looked squarely at Peng Yu. "You made use of Gu Jingze's name to snatch someone else's role, landed a spot in the production without any effort, and deceived all the people in the production team. I want to let the reporters know about this too. I wonder if they'll believe me. To be honest, it doesn't matter even if the reporters don't believe me. In any case, Gu Jingze will believe it."

Peng Yu's face darkened completely. She knew that Lin Che was threatening her. She was intending to use Gu Jingze to suppress her.

However, the crux of the matter was that Lin Che really had connections to Gu Jingze.

When she thought of Gu Jingze… even if Peng Yu wanted to stir up trouble, she was slightly afraid to do so as well, especially since she had just made use of Gu Jingze. If Gu Jingze found out, she was definitely done for.


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