The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
869 Scheming To Lure Him Ou
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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869 Scheming To Lure Him Ou

Meanwhile, at the Glazed Tile Palace.

The sky was overcast and seemed to darken more and more because of this incident.

No one dared to look at Gu Jingming. They were afraid that his face, which resembled that of the King of Hell, would become real and that they would actually turn into living sacrifices under his hand.

Many people were moving around. Gu Jingming was thinking of a way to control Fang Zhongmou so that he would not hurt Yu Minmin.

However, there was no better way other than to use himself to control Fang Zhongmou. Before Fang Zhongmou got ahold of him, he probably would not kill Yu Minmin. He would have to keep her alive as long as he still needed her as a hostage.

However, would she suffer in his hands? Would she be beaten? Would she…

Gu Jingming literally could not think about such details. When he thought about them, his heart would instinctively churn and he would almost feel the urge to kill someone.

If Fang Zhongmou really dared to do anything to Yu Minmin…

He felt that even if he was face-to-face with Fang Zhongmou, he would definitely be able to strike.

All the key military personnel, including the former trusted aides of the Fang family who were familiar with the Fang family's doings and power, had come over to discuss how to deal with Fang Zhongmou. As this matter concerned the entire C Nation, everyone was naturally very careful and did not dare to take it lightly at all. They dared not have motives of their own either. Otherwise, if something really happened to the first lady, it would immediately shake up public opinion.

Now that they were making a show of happiness and prosperity, they obviously did not want any shake-ups. If there was any commotion, they would have to go out and settle matters, wasting their time and energy.

They thought of a countermeasure. They felt that it would take too long for them to look for Fang Zhongmou now. It would also be detrimental to the first lady. Thus, it was preferable to trick Fang Zhongmou into appearing of his own accord. They had to think of a way to force Fang Zhongmou to make another move and another plan. As long as Fang Zhongmou made a move, they would then have a chance to locate him.

That night, Gu Jingming suddenly leaked information that he was under house arrest. The Gu family did not allow him to save Yu Minmin and was planning to send people to kill both Fang Zhongmou and Yu Minmin in an explosion. This was to avoid Gu Jingming risking his own life to save Yu Minmin and putting himself in danger.

At present, Fang Zhongmou was drunk in a bar.

He had disguised himself so that no one could recognize him as Fang Zhongmou, a wanted criminal.

This was a bar in a club. The people here were all wealthy and respectable.

Although he was a wanted criminal and even though C Nation was no longer under the rule of the Fang family, he had plenty of money. He was nevertheless fully capable of booking a booth. In the first place, you could get a booth here as long as you were willing to waste the money.

From a young age, Fang Zhongmou was used to living the good life. There was no way he would go to those typical bars. If he wanted to go, he would come to a place like this.

He was sitting there when he heard some people chatting beside him.

"Did you hear the news? The Gu family has placed Gu Jingming under house arrest."

The hand holding Fang Zhongmou's wine glass froze. Although he was looking straight ahead, he was all ears as he looked at the few good-for-nothing individuals beside him. They all looked pretty rich, but they were not from prominent families like he was and were instead typical second-rate wealthy tycoons. Otherwise, he would have met them before.

"The Gu family is so powerful. They can even place the President under house arrest."

"Of course. No matter how powerful Gu Jingming is, he is still a member of the Gu family. He has to listen to the head of the family too. I heard that the Gu family placed Gu Jingming under house arrest because they did not want him to risk his life for a woman. The main reason is apparently that Madame President has been kidnapped and the people who kidnapped her are precisely members of the Fang family that just broke off relations with Gu Jingming. Now, the Gu family has already sent a surveillance airplane to trail the Fang family. Regardless of whether Madam President is there or not, they are planning to simply drop a bomb and bury both the Fang family and Madam President to prevent further trouble for Gu Jingming."

"So unreasonable…"

"It's the Gu family. They can do whatever they want. Is there anything they wouldn't dare to do? She's just the first lady. They can simply use the excuse that she died from an illness. But Gu Jingming is really a dedicated lover. He wanted to die for his wife. Unfortunately, the Gu family won't allow it. They're such a prominent family. How could they possibly allow Gu Jingming to die so easily? It's different for outsiders; it doesn't matter who the first lady is. This is the latest news. No one else knows about it."

"There was nothing about this on the news at all. Is it true? Has the first lady really been kidnapped?"

"How could it possibly be on the news? All of this is highly confidential information. It's not information that ordinary people would be privy to. Ordinary citizens really think that the world is now at peace and is completely stable. But the truth is different. The world turned upside-down a long time ago."

"Then, how did you find out about all this?"

"The news was spread by those prominent families themselves. If they were not the most prominent families, they would not be aware of this information. What do you know? I know this only because I have someone in that circle. Do you think that ordinary people could possibly know about this?"

Just then, Fang Zhongmou had already risen from his seat.

He walked out in quick strides with an expression of gloom on his face.

When he arrived at his temporary accommodation, he first instructed someone to quickly investigate if the Gu family had really placed Gu Jingming under house arrest and then to investigate whether or not they were in a safe place and whether or not they would be discovered.

He was skeptical. Would the Gu family actually be so evil as to disregard Yu Minmin's safety?

But since Gu Jingze had even brought his subordinates to kill his father, was there anything else the Gu family would not?

He was so furious that he really wanted to just kill Yu Minmin and be done with it. But he thought of the fact that although Gu Jingming was under house arrest, it was only because he wanted to sacrifice himself to save Yu Minmin. Thus, Yu Minmin was still useful. If Yu Minmin died as well, then the Gu family would really have nothing to fear. Even Gu Jingming would no longer fear anything at all and would deal with him directly. But if he kept Yu Minmin alive, there was a very high chance that Gu Jingming would escape from house arrest and seek him out to save her since he cared so much about her. Therefore, there was still a need to keep Yu Minmin alive.

Because of this, Fang Zhongmou's plan had been slightly disrupted. While instructing someone to investigate, he also instructed someone to reinforce security. Through these movements, he exposed himself instead. Because Fang Zhongmou had been too hasty, there were some clues as to his whereabouts.

At the Glazed Tile Palace.

"Sir, we've found out that Fang Zhongmou seems to be living on a farm in the outskirts of the city along with Ma'am. This is a topographic map," Linda said to Gu Jingming.

Gu Jingming immediately grabbed the topographic map to examine it.

Gu Jingming's eyes darted before he asked, "What are you waiting for? Lock down the entire area and do a thorough search."

He pondered for a bit before rising to his feet directly. "No, I'll go on my own."

"Sir, you can't. It's too dangerous. We should be the ones to go."

"No. If you go, he will hurt Minmin. I must go." Gu Jingming immediately put on his clothes. Without turning back, he started taking large strides and walked out resolutely.

Linda was really worried but she had no choice but to follow after him quickly. She was thinking of persuading Gu Jingming to give up on this thought, but Gu Jingming did not listen to her at all.


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