The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
888 I“m The Illegitimate Son Of Your Family
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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888 I“m The Illegitimate Son Of Your Family

That was true…

Lin Che said, "In that case, I'll follow your wishes."

Gu Jingze nodded.

Lin Che said, "I'm worried that Yunyun will be afraid if she sees him alone. Can I bring her there?"

Gu Jingze looked at her. "Do you want to go as well?"

His gaze was fixed. Of course, he had his own considerations.

Lin Che said, "That's right. I have to watch over Yunyun. Otherwise, I'm worried that Yunyun will be in danger. I'm also worried that she will be afraid."

Gu Jingze glanced at Dongzi. This was also a chance for her guards to learn through experience.

He nodded his head in agreement.

"Sure. Be careful while you're there. Black Hawk is not a simple person either."

Lin Che drew in a breath and felt a strangely heavy feeling in her heart.

She picked up Yunyun but did not tell her what they were going to do. All she said was that she was taking Yunyun out to have some fun.

Yunyun trusted her immensely and sensibly did not probe further.

At the heavily-guarded arsenal.

Contrary to her expectations, everything here looked very modern. It was not the kind of factory she had imagined to be dirty and filled with machines.

As if he had sensed her curiosity, Gu Jingze said beside her, "This arsenal produces arms of the highest quality. We have many researchers. Don't think that it's really just a factory."

"I see…"

Gu Jingze said, "Come this way."

The metal doors opened. Inside, Mo Jinyan seemed to be on the verge of death. He was lying on the ground with a pool of fresh blood beside him.

The moment Yunyun saw Black Hawk, she immediately said, "Uncle Mo!"

Black Hawk broke into a smile and sat up from the floor, deathly pale. "Yunyun."

Yunyun looked up. "Auntie, what happened to Uncle?"

Lin Che paused. Her heart sank.

"Yunyun, Uncle is just tired."

"Then, will Uncle not be tired if I go and massage his legs?"

"Yes." Lin Che looked up and glanced meaningfully at Dongzi.

Dongzi understood and brought Yunyun to Mo Jinyan.

Black Hawk looked at Lin Che gratefully. He faintly signaled to her with his eyes before smiling and meeting Yunyun's gaze.

"Yunyun, be good. Come over to me."

This was Lin Che's first time seeing Yunyun with her father, basking in paternal love. But it could be her last time…

Lin Che really felt her heart soften just a little. She wanted to ask Gu Jingze if he could let Black Hawk off once for Yunyun's sake.

However, from the start, they did not know why Black Hawk had persistently been at odds with the Gu family. Now that Gu Jingze had made a fool of him, he would definitely hate Gu Jingze even more than he did in the past. He was a sick cat now. Once he recovered and turned into a tiger, they themselves would be in danger.

Lin Che thought that she had to get used to this cut-throat environment to survive in high society.

She narrowed her eyes at Black Hawk.

They did not know how much time had passed. It seemed that Black Hawk could no longer lift his arm.

He said, "Yunyun, be good. Go ahead. Uncle is going to sleep."

Yunyun said obediently, "Okay. Have a good sleep, Uncle. I won't disturb you. I'll come to play with you again next time."

Next time…

Would there even be a next time?

Lin Che's heart seized up. She frantically went over, carried Yunyun, and wanted to leave.

Over there, Black Hawk had already collapsed onto the ground completely.

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes and glanced meaningfully at his men. "Go and take him away."

They immediately walked towards Black Hawk and wanted to drag him away.

However, they did not expect… that Black Hawk, who had just collapsed onto the ground and looked to be half-dead, would suddenly spring to his feet.

With one arm, he grabbed one of the people in front of him and firmly grasped the gun at his waist. Then, he threw the person to the ground with one hand and pulled the trigger with his other hand, hitting the person's chest.

Lin Che was shocked. Hearing the noise, she turned around only to see that the barrel of Black Hawk's gun was aimed at her!

Her eyes darted.

Beside her, Gu Jingze had already lifted his gun.

Black Hawk said, "We can compete to see whose gun is faster, yours or mine. But the stakes are higher."

Gu Jingze froze.

Lin Che turned to look at him. "Why must you do this, Black Hawk?"

Black Hawk narrowed his eyes. "When you've fought hard to survive for so many years, you will know how much you fear death. I'm afraid of dying because it isn't worth it."

Black Hawk was about to continue when someone immediately flew over from the side out of the blue.

Black Hawk was still not sure who he was, but Lin Che knew that it was Dongzi.

He threw himself onto Black Hawk without hesitation.

Black Hawk paused. The next moment, he had already been pushed to the ground.

Gu Jingze then shot him with sharp eyes and nimble fingers.

With a bang, Black Hawk's thigh was instantly shot as well.

Black Hawk collapsed onto the ground. His eyes were lidded and his face was completely contorted in a pained expression.

Gu Jingze's gaze turned ice-cold. He held his gun with both hands while walking towards him step by step. Then, he immediately pressed the barrel of the gun to his head.

"See you again. But I'm afraid that will be in your next life." Gu Jingze placed his finger on the trigger of his gun.

"Gu Jingze, your father once had an illegitimate son. Do you know this?!" Just then, Black Hawk suddenly looked up.

Gu Jingze paused. However, when he looked at his face, the chill in his gaze had not lessened.

Black Hawk stared at him.

Gu Jingze looked at him too. "What tricks are you trying to pull again?"

Black Hawk laughed out loud in an extremely bleak manner. "It's me. Didn't he ask you to help him look for a baby? A weak and helpless infant still in his swaddling clothes. That's me!"

It sent a wave of shock through Gu Jingze. There was a hint of bewilderment in his eyes.

He looked at Black Hawk loathingly. "Do you know that messing with me will only make you die a more terrible death?"

Black Hawk shook his head, sadness in his eyes. "You have no idea. None of you know. None of you know how your crazy grandfather threw me into the ice and snow to die. Someone saved me, brought me up, and told me everything. he also told me that the Gu family will not allow me to exist because my existence taints the reputation of the Gu family. I must die because I'm an illegitimate child!"

Gu Jingze did not believe it. He did not believe it!

He pressed the barrel of his gun even harder on Black Hawk's head. "That's impossible. My father has never had a mistress, nor has he ever had an illegitimate son!"

Black Hawk chuckled. "Go and ask him. Do you dare to? Ask him how he could be so cowardly as to let someone abandon his child. How could he just let his child freeze to death in the wind and snow? But it's a pity that I have always been very lucky. I survived it. Furthermore, I've come all the way here. I'm here in C Nation, right under the nose of the Gu family!"

Gu Jingze's eyes twitched.

He slowly moved his gun away. As for Black Hawk, he had already lost an excessive amount of blood under the pressure. His gaze was unfocused and he really collapsed onto the ground completely after some time.

Lin Che looked on in surprise. She quickly walked over and pulled Gu Jingze's arm. "What happened… is what he said true?"

Gu Jingze shook his head, his gaze still shaking.

Lin Che looked at the unconscious Black Hawk and hastily turned around to instruct, "Get a car here to take him to the hospital."


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