The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
890 Doesn“t That Mean They Can“t Be Together Anymore?
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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890 Doesn“t That Mean They Can“t Be Together Anymore?

The next morning, Gu Jingze was eating with Lin Che.

Gu Jingze's appetite was quite good and he ate a lot. He looked at Lin Che and said, "I'm going back to the old residence later. Come along with me. I can drop you off at the company on my way there."

Lin Che said, "Sure." She looked at Gu Jingze's complexion. He looked much better than he did yesterday.

Yesterday, his entire face was as green as jade, but he looked much better today.

"Why are you going home? Are you going to ask about Black Hawk?" Lin Che asked.

"I'm going there to sound them out first. I'm going to see how much the people at home know," Gu Jingze said.

Lin Che said, "Sure."

She thought about it and said, "But if you're really related to Black Hawk by blood, wouldn't that mean that you have another older brother?"

Gu Jingze looked up. "Whether or not I will acknowledge him is another matter."

"Alright. I understand. But even though he counts as your brother by blood, how you feel is another thing altogether. Having another biological brother doesn't mean that you have another brother in your heart either. In your heart, your older brother is Gu Jingming but it's not difficult to accept that you have another biological older brother. Just like me. I have so many sisters at home but they're merely my sisters by blood. None of them are my true sisters. I think that my sisters now are probably Minmin and Youran, and Abby too."

Gu Jingze smiled.

He quite enjoyed listening to her say such nonsense. It did not irritate him at all either.

Lin Che suddenly remembered something and immediately said with a surprised expression, "Oh no, that's not good. Yunyun is Black Hawk's biological daughter. And Black Hawk is related to you by blood. Doesn't that mean that Niannian and Yunyun are cousins too?"

Gu Jingze chewed on his bread. "What's the matter with that?"

"Of course, it's a problem." Lin Che continued despondently, "What a pity. Initially, I thought that Yunyun could be my daughter-in-law. She's so cute and so beautiful. But if they're cousins, then I can't fulfill my dream. Ha. How am I to break this to Niannian?"

Gu Jingze asked, "What's there to break to him?"

"Niannian has been saying that he will consider marrying Yunyun when they grow up. But now…"

Gu Jingze saw that Lin Che was actually worried. He approached her and tapped her head. "You think way too much. How old is he? He can think about this again when he grows up. If they're related by blood, then they're related by blood. They won't be able to be together. He can just consider someone else."

Lin Che scoffed. "Seriously. That's your son."

"Since you want to be a kind mother, I can only be a strict father." His eyes curved in a smile. "But if you give birth again to a daughter one day…"

"Get lost!" Lin Che huffed and said with a flushed face, "Who wants to give birth to your child?"

Gu Jingze smiled. After the two of them finished eating, Gu Jingze left and took Lin Che with him.

Lin Che was still thinking about how to tell Niannian about this. She pondered over it and decided to go to the kindergarten to look for Niannian after settling work matters at the company.

Things were now going smoothly for Niannian at the kindergarten. Neither the teachers nor the principal dared to provoke him and gave in to him in all aspects. The children all felt that he was a little hero. Seeing that the teachers all yielded to him, the children naturally worshipped him immensely.

Many girls would even give him snacks or a lollipop from time to time to express their goodwill. At such a young age, he already seemed to be everyone's lover.

Although parents were not allowed to pick up their children before the designated time, the teacher naturally gave Lin Che very special treatment when she saw that she had arrived. She invited her to the VIP room to wait and told her that Niannian would be here shortly.

When Niannian came over, he looked at Lin Che and asked, "Mother, what are you doing here?"

Lin Che was really hurt when she saw Niannian's expression of distaste.

She felt that Niannian was way too independent.

Even though children would all become like this when they grew up, he had become independent way too early.

Lin Che asked, "Why? Can't I come to pick you up?"

"It's not time yet, right?" He pulled his sleeve up and looked at the wristwatch on his arm, which was still chubby with baby fat.

Lin Che said, "I missed you and came to pick you up. Can't I do that?"

"Mother… it's not because something happened at home, right?" Gu Shinian said with a doubtful expression

"…" Lin Che shouted, "Of course not!"

Gu Shinian said, "Then, why are you being so mushy all of a sudden… in dramas, this is probably a prelude to some major incident."

"Don't watch dramas so often in the future!"

Lin Che pulled Gu Shinian with her and into the car. Lin Che asked him, "How do you find the kindergarten?"

"It's quite good."

Lin Che asked furtively, "Is there any pretty girl that is to your taste?"

Gu Shinian looked up. "Mother, everyone says that people from rich and influential families marry early. But I don't have to marry that early, right…"

"…" Lin Che shouted again, "What nonsense are you spouting?!"

But after thinking about it, it did seem that her questions were a little… inappropriate.

She dismissed it with a wave and rephrased, "You always said that you may want to marry Yunyun in the future, so I wanted to ask you if you will insist on marrying Yunyun when you grow up."

Gu Shinian said, "I merely said that that's a possibility. After all, I've known her for so many years and we're familiar with each other. It would be a total waste of time to look for another girl."

"…" Lin Che thought that this little brain of his was wired differently from her own.

She asked, "So you mean that Yunyun is just a reference? I thought that you really liked Yunyun and genuinely wanted to marry her."

"I do like Yunyun a lot." Gu Shinian continued, "Even though she can be very stupid at times, she's still very obedient."

Gu Shinian sat there and fiddled with his legs.

Lin Che asked, "Then, what if you can't marry Yunyun?"

"Why can't I marry her?" Gu Shinian looked up.

Lin Che said, "What if Yunyun becomes your younger sister?"

"My younger sister?" Gu Shinian looked at her. "Why would she be my younger sister? She and my father…"

"That's not what I meant. Isn't it because Aunt Feiran isn't married yet? There are so many handsome men in the Gu family. If she marries into the Gu family, Yunyun will become your younger sister. In that case, you won't be able to marry her."

Gu Shinian thought about it. "But… I can still play with her, right?"

"Of course. If she's your younger sister, you can still play with her all the time like you do now."

"Then… can I choose her husband?"

"That would be a bit difficult… after all, there's no way you can control what kind of boys she will meet or like in the future. But you can still offer her your opinion."

Gu Shinian said, "Alright then… I'm just worried that she'll be cheated since she's so silly."

"Silly." Lin Che continued, "Every one of us will help her carefully examine the man. If anyone dares to deceive her, we definitely won't let him off."

If Black Hawk was her father, if they could even acknowledge each other one day… given that Black Hawk was so quick to point his assault rifle at people, Lin Che felt that probably no one would dare to deceive Yunyun…


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