The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
975 Yu Minmin Said It Was Better For Her To Come Back To Work
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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975 Yu Minmin Said It Was Better For Her To Come Back To Work

Over the past few days, Lin Che had been reading up on what she had to know about pregnancy. Although she had already been through it once, she was going to be away at work this time. She had basically stayed at home to rest during her previous pregnancy and had not stepped out of the house at all, so there were very few demands she had to comply with as well. But this time, she still had to put on make-up, groom herself and even put on a dress and shoes. She felt that she should read more about what she had to pay attention to.

Everyone also knew that Lin Che's movie was about to be released. This was because, before the release of the movie, word had spread that she was most likely going to join the line-up for the Best Female Lead at the Golden Name Awards. As a result, everyone was looking forward immensely to her movie.

However, after the new year celebrations, the last episode of the reality show was broadcast first.

The viewer ratings of the reality show were continuously breaking new records. On the last day, everyone attended the gathering together and had a party to celebrate the ratings. The company had arranged a special program to close the season. For the next episode, they would produce a special program to recap the previous episodes and to take the opportunity to promote the next season of the show.

Everything seemed to be proceeding very smoothly. However, when Lin Che thought of the fact that the movie was about to be released and that this was her first movie after her comeback, she felt very nervous as well.

Just then, Yu Minmin suddenly called to say that she had just returned from her vacation.

Over the past few days, Yu Minmin's emotions had been unstable due to her pregnancy. Gu Jingming had therefore taken her abroad for a vacation. They had just returned after spending the new year overseas.

But their family members had not said anything either. After all, there was nothing others could say about the two of them wanting to have the world only to themselves.

The moment Yu Minmin returned, she rushed directly to the Gu residence.

Hearing that Yu Minmin was here, Lin Che frantically went out to pick her up.

Yu Minmin's belly had already grown and she could not hide it even if she wanted to. She was dressed in much baggier clothes and after making her entrance, she looked slightly more plump as well. However, her skin remained as fair and soft as before. Her complexion looked extremely healthy.

When she saw Yu Minmin, Lin Che could not help but tease, "What's going on? Did Mr. President finally agree to let you out?"

Yu Minmin pursed her lips, smiled and looked at Lin Che. "I heard that you were pregnant while I was overseas. Wow, not bad. It looks like you guys are quite efficient. You got pregnant in such a short time?"

Lin Che curled her lip and looked at her. The two of them had not met for a very long time. They were very touchy with each other at the moment as they quickly returned to the living room inside to chat.

The maid made them tea that was beneficial to pregnant women. Yu Minmin looked at her stomach. "You're still at an early stage of pregnancy. Do you still have to attend promotional events as planned?"

"Yes. The director told me that he would arrange fewer events, but there are several important ones that I still have to attend."

"Alright then. That would be good too. You won't be at a late stage of pregnancy when the Golden Name Awards begin. You can attend it to receive your award."

"Dear me. Receive what award? We don't even know for sure whether I'll get it or not," Lin Che said.

Yu Minmin said, "Anyway, we'll leave it to destiny when the time comes. What's the point of thinking so much now?"

Lin Che looked at her stomach and raised her eyebrows. "Have you checked if it's a boy or a girl?"

Yu Minmin touched her stomach. "It's a boy… I just checked."

"Really? Congratulations, congratulations. You're going to have another rascal in the house…"

While they also did not care about whether it was a boy or a girl, they were still curious.

Yu Minmin said, "That's actually alright. Gu Jingming likes boys. He thinks that we are too busy to properly take care of a girl but we can just let a boy grow up on their own."

Lin Che said, "I think that Mr. President will definitely be a good father."

Yu Minmin smiled slightly as well. In reality, she felt the same way too.

Simply based on how careful he was whenever something happened to her, she knew that he was a very meticulous man. He would probably be very meticulous towards his children if he became a father in the future.

Lin Che asked, "So are you also allowed to be out and about now? Did Mr. President give you permission?"

Yu Minmin said, "It has been so many months. How can he stop me from going out… you can't expect me to be stifled to death during these ten months."

Lin Che chuckled. "If you don't say anything, I reckon Mr. President will force you to stay inside for ten months."

"He's too anxious. But he has already agreed to let me go out and work now. I'll go back to the company in a few days to take a look. If you have any work on hand, remember to throw it to me."

She really felt that she was going to grow fur from staying at home. She also felt that she was turning a little stupid from staying at home.

Therefore, Yu Minmin urgently wanted to go back to work as well.

Lin Che sighed. "You really can't stay put. Can't you just be a proper first lady? Telling us to allocate work to you… will we get beaten up by Mr. President?"

"Of course not." Yu Minmin continued, "I was so naive back then too. When I had been ridiculously busy in the past, I always thought that it would be great if I could marry a wealthy man one day. I could stay at home every day and be a rich madam without having to do anything… I never thought that I would actually marry a wealthy man one day."

"Hn. And he's not just a wealthy man. He's extremely wealthy…" Lin Che said.

Yu Minmin said, "Precisely… it's like a fantasy too. But after actually staying at home now, I think that I'm really not cut out for that kind of life. I still want to work… I stayed at home to the point where I felt that I was no longer a person but an animal. Seriously. Don't you think someone like me has a problem?"

Lin Che laughed out loud and said, "So, Gu Jingming felt that your emotions were out of control before this because you were always talking like this?"

Before this, Gu Jingming had wanted her to stay at home and rest up more, so he freed up a lot of his time to stay at home and accompany her but Yu Minmin's mood remained consistently down.

Gu Jingming had no choice but to bring Yu Minmin abroad. While they were overseas, Yu Minmin discussed the matter with Gu Jingming. Gu Jingming felt that her happiness was the most important, so he agreed to let her go back to work.

Just as expected, people like them just could not stay put. When she heard that she could return to work, any negative emotions that Yu Minmin had were completely dispelled and she returned with a lively spirit.

Gu Jingming had no choice but to agree…

But he doubled the number of presidential guards allocated to Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin said, "Although I'm back, it's still better to let Abby be your manager first. Otherwise, a pregnant woman being the manager of another pregnant woman would only make every one die from laughter if they saw us outside."

"Sure. It doesn't matter who my manager is. We can still discuss things together."

"Of course. The timing of your movie release this time is very good. Abby doesn't have much experience in generating publicity. It's better for me to take over. Before the movie is released, I will help you arrange the necessary promotional events and try to work out something with the closing episode of your reality show. When the time comes, we can definitely bring in some box office results."

As expected, Yu Minmin immediately got happy and excited when she talked about work.

The two of them discussed in the living room for the entire afternoon. They discussed everything from the name list of the people attending the Golden Name Awards and the status of their competitors to publicity for the movie, and their future work arrangements.

However, they also knew that once Lin Che's belly swelled, she would have to disappear from the screens for some time. She would only be able to go out and work again after giving birth.


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