The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
993 How Could Anyone Dare To Dress So Boldly?
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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993 How Could Anyone Dare To Dress So Boldly?

Everyone looked at Lin Che and could not help but find it strange.

"Did Lin Che get breast implants?"

"Sure looks like it."

"Otherwise, why does her figure suddenly look so good?"

"Her gown is not bad. Did she buy it at that store? Why didn't I see it then?"

"Indeed, it doesn't seem like it's from their store."

Everyone was discussing animatedly, only to see that Lin Che was already standing confidently on the red carpet. Although she had arrived in a bit of a rush, she was still very comfortable to look at. She entered the venue with the producer of the film, Nan Gongyu, accompanying her. The two of them made a pretty handsome couple. The reporters surrounded them the moment they entered.

The reporter looked at Lin Che. "Are you confident that you will be able to win the award?"

Lin Che glanced at Nan Gongyu beside her. She knew that he had always been an arrogant person who spoke all the time freely. Thus, she pushed the question to him and said, "Our director said that we must be confident in our movie. After all, we put in so much effort filming it."

Nan Gongyu glared at her but did not seem angry at all. He merely smiled and said, "She's right. I did say that before."

The reporter and the other people present all smiled.

Above them, the panel had already finished introducing their movie. The box office for "Who Am I" had already hit a hundred thousand billion dollars since its release. It had broken the box office record for domestic 2D movies. Furthermore, as it was still showing in cinemas, the box office record was continuously being broken.

This introduction was enough to show how incredible this movie was. Among all the film participating in this award ceremony, it was the one with the highest box office results.

While making their entrance with such an introduction, the people on the red carpet all appeared to be in high spirits. They seemed to have the air of generals. Their overwhelming and imposing manner sent the entire venue into an uproar. Everyone was waiting to see what results this dark horse of a movie would achieve at this year's Golden Name Awards.

Of course, the celebrities were also very envious.

It was not easy to be able to film a good movie, especially one that was critically acclaimed and sold well too. Some people would not even get to shoot one their entire lives. But Lin Che was lucky, so she seemed entirely at ease under the spotlight right now. She appeared extremely calm on the red carpet as she now had a piece of work to prove her worth.

Everyone was very envious of the way these reporters were chasing after her. She was only chased because she was newsworthy, and a celebrity relied precisely on such exposure and topics to survive.

Lin Che took a seat together with the production crew. After that, she saw Yang Ling make her entrance at this moment.

She had deliberately chosen to come in later as to how late a celebrity was served as proof of how high his or her status was. She insisted on waiting until this moment to enter. She was dressed in white from head to toe. At first glance, she looked ordinary. However, one would realize upon a closer look that she was wearing a see-through gown.

Underneath, she was basically not wearing anything and had only put on nipple pasties.

Amidst everyone's shouts of surprise, the camera lenses immediately turned towards her.

She was so bold… why didn't she just come here naked?

The people outside were making a complete racket. All of them were discussing Yang Ling's outfit, which they had seen earlier.

Even the people who had walked the red carpet with her did not know that she was wearing it.

This was because all of them had been wearing jackets earlier, which they had only removed after entering the venue and walking down the red carpet.

Any attention on the people who had walked the red carpet with her immediately disappeared. All of the reporters completely ignored them. Their eyes were fixed only on Yang Ling as they chased after her and looked at her.

Lin Che looked over. Before she had even figured out what was going on, someone beside her suddenly said, "Wow. This Yang Ling is way too audacious. Isn't she afraid of being cursed out?"

"She probably came here to grab attention. This way, she will definitely be the hottest topic of discussion when the red carpet photos are released tomorrow."

Only then did Lin Che notice what was different about this seemingly ordinary gown.

It was actually a see-through gown…

As expected, she was very audacious.

"Wow. She's working so hard." Lin Che continued, "I've truly been defeated."

Beside her, Nan Gongyu had also seen it since early on. He smiled and shook his head. "It was so difficult for her to get herself in here. Of course, she would try her best. You don't need to. You're capable. You have a movie too."

Lin Che turned her head and said, "Ha. If I'm really here today just to attend the ceremony, then I may actually be in the headlines tomorrow. The headline will be, nominated twice for her movie, missing the award twice… Will I become the next Little Li? Embarking on a journey of attending award ceremonies for nothing, for many consecutive years…"

"Are you really that unconfident? Hey, the movie is selling so well. How can you be so unconfident?"

"Fine, fine, fine. I'm confident, alright?" Lin Che hastily said.

However, a lot of sweat had indeed accumulated in her palm. She also felt very anxious, especially when she saw that the award ceremony in front of her was going to start very soon.

What should she say if she really won the award?

If she did not win the award, what expression should she have then?

Would she be able to smile?

Or would she be completely unable to make any expression?

No way. Even if she was not the winner, she had to show that she was completely unaffected.

It would be a live broadcast then. Their faces would all appear on television screens. She definitely could not embarrass herself.

Just then, Yang Ling finally walked down the steps.

She came together with a few producers. When she saw Lin Che, she smiled faintly as if mocking her completely.

"Sorry. I may have to snatch the headlines. But you don't have to worry either. If you don't get the award, I will help you create a headline."

Lin Che smiled grimly and looked at Yang Ling. "Thank you. Whether or not I get the award, I was nominated for Best Female Lead anyway. I came to publicize my movie. Thus, it's not that important whether or not I get the award."

Yang Ling narrowed her eyes at her.

Was she mocking Yang Ling herself for deliberately coming to get exposure without any works?

Yang Ling looked at Lin Che coldly. How could she have such excellent resources if not for Gu Jingze?

Lin Che only knew how to seduce people. That was why everyone protected her wherever she went.

Lin Che was different from people like herself, who tried all ways to gain fame by depending on her own capability. Lin Che was merely toying with people's hearts.

To be honest, Yang Ling had always been jealous of Lin Che. She was jealous of the fact that Lin Che had disappeared completely when she had left, but still swiftly became one of the most hotly-discussed people upon her return.

Yang Ling had nearly reached her level. However, she did not expect Lin Che to actually return, immediately turning Yang Ling into a foil for Lin Che when Yang Ling had initially been working hard.

Yang Ling felt that she did not look any worse than Lin Che after getting plastic surgery. She even looked better than Lin Che.

However, could it be that appearances did not help? Otherwise, why was it that luck was still on Lin Che's side even though Yang Ling already looked this beautiful after getting surgery?

Then, she looked at Nan Gongyu, who was off at the side. How could such a director even be worthy of being called a director? Gu Jingze must have secretly given him some benefit. Otherwise, he must have been treating Lin Che so well because Lin Che had secretly slept with him a long time ago. He had given Lin Che such a good role that was customized for her and allowed her to partake in the movie filming the moment she returned. He had even submitted her name for the Golden Name Awards.

Why was it that such top-notch directors were always circling Lin Che? Why was it that she had taken away all the good movie scripts?

This was utterly unfair to begin with.


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