The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1032 So What If You’re A Second-Generation Tycoon? We’ll Kill You!
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1032 So What If You’re A Second-Generation Tycoon? We’ll Kill You!

"…" Even Lin Che was suddenly speechless.

This Gu Jingze. He should not be fanning the flames right now.

He truly did not know how terrifying crazy fans could be, especially when they were fans gathered together after an exciting concert like this one had just ended. They were young, had hot tempers, and were completely fearless.

Just then, they immediately got angry. They looked at Gu Jingze and seriously looked like they were going to devour him.

"You… how dare you actually say that?"

"You're way too ridiculous, insulting someone like that."

"Who do you think you are? All you have is a good-looking face."

"Precisely. Who is this ugly person with you?"

"One look and we can tell that you're a gigolo provided for by someone else."

"How dare a mere gigolo like you criticize our TZ?"

They were even about to rush forth immediately and seemed extremely agitated. The intense argument also instantly gathered attention from the people around them.

Gu Jingze continued standing there unmoving.

Seeing that he did not even retort, the girls became even angrier and someone even came up to him without hesitation, wanting to hit him.

The people behind her frantically pulled her back.

"Don't stoop to the same level as a gigolo like him."

"Don't fight. It wouldn't be good for our TZ either if this becomes news."

Gu Jingze scoffed and said, "Little girls, you should go home and study diligently. When you grow up, you'll know how embarrassing it was that you did something like this today."

"You… you'll be the death of me. No one should stop me today." She was so angry that she immediately rushed towards him.

However, she did not expect guards from the Gu family to appear before she even reached him. They immediately stopped her.

Subsequently, before she could even react, those who were around arrived one after another.

In a short time, numerous burly chaps had formed a barrier here, frightening all of the little girls.

As a result, more spectators gathered around them.

The noise of the people behind turned louder and louder, along with the increasing attention.

"Who is this person?"

"He's so handsome."

"He even brought his bodyguards with him. Is he a rich person?"

"He looks like a second-generation rich kid. His clothes seem very expensive."

"He has bodyguards. Could he be some local tycoon?"

Upon hearing that he was a local tycoon, the young girls took another look at these bodyguards. They felt a little unconfident too.

However, their enthusiasm was at its peak right now. There were so many people watching from behind them too. But it did also make them feel less afraid all of a sudden.

The girl in front shouted without hesitation, "So what if you're a local tycoon? So what if you're a second-generation rich kid? Even if you have money, it's money belonging to your parents. How can you compare to our TZ? He started earning money on his own from young and advanced his career on his own."

"Exactly. Our TZ relied on his own abilities. Your fingertip can't even compare to his. How dare you criticize him like this?"

"Learn from our TZ. He's so talented, but he isn't as arrogant as you either. Look at you. Who do you think you are?"

"A good-for-nothing who idles about. You can't do anything else apart from courting women."

Lin Che looked at them. "Don't you think you're going overboard?"

When they noticed Lin Che, they were even more direct in attacking her, saying, "Ha. Your taste is so rotten. Luckily, you don't like our TZ. Even for a prostitute, you're so ugly. It would be a tragedy if you liked our TZ."

Gu Jingze's eyes turned stern…

It was alright for people to criticize him. He would not hold it against people, especially insensible young girls like them.

But he could not listen to anyone insult Lin Che.

With a look from Gu Jingze, the bodyguard at the front immediately slapped the girl who had spoken.

This time, she was really stunned by the slap.

It was a long time before the girl whose face was hurting from having been hit shouted in alarm and rushed directly at the guard who had hit her.

"I'll fight you to the death!"

Unfortunately, before she had even reached him, the guard immediately tripped her, causing her to fall onto the ground.

The girl cried and shouted while lying on the ground. "You even hit women. You guys are way too terrible!"

The girls who had come with her were also shocked. Some people were calling the police while others were making a fuss about wanting to call 911. Everyone started shouting one by one.

"They hit someone. They hit someone over here."

"Quick, take a video so we can see what exactly this scum who hit a woman looks like."

Someone was about to lift her phone and take a video, but one of the guards immediately snatched it from her. After snatching it from her, he ignored her protests and smashed the phone directly onto the ground.

Seeing this, all of the people behind her did not dare to do the same, to avoid their own phones suffering at the hands of such evil.

However, a few fans started shouting even more loudly. Someone said directly, "I'm going to contact the fan club. We want to destroy this man's reputation right here."

"Precisely. Let all of the fans see who exactly this person is. This person who insulted our TZ on such a pleasant day. In the future, we'll hit him every time we see him."

Now, things were getting out of hand…

Lin Che wanted to pull Gu Jingze away, but someone over there had already called the police.

The police actually came immediately.

But even if these children were insensible, how could the police officers possibly be insensible?

When they saw the Gu family crest, they immediately gathered around them. Although they did not know who from the Gu family he was, they still didn't dare to offend Jingze at all.

"Sir, there are many people here. Let's go over there first and deal with this," a police officer said respectfully in a low voice.

Gu Jingze nodded his head. "Let's go."

With one arm wound around Lin Che, he immediately brought her along as he left with the police officer.

Upon seeing this, the rest of them felt that there was something off with the expressions of these police officers.

Why did they not drag him off by force, but instead treat him with such respect?

How could they treat an offender this way?

They had obviously invited him out and not arrested him.

Subsequently, they carried the girl who had collapsed onto the floor into the ambulance while saying, "About that man. He can't be that rich, right? All the police officers seemed to treat him very well."

"Seriously. So what if he has money? So many people saw him hit someone."

"That's right. We'll inform the fan club. If TZ finds out about this, he will help us too. When the time comes, we'll make him pay the price."

After saying this, sure enough, they started contacting the fan club to help out with this matter.

Upon hearing that someone who had attended the concert had been hit, the fan club also joined in enthusiastically. They thought that it was newsworthy and that it was a pretty good idea to increase the amount of attention to their idol's concert.

As a result, once the concert ended that day, they went online to post about some second-generation tycoon who insulted TZ after attending the concert, saying that what he sang was ****. How could he do that? Who did he think he was, insulting their idol at the venue of the concert?

Furthermore, he subsequently even started hitting someone to the point where she had to go to the hospital.

They tagged TZ on Weibo, causing the matter to blow up within a short time.

As TZ was one of the top singers, to begin with, he was definitely first in terms of the number of brainless fans he had. Thus, anything that was remotely related to him would definitely blow up into a huge matter.


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