The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1052 The Company’s Annual Gathering
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1052 The Company’s Annual Gathering

Lin Che put her arm around Yu Minmin. "In that case, let's choose a fun place for the annual gathering. We'll take the chance to forget our worries."

In reality, it was very easy to get depressed during pregnancy. As their emotions were too volatile, they would frequently torture themselves. This was what they called antepartum depression. It had nothing to do with whether one's life was good or not. It was just the hormones making them feel too many emotions.

It was actually good for them to go out and take a breather.

In no time, Lin Che drew up the plan with the company and made preparations for the annual gathering. They were planning to have fun at a hot spring resort along the outskirts of the city for two days.

As only people from the company were going, the venue for the event was not big. There were a total of more than fifty people in the company. Adding the trainees, there were only seventy plus people. All of the artists did not come along as they did not have time. They booked one of the halls in the resort to hold activities. They held a lottery event and watched the trainees report their progress and put on performances. Everyone also put together their own items to perform. They did other things like eat and drink, and freely enjoyed themselves.

After the events had been properly arranged, everyone in the company was ready to set off.

The people in the company set off together on a huge bus.

Lin Che also boarded the bus midway through the journey. The moment she got on the bus, the company's employees immediately got extremely excited.

They looked at Lin Che and clapped in unison. They felt that Lin Che had really shown everyone respect by boarding the bus.

On the bus, Lin Che said, "Everyone, you've worked hard this year. Due to health reasons, Madam President won't be coming up here to greet everyone. I'm here representing her."

Immediately afterward, everyone started clapping and cheering. Of course, they were also aware of Yu Minmin's condition. She would have a hard time on the bus. If anything happened to her, it would turn into a national affair. Of course, they did not dare to let that happen.

In reality, the company's employees were already very grateful to Lin Che and Yu Minmin. All else aside, even though the two of them were of very good status, they did not put on airs at all. They did not seem like some of those bosses who liked ordering their employees around. Working with such bosses was really like fighting their own people. The two of them had started from scratch and now had a certain status in the entertainment industry. These things made the two of them feel very proud of themselves.

The group checked in after arriving at the hotel. Lin Che stayed in a room that was directly across Yu Minmin's room.

That night, the first event the company held was its annual banquet.

Lin Che and Yu Minmin sat together in the center. Although the acts performed by the company's employees were all very amateurish, they were also very interesting. On the other hand, the company's trainees were performing with all their might. They treasured every chance to perform in front of the bosses. They wanted Lin Che and Yu Minmin to see the results of their training at present and hoped that they would one day have a chance to debut.

This was because their future prospects were basically guaranteed if they obtained recognition from Lin Che and Yu Minmin. None of the celebrities whom the studio had previously debuted was idling about. Although there were very few celebrities from Lin Che's studio, every one of them was very brilliant. This was also something that was enthusiastically discussed in the industry.

That night, Lin Che even used her phone to send red packets to everyone. Everyone became even more delighted as the huge red packets were sent out one by one. Many people collapsed after drinking that night. Everyone returned to their rooms with much commotion and went to bed early. The next day, they were to go to the hot springs together and eat delicious food. Everyone was looking forward to it immensely. They prepared their swimsuits early in the morning and went to soak in the public hot spring.

There was definitely no way Lin Che could soak in the hot spring given her body's condition. As the boss, she still had to encourage her employees. Thus, she nevertheless showed up there on that day.

From a distance, she saw the employees inside enthusiastically playing in the water. The scene was extremely lively. She could not help her urge to smile when she saw them from afar.

Someone said that Sister Che had arrived.

Many people immediately looked at her.

Only to see Lin Che dressed in a one-piece swimsuit with a shawl draped over her body. Her slender and straight legs appeared very eyecatching. She was what they called someone whose legs were right below her neck. Her legs were truly very long and her proportions were genuinely terrific too.

However, her belly was covered and no one could see anything at the moment.

Everyone looked at her standing here and could not help but think to themselves that she was well-deserving of the title of the queen of the industry. This figure, this goddess-like appearance… The moment she stood here, she simply looked like how the queen of the industry should look. It was no wonder she was famous.

But in reality, many people already knew about Lin Che's pregnancy.

However, as Lin Che had not announced it, as employees, they would discuss it amongst themselves in private but would never say it directly to her.

Many people still did not know who exactly Lin Che's husband was. Since Lin Che had decided to marry in secret, they would not ask her about it either.

At present, they looked at Lin Che and it occurred to them that it had been years since she had entered the industry. Her skin was still in such good condition and she did not even need powder to appear onscreen. Her face was in such a condition and so was her body. It was fair and soft and simply looked pleasant to the touch.

They instinctively wondered who exactly her husband was. He had such good luck to be able to marry such a beautiful Lin Che.

Seeing that everyone had stopped what they were doing, Lin Che hastily said, "Go ahead and have fun. Don't hold yourselves back like this just because I'm here."

Only then did they all remember. Everyone quickly enlivened the atmosphere once again. They thought to themselves that they had not felt restrained earlier, but had been stunned while looking at Lin Che.

Lin Che smiled. She did not dare to get into the water. She found a spot and dipped her legs into the water, deciding just to soak them.

Everyone knew that pregnant women could not soak in a hot spring like this. Naturally, they didn't dare to tell Lin Che to come over. But when they saw that Yu Minmin was here, all of them called out to Sister Yu one after another.

Yu Minmin smiled and said, "Have fun, everyone. I won't join you guys this year. I'll play with all of you again next year once I've delivered the goods."

Hearing this, one of the company's employees shouted from the back, "We know that the most important thing is for Sister Yu to give birth to our little president!"

Yu Minmin's face turned red. "Go and play on your own."

Everyone broke out in laughter. Yu Minmin glared at her own employees and slowly walked to a spot beside Lin Che. She looked inside and said, "You can say that the company is complete right now. Seeing them like this, seriously, I think our many years of hard work didn't go to waste."

Lin Che looked inside. She knew that it had indeed been very difficult for them to grow from a small studio to their current size. The fact that the company could be of its present scale was already something to be proud about. When she had first signed on to become a celebrity back then, who would have thought that they would one day have their own studio? Apart from being a celebrity, she herself could even help others achieve their dreams of becoming celebrities. She could even change other people's lives and had their fates in the palm of her hand.

After roughing it out for so many years, they were finally at the top of the pyramid of the entertainment industry.

Just then, she heard someone say from behind her, "Ma'am, you may have to come out for a moment."

Yu Minmin thought that something had happened. She looked at the person in slight annoyance. "Why?"

The person was so nervous that he seemed to be slightly at a loss as to what to do. He pointed outside with one finger and said, "Outside, outside… Mr. President is here."


Even Yu Minmin was stunned.

He had not told her beforehand. Why was he here…

However, immediately afterward, the employees, who had already heard the sounds, started screaming.


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