The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1054 Did Lin Che Still Have Lingering Feelings For Qin Qing?
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1054 Did Lin Che Still Have Lingering Feelings For Qin Qing?

"Why does it sound as if you're making fun of me?"

"It's true, it's true. In the future, all of us people from the Gu family will have to listen to you as the matriarch."

Of course, Yu Minmin was joking.

Lin Che moved closer to her and shoved her slightly. "How mean. I'll give the position to you."

Yu Minmin said with an exaggerated expression, "Such a high position. I'm definitely not worthy of it."

Lin Che looked at her and sighed. "You definitely would be criticized to death for your exaggerated acting."

Yu Minmin said, "That's why I never thought of wanting to be an actress, either."

Lin Che looked over at them. Indeed, the way everyone was looking at her was strange and it made her feel very helpless.

Gu Jingming headed in first with his subordinates. Lin Che had already instructed people to prepare a place for Gu Jingming to rest. If Yu Minmin had come alone, she would stay in the same type of suite as Lin Che. But now that Mr. President was here, of course, the two of them should be upgraded to a better room. Thus, she spoke to the resort about this.

Upon hearing that Mr. President had suddenly arrived, the resort staff immediately prepared the special suite that the resort did not usually allow people to use and allowed the President to check-in. If Lin Che had not made it known to them in advance that the President was on a low-profile trip, the resort might just have arranged a welcome banquet.

Gu Jingming headed to the room with his arm around Yu Minmin. Lin Che followed them and said, "Well then, Mr. President. I won't disturb your rest."

Gu Jingze smiled and looked at Lin Che. "Your body isn't in good condition, either. Since Gu Jingze isn't around right now, you must be cautious about everything."

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingming gratefully. "Older Brother, thank you for your constant concern."

That day, he had even specially told Yu Minmin to return to the old residence with her, just so she would not feel too awkward while she was there and would have someone to accompany her.

There was a tacit mutual understanding between the two of them. Gu Jingming smiled. Between themselves, there was no need to say too much.

Gu Jingming put his arm around Minmin. "Alright. Go in first. You must be feeling tired after today."

Yu Minmin sensed him moving closer. She looked up to see that Lin Che was still watching them. She could not help but feel a little embarrassed and bashfully shoved his chest.

Gu Jingming looked up and glanced at Lin Che before asking, "What is there to blush about in front of Lin Che?"

Yu Minmin immediately glared at him. She also made a face at Lin Che before hastily closing the door.

Outside, Lin Che could not help but smile. She was also thinking to herself that unexpectedly, the usually serious Gu Jingming treated Yu Minmin with such tender affection and was so attached to her.

However, she thought more and more of Gu Jingze when she saw other couples going around together.

He had already been gone for many days.

She usually did not sense it when she was alone. However, she faintly felt a little disheartened at the moment.

After returning to her room, her face was expressionless too. She leaned against the door and looked around. She rubbed her belly and said to the child in her womb, "Your father is working and doing his best for us. We must support him."

However, some unhappiness was still showing on her face. She was leaning against the door and thinking when she heard her phone ring.

Qin Qing was calling.

She answered the call. "Qin Qing?"

"Yes, it's me. You still have my number saved?" At the other end of the line, Qin Qing was faintly surprised.

Lin Che said, "Yes. I never changed my number all this time. I didn't delete any of the numbers I had either."

Lin Che was merely confused as to why he had suddenly called her.

Qin Qing asked, "Really? I was just giving it a shot. I didn't expect that you would actually pick up. But the fact that you still have my number saved makes me very happy. I mean it."

After meeting Lin Che in the Gu residence, Qin Qing genuinely had not expected that Lin Che could still trigger his emotions.

But he simply could not ignore the way he felt, especially when she had not changed at all. After the past few years, he even felt that he no longer knew himself. But still, Lin Che's face was as soft and beautiful as that of a high school student. Even though her atmosphere had also become much stronger because of her increased self-confidence, she was still the Lin Che in his memory.

Qin Qing felt that it was perhaps for this reason that he felt this way.

Thus, the sudden surge of emotion in his heart gave him the impulse to make this call.

Who knew that it would go through?

At the moment, he did not even understand how he felt. There was excitement, awe, delight, and also sadness.

But he was still very happy.

Lin Che said, "Alright. Why would I delete your number for no reason?" As Lin Che was in low spirits, the languidness of her tone was immediately evident.

Qin Qing knew her so well. How could he possibly not sense her poor mood?

"Why? Do you feel terrible after hearing my voice? If so, I can hang up first."

"Of course not." Lin Che smiled. "It's not because of you. I'm in pretty low spirits today. Maybe… it's because of my body," Lin Che said truthfully.

Qin Qing asked, "Because of your body? Because you're pregnant?"

"Maybe. I was initially alright today. It's our company's annual gathering, so we came out to have fun. But I'm probably a little tired now…"

"Was Gu Jingze not worried about you going for the annual gathering alone? At a time like this," Qin Qing said.

Lin Che said, "Haha. Gu Jingze is away on a business trip. He's not at home. Eh. I'm completely alone right now."

Qin Qing recalled that Xue Mengqi had said so before too. Gu Jingze had gone abroad and would not be back for many days.

Qin Qing pondered for a bit and asked, "Don't you still have the child in your belly?"

"Hn. You're right. I was just kidding but you took it seriously. Alright, if there's nothing else, I'll go to bed first," Lin Che said.

Qin Qing paused. He greeted her goodnight and hung up the phone.

Lin Che put down the phone and went in to rest.

Meanwhile, Qin Qing could not calm down for a long time. He continued to think of Lin Che and her voice earlier.

She would only sound like this when she was unhappy.

Even after all these years, Lin Che's personality had not changed fundamentally.

Her emotions were written all over her face.

Qin Qing thought for some time before suddenly standing up and walking out.

When the butler saw Qin Qing go out, he quickly asked, "Young Master, where are you going so late at night?"

Qin Qing said, "Help me investigate the location that Lin Che's studio chose for their annual gathering this year."

"Huh? Oh, sure."

Naturally, the butler did not know what he was going to do. But since it was a command from Young Master, he nevertheless quickly followed it.

Qin Qing walked out in quick strides but did not notice his mother pouring water behind him. When she suddenly heard him say this, her heart immediately thumped.

Lin Che?

Why was Qin Qing still involved with that Lin Che?

Ever since Lin Che had returned, they had had their eye on her. But since Qin Qing had never brought it up, they thought that their relationship was a thing of the past. Why had he suddenly mentioned her now?

Could it be that Lin Che still had lingering feelings for Qin Qing?


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