The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1160 Black Eagle Was Your Brain Kicked By A Donkey
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1160 Black Eagle Was Your Brain Kicked By A Donkey

Black Eagle said, "Lin Che told me to pay for it."

Lin Che immediately became speechless. This Black Eagle was so good at pretending.

But looking at Mu Feiran, she could only laugh and say, "Feiran, it's okay. Some people are willing to fork out the money. How can we reject them? Let's go. Since you are here, let's pack up and leave."

Mu Feiran was going to ask what was happening, but Lin Che already quickly turned back and pulled her inside.

She told the company that they were not going to follow the group, as they were preparing to holiday for a few days.

Nan Gongyu glanced at the car outside and smiled, saying sourly, "Well, well, you are already abandoning us. I was wondering who it might be, but it was the big shot coming to fetch you."

Lin Che said, "You can continue to be sour. If I am competent, I will also introduce another big shot to pick you up."

"Haha, sure."

"Then, you better clean your butt and wait here."

"Ha!" Mu Feiran burst out into laughter first.

Nan Gongyu said, "Sure. If the big shot is great enough, I don't care about gender or if it's top or bottom."

"Deal. You'll need to let me take a photo of your butt. I'll help you apply and see if anyone likes it."

"Alright, you guys are too hardcore." Mu Feiran could not stand it any longer, but Nan Gongyu still crossed his arms and glared at her there.

Others from the company took a look and immediately understood when they saw that it was Black Eagle who came to fetch Mu Feiran.

Because Black Eagle had been pursuing Mu Feiran for such a long time, they were already used to it. Thus, they just made some noise and watched the two goddesses leave.

Lin Che and Mu Feiran were in Black Eagle's car.

Black Eagle asked them to choose a location. Lin Che did not have any idea at all since she was fine with going anywhere. Her main aim was to get Black Eagle and Mu Feiran together.

Black Eagle directly said, "Then let's go to the island. I know an island that is pretty good."

"That's fine. Since you're paying, you'll call the shots. We will go wherever you say we are going."

Lin Che laughed.

Although she did not need money, she still felt good ensnaring rich people's money…

Lin Che gave Gu Jingze a call to decide to meet up at the Southern seashore.

After waiting at the shores for a while, she saw a ship sailing over…

Damn, it looked weird.

Lin Che immediately turned to look at Black Eagle. "Is this ship a cruise?"

Black Eagle glared at her. "Why do you care so much? It's fine as long as it can send you there."

Lin Che still felt like something was wrong. The ship felt like it was different from the cruise she took in the past.

It was the same size, but the exterior looked so tough.

Just then, a voice came from behind.

"This is a naval vessel."


Gu Jingze came.

Gu Jingze just alighted the car and was walking towards them.

Lin Che was first surprised after seeing Gu Jingze, but then she immediately recalled what he said.

What was this? A naval vessel?

Lin Che asked, "Hey, hey, hey. Why did you get a naval vessel here?"

"This is faster."


Black Eagle coolly said, "Let's go. I struggled to get this, but now, we can get there quickly. Where are the children?"

Gu Jingze replied, "They are behind and will arrive soon."

As he finished his sentence, sure enough, Yunyun, Niannian, and the little one that was just born were brought over.

Lin Che immediately walked over to carry the child.

Niannian saw the vessel in front and quickly came closer.

"Isn't this…"

"A naval vessel," Black Eagle replied. "Why? Do you want to steer it?"

Gu Shinian immediately nodded.

Lin Che yelled at the back. "No! It's so dangerous."

Black Eagle said, "Don't worry. This is not dangerous. The radar can detect hidden reefs, and there are not many hidden reefs here on our path anyways. Don't worry."

"I said, no means no. Do you still want to go?" Lin Che glared at Black Eagle intensely.

Black Eagle could only give up while crossing his arms and giving a look of distaste.

He hugged Gu Shinian and said, "It's okay. You can come find uncle next time. I have a lot of goodies."

"No!" Lin Che immediately said. "Niannian, don't play with your uncle."

Black Eagle speechlessly asked, "What did I do?"

Lin Che narrowed her eyes and glared at him. "What do you think you have done?"

He was so unreliable. How could he say that he did not do anything?

He was so rash and handled so many dangerous items. How could Niannian go over safely?

Gu Shinian looked at Black Eagle deeply and did not say anything.

Gu Jingze naturally saw it but did not bother with it. He came over to carry the baby and said, "Let's go."

The crowd walked towards the naval vessel.

Lin Che took a look. The vessel was huge and on it… There really were soldiers.

Naturally, naval vessels were not allowed to be driven out with no reason, unless there were servicemen on board.

Lin Che could not help but ask, "Hey, how did you bring such a thing over to ferry us?"

Black Eagle said, "There were no other ships available, so I borrowed one from someone."

He was really…

Shameless to a certain degree.

Lin Che thought she really wanted to see how he borrowed things from others in person next time.

Why was everyone so generous towards him and would simply lend him things? Or was it his attitude that made people obliged to "lend" things to him?

At the back, Gu Jingze said leisurely, "This vessel has such good equipment. You borrowed the Three-Eight-Seven Naval Vessel?"

Black Eagle said, "Yes."

Gu Jingze asked, "You directly borrowed from Commander Liu?"


Lin Che asked, "Who is that?'

Gu Jingze said, "The Commander-in-chief."


Lin Che rolled her eyes. This Black Eagle was really fearless.

Black Eagle replied, "Ah, we go back a long time. He knows that I wouldn't damage it since I am only bringing people around. Furthermore, I told him that I am bringing you, Gu Jingze's wife and her children outside, so isn't it safer to take the naval vessel and army along?"


Gu Jingze's face darkened. "Next time, I will tell him not to listen to your bullsh*t."

"Am I not speaking the truth?"

Gu Jingze did not bother replying to him. He immediately told Niannian, "Next time, don't play with your uncle."

Very good. Even Gu Jingze felt this way.

Niannian raised his head up and looked at Black Eagle, thinking he was quite formidable.

It was his first time on a naval vessel. It really felt different…

Sure enough, it was a lot faster and quickly arrived at the island.

There was only one town on the island, which was a tourist attraction, so it was very crowded.

Everyone arrived at a vacation villa he booked. After going inside, there was not a single person. Lin Che was still grumbling. "The villa is so empty. Are you sure you chose the right place?"

Black Eagle raised his eyes and looked at her. "Why? I purposely chose the most popular villa."

"Why is there not a single person?"

"I was afraid that you would think it is too noisy with the crowd, so I chased them all out."


What a bandit!

Lin Che thought she gradually could not understand Black Eagle's way of thinking anymore.

She had never seen such an embarrassing person…

Why would he think differently from everyone else on every matter…


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