The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1206 I’m Really Very Sorry For What Happened Yesterday
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1206 I’m Really Very Sorry For What Happened Yesterday

Gu Jingyu only saw the person in front of him when he woke up.

She was lying there naked. The lines of her exposed back were very beautiful.

Afterward, Su Wan also woke up in a daze due to the sun shining down on her.

The moment she looked up and saw the person in front of her, she sat up in shock.

Who was this person?

He had a handsome brow and his naked body was faintly discernible under the blanket.

His handsome face had a hint of grumpiness to it after waking up. Despite this, his furrowed brow still looked very good. His gaze was fixed on her face and carried some unspeakable emotions.

Gu Jingyu…

Of course, she knew who Gu Jingyu was. But she did not know why he was beside her.

She suddenly recalled what had happened yesterday night. Su Wan had thrown herself on someone on the streets, begging for help. Then… Then…

A throb of pain in her nether regions reminded her of what had just happened. She lifted the blanket only to see a small spot of red on it, confirming her speculation.

Good lord.

She had pushed Gu Jingyu down the night before, and then…

She had thrown herself directly onto the nation's idol and slept with him.

She covered her mouth and looked at Gu Jingyu.

Gu Jingyu closed his eyes and gazed at her. He did not move for a long time.

Su Wan's heart throbbed and she quickly sat up. "I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose. Yesterday night, I was just asking for help on the streets. I didn't expect…"

Gu Jingyu pulled her up. "If that's the case, the way you ask for help is quite special."

"I…" Su Wan bit her lip. It made sense when she thought about it. No one asked for help in this manner.

However, she was delirious at the time and genuinely did not know what was happening.

She said, "I wasn't in my right mind the night before. I don't know what happened."

"So, you're saying that you didn't know who I was?"

"I… I didn't see clearly who it was."


Gu Jingyu's gaze turned steely.

She had not seen clearly who he was, which meant that she would have immediately offered herself up even if it had been someone else?

Gu Jingyu stood up and said bluntly, "Huh. Since that's the case, we'll just pretend this never happened."

"Sure. I'll definitely do that," Su Wan hastily said.

She merely hoped that Gu Jingyu would not think she had done it deliberately.

She scrambled to get up without saying a word. However, when she got down from the bed, she fell to the ground on her butt because her legs were still hurting too much. She quickly got up and ran out in a hurry, not daring to turn back.

After leaving this place, she did not expect someone… to be searching for her outside.

She had not left for long when her phone vibrated. When she held it up to take a look, she saw more than 20 missed calls from the night before.

The missed calls were from her house number and other unknown numbers.

Another unknown number called again just then.

"Hello? Are you Su Wan?"

"That's me…"

"We're the police. You injured someone yesterday night. We've already managed to locate you. Either you come here and turn yourself in, or we'll go and arrest you. It's up to you."


At the police station.

Su Wan had gone to turn herself in.

But she had not intended to turn herself in either. She had merely gone there to explain the situation briefly.

"Mr. Officer, I really had been drugged by them. They wanted to do something bad to me. That's why I had no choice but to start retaliating in self-defense. This is legitimate self-defense, right?"

"You could still attack them despite being drugged?"

"It's because the circumstances called for it. I don't know where my strength came from either."

"But the laboratory test didn't show any abnormalities. Nothing showed up at all."

"It happened yesterday night. Perhaps the drugs have already been expelled from my system. Furthermore, I had inhaled the drug, to begin with. I think there probably wasn't a large amount of it in my bloodstream."

"Are you the expert, or am I the expert?"


Su Wan sat there and watched as the police officer finished speaking, slapped the table, and left.

As for Gu Jingyu.

After coming out from inside, he received a call from his manager, asking him where he had gone off to. He felt frustrated but nevertheless returned to the set.

"Why didn't Su Wan come?"

"Exactly. This role has lines today. But we can't contact her."

Upon hearing Su Wan's name, Gu Jingyu went over and saw that costume.

He suddenly recalled that that was the girl from yesterday.

Was her name Su Wan?

He walked over.

The assistant directors who had still been talking over there were shocked and immediately became extremely deferential. "Jingyu, do you have any instructions for us?"

Gu Jingyu asked, "What happened to this person? She's not here yet?"

Eh. They could not believe that Gu Jingyu was concerned about issues with the actors.

One of the assistant directors said, "Oh. It's a small issue. Just a small issue. It's a small role. We don't know what happened to her. She's not here yet. We can't get through to her phone either. Dear me, seriously. If she continues like this, we should just get her company to take her back."

"That's enough. Don't be hasty. This lass is usually quite diligent. I don't know what happened to her today. She comes by every day to help out even if she doesn't have any scenes. She watches the others film and even helps me retrieve the props and such. She's quite nice. Something must have happened that caused her not to come."

Gu Jingyu frowned.

Seeing that Gu Jingyu was still here, one of the assistant directors asked him, "Jingyu-ah. Just tell us if there's something you want to say. Don't worry. This actress won't affect your scenes."

That was a matter of course. It would be absolutely ridiculous if they allowed a minor actress to affect the scenes of the lead actors.

Gu Jingyu said, "It's fine. No need… Oh, by the way, give me her phone number."

Huh? He wanted her phone number?

The assistant director was a little confused. But if Gu Jingyu wanted something, they had to give it to him quickly.

In no time, the phone number was in Gu Jingyu's hands.

Gu Jingyu cursed as he held his phone up and called her.

Indeed, no one picked up.

What was going on? Had he hurt her yesterday night?

Of course, he could sense that it was her first time.

But as he had been under the influence of alcohol, he had not taken pity on the fact that it had been her first time.

At this moment.

A few police officers suddenly walked in from outside.

"Hey. There's this person called Su Wan. She's from this production crew, right?"

"Ah. Yes."

There were many people in the production crew, so various types of incidents occurred at times. When some of the people saw that the police were here, they even turned their heads to take a look. Others did not even spare them a glance. Anyway, it was the production crew's problem. It probably had nothing to do with them. Otherwise, the production assistants would have gone looking for them early on.

However, the people who heard them felt even more confused. What had Su Wan done? The police even came here because of her.

He said, "Su Wan is suspected of voluntarily causing damage. We want to find out more about the situation from you guys."

What? Suspected of voluntarily causing damage?

Who had she injured?

Usually, Gu Jingyu ignored such incidents completely. But right now, for some reason, he immediately heard these words.

Voluntarily causing hurt…

So, she was now…

At the police station.

Su Wan looked at the officer who had entered. "I really…"

"Alright. Someone is outside to fetch you."

Su Wan froze.

After waiting an entire afternoon, no one had paid her any head. But now, someone was actually here to pick her up?


"From the production crew."

"Oh…" She was genuinely very surprised that someone from the production crew was actually here to pick her up.

However, once she went outside…

The person standing there was in a peaked cap and a mask. His eyes were covered by large pitch-black shades.

However, despite covering himself so well, he was still unable to hide the strong aura surrounding his body.


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