The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1216 Xue Mengqi“s Attempt To Buy Over
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1216 Xue Mengqi“s Attempt To Buy Over

Everyone felt curious. Looking at the adorned white flowers, these cars should be headed for a funeral.

However, they had no idea whose funeral it was for it to be such a big event.

The funeral wasn't held for very long.

Lin Che looked at the burial site. The scenery here was very beautiful. When her grandfather was alive, he hadn't been able to live a day of peace. Maybe he'd be able to get some peace and quiet here after his death.

However, amongst those who were alive, who'd want to die?

She looked at the tombstone and said, "Grandfather, I know that your heart attack is unrelated to me. There must be something that had caused your heart attack to act up. But what is it?"

After the funeral, everyone went back.

Lin Che said, "You sided with us earlier on. Aren't you afraid that you'd make the relatives even more unhappy?"

Gu Jingze said, "It doesn't matter."

Lin Che walked by his side. "How can it not matter?"

Gu Jingze said, "It's because, with Grandfather's death, the relationship between all the relatives of the Gu family's main branch has collapsed. This additional bit of conflict doesn't matter."

"Is that so?" Lin Che asked, surprised.

"Of course. In the past, Grandfather was the bridge that connected the relatives and the main branch. Now that the bridge is broken, while things are fine for the main branch, the other relatives now feel that they have lost their support. Therefore, they'd harbor hatred and feel emotionally imbalanced. Therefore, this is something that would have definitely happened."

"Then what should be done now?"

"The previous head of the family has passed away, so the current head of the family would naturally have to let everything settle down, and let everyone put their trust in him. However, this trust can only be established amidst the chaos. It's impossible to get them to place their trust in him otherwise."

"You're saying that… it's inevitable to use brute force?"

"That's right."

Lin Che wasn't as stupid as she had been in the past, not thinking about anything at all. After hearing what Gu Jingze said, she understood.

She naturally felt worried, but since it was something that must be done, she could only leave things to fate.

After Xue Mengqi went back, she started to investigate things.

What was the actual background of that Genesis?

She realized that it turned out to be a small studio that was a subsidiary to the Kaisheng Group.

Xue Mengqi immediately sent someone to contact the studio. After finding out that these people were still students, and were usually having classes in school other than being busy with game development, she went straight to their school to look for them.

When KG, Crooked Neck, and the others arrived outside their hostel after class, they met someone saying, "Crooked Neck, there's a beautiful wealthy woman looking for you guys."

They felt a little perplexed when they heard this.

There had been quite a number of people coming to look for them recently. It was because after they became popular, there were many people who came to them to discuss businesses.

However, they had too much on their plate. They had just started the beta testing phase, and there were still some problems that they had to standby to fix at any time. They needed to constantly update the game and improve it, so that it could continue on. They were at a stage where they had enough motivation and drive so that each person could take on the workload of two.

The other students in their school were extremely envious of them.

Although most people had no idea that their studio was Genesis. They only knew that the few of them had found a job recently, and had gotten extremely busy. They also seemed to be working with a very big company, since the people who came all looked like they were rich people or big shots.

This was the case for this woman as well. She had come driving a Maserati and was also glamorously dressed.

Although she didn't look young, she had taken care of her skin really well.

KG saw her when he came out. Xue Mengqi looked at the few youthful faces and felt even more confident.

She smiled. "So it's you guys. I've long heard of your great name. I'd like to ask to have a talk with you guys."

Crooked Neck asked, "Talk about what?"

Xue Mengqi said, "I know that you guys are currently working on a game. I'm very interested in this game and wished to discuss cooperating with you."

"Cooperation?" Crooked Neck looked at KG.

KG shook his head.

Crooked Neck immediately said, "I'm sorry. We aren't looking for cooperation."

Xue Mengqi wasn't surprised. It was impossible for them to agree when she first mentioned.

She said, "I'll fork out 300 million to invest in this. I hope that it can help you guys to continue to work on this game. Sell the game to me and the 300 million will be yours."

300 million.

That would belong to them?

This sounded… very enticing.

Who was this woman? To think that she'd say that she was going to invest 300 million right from the start.

Previously, it was already very astonishing that a wealthy man like Li Mingyu would say that he would fork out 200 million for them to develop their game.

However, this woman was now saying that…

She'd fork out 300 million to purchase this game…

They were merely students who had just entered into the society. None of them had seen so much money before.

They hadn't even seen a few million dollars before, let alone 300 million.

It really broadened their vision to be coming into contact with these wealthy people.

Did these people don't usually treat money as money?

Crooked Neck and the others were a little stunned.

However, KG stood out at this moment. "What about our game do you think is worth paying 300 million for?"

Seeing this, Xue Mengqi felt that their interest had been piqued, as she expected. Therefore, she said even more calmly, "It's because I feel that there is value in investing in it. There are many people playing, which shows that everyone likes it. You guys are a studio after all. It's useless to be under a big company. It's not easy to keep the game going, right? Can you ensure that it can remain so popular forever? After the heat dies off, you won't be worth this much anymore. However, you'll be able to see how much 300 million is."

KG snorted and said, "I'm sorry. We won't be selling."


Xue Mengqi thought that she had heard him wrong. "What did you say?"

KG said, "You don't share the same ideology as us when we developed this game."

After saying that, he didn't give any further explanation but just left right away.

Had Xue Mengqi been given the cold shoulder by a university student?

"Hey," She took out her card.

She came from an affluent family. She had plenty of patience and also had been taught how to handle such situations. She didn't fly into a rage after being rejected but calmly handed her name card to them. "If you guys are interested, you can contact me. I'm Xue Mengqi. Our businesses are written on the name card. You can take a look at it and then consider the value of our cooperation again."

KG threw a glance and received it.

After they left, Crooked Neck immediately searched online.

"Damn, this is a subsidiary of the Gu Industries." He said, "I took a look. The Xue family seems to be a side branch of the Gu Industries. It's no wonder that they are so generous with their spendings."

KG said, "Oh."

Crooked Neck said, "KG, why did you reject her immediately? Was there anything wrong with what she said?"

KG said, "She concluded that she'd have the capability to keep the game going on when she only saw that there are many people playing the game. She didn't try to understand our game at all, so how could she possibly keep it going? It'd only be possible to keep the game going on by holding the initial game ideology. If we were to hand the game over to her, it'd be a goner."

"Ah, so that's it. Sigh, 300 million is gone just like that."

"Moreover, have you forgotten that we're sharing the rights to the game with Kaisheng? We co-own all of the games. You want to sell it?"

"Oh, that's right. Although I only thought about it for a moment, the truth is that we won't be able to sell it."


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