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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1252 It Really Is You!

Lin Che said, "Alright, pay more attention when you get back."

The two parted.

In the immediate weeks after Genesis' move to Kaisheng Group, few people had gone back to the school dormitory for school matters, and even so, it was only for a short while.

The school was aware of their office setup and did not really care much as they were already almost accomplished individuals. The school only wanted them to take note of important school work, like today's public class, where they had to return to school and address it.

Everyone felt different the moment they stepped into the school. Chen Hui was holding his head high, extremely proud, "Seriously, why do we have to be back in school? I'm so busy and I still have to attend classes."

Crooked Neck replied, "This is out of respect for the school."

Chen Hui replied, "Oh look, at the front! Isn't that the school belle? She's smiling at us."

Most of them were 'Otakus' in the past, with very little interactions with the outside world. At present, they were still Otakus, but word about their work and entrepreneurship had got around and they had gained recognition. They were the pride of their school and the students knew all about them.

Crooked Neck nudged Chen Hui, "Alright, that smile is for our boss. Right, KG?"

KG kept silent, and just walked forward.

Chen Hui squinted and looked in the school belle's direction, unconvinced.

Everyone prepared for their own classes upon arriving at their dormitory.

Chen Hui found an opportunity and made a call to the other side.

"What are you guys implementing? I heard they have already found something, a weapon, to use against you. Can you guys handle it?"

"A weapon? Who said so?"

"Someone from the top."

"Who is that someone from the top?"

"Erm, our game, isn't it developed by a small-time celebrity with Kaisheng Group? She said so."

"Give me the specific details the next time."

"Okay, okay."

The opponent knew that this game was a collaboration between Kaisheng Group and the small studio. As for the specific identity, they had never asked.

As there was nobody who could resist the Gu family in C Nation, they only cared about bringing this game down and never cared about who they were fighting.

No matter who it was, the person could never surpass the power that the Gu family had.

"Chen Hui, what are you doing?"

Crooked Neck appeared at the back.

Chen Hui froze.


Chen Hui got scared and while looking at Crooked Neck, said, "Oh, oh, a call from home…"

"Really? You look tensed up."

"Really…. Alright, I still have things to do, I'll go do them."

"So secretive," Crooked Neck muttered as he watched Chen Hui walked out.

Chen Hui was almost scared out of his wits.

Ever since he became a spy, he was always on tenterhooks, worrying about getting caught and he regretted succumbing to temptation.

He realized how annoying it was, to be scared and on guard every day. Moreover, when he thought about it, getting a bonus might have taken longer but, slowly and surely, a car and a house would have been a matter of time. He should not have given in in a moment of greed.

However, these did not matter anymore. He had already done the deed and there was no turning back.

In the dormitory, a few came back and indulged themselves in the game.

Even as the creators of the game, it was a good chance for them to play and see if there was anything that could be improved, and experience the game as they leveled up.

Of course, seeing people going everywhere and with so many playing the game, they still felt a sense of accomplishment.

As Chen Hui entered, Crooked Neck was talking.

"What plan does Sister Che have exactly? Will it really work?"

"We've made a similar software, but it could confirm our timestamp. Didn't they take it to court? As long as it makes it to court, that small thing would prove that we were the only ones using it, and they will give themselves away."

Chen Hui froze. "KG, you're saying we have a unique set up? How is it that I didn't know?"

Crooked Neck said, "Ah, yes. KG, what did you leave behind in the software?"

KG replied, "Whatever I create, it's only natural I have my way about it. They outrightly used my template, but they don't know about the mark I've left. I can prove that that program can't be written by another programmer. Only I can. It was impossible for them to write it on the spot back then. Moreover, it is a hidden program, hidden within a part of the program. It wouldn't show when they copied the whole program and they didn't even realize. But I can retrieve it."

Hidden Program… to prevent plagiarism, it is sometimes used.

Chen Hui was dumbfounded.

When he took it, he had forgotten that KG was no ordinary student, he was the cream of the crop.

He regretted it deeply, but had to remain calm as he sat there.

Until some said they had to go for their class.

He said, "I can't. My head hurts, you all go ahead first. I think I'm not suited for school anymore."

"You're really something. You just went out a few days ago, and you were fine. President Chen, take a rest. We'll head off first."

"Yes, you guys go ahead."

Chen Hui sneakily accessed KG's computer after seeing them leave.

This time, he took extra care in cracking the computer's code.

Although he wasn't in the top league like KG, he could still crack a code.

Moreover, KG didn't seem to be cautious against them, it wouldn't be that difficult for a password.

He looked around his computer's files and found the template. He started to search and look for some sort of special coding.

Just then…

"Chen Hui, I can't believe it's you."

Chen Hui froze.

KG was already behind.

Chen Hui panicked.

"K… KG, you… I…"

KG looked at him indifferently.

Just then.

A few more others walked in.

Chen Hui fell in his seat and turned green.

Crooked Neck walked over with resentment.

"Chen Hui, I really didn't think you would betray us. When KG said to return to watch a show, I thought there would be an intruder. I didn't think you would…"

"I-I-I… You misunderstand. I came in here because I was just curious."

KG replied, "Came here to have a look at the secret coding in my template, right?"

KG snorted and glanced at the computer.

The program's template was indeed on the screen. He wasn't able to close it in time. The codes belonged to the game, each and every page in a clear view.

Chen Hui's hands dropped in defeat.

He knew there was no way out of this.

He clenched his fists and replied defiantly, "So what about it?"


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