The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1264 We Know About Gu Jingze“s Matter
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1264 We Know About Gu Jingze“s Matter

This wasn't something that was suddenly discovered, but more on a gradual basis. Gu Shinian would take special care of his young sister, and no matter what his sister wanted to do, he would agree.

It seemed that although Gu Shiyuan was very young, she was very smart and knew how to assess people's moods. When she saw that she was being doted on, she would keep asking for food to eat. She wouldn't do it outright, but she would just lie down on her stomach at the side and ask, Brother, does that taste good?

She didn't know many words, but she could remember words relating to food especially well.

If Gu Shinian didn't reply, she would keep asking, Bruddah, does that taste good?

Gu Shinian would be left with no choice but to share everything he had with her to eat.

Afterward, when she saw things that other people were eating, she would look at Gu Shinian pitifully and ask, "Bruddah, does that taste good?"

Gu Shinian, being such a cold person, would end up having to ask food from others for his younger sister.

The two children looked especially sweet together. During times like this, Lin Che would feel that it was right for her to give birth to Gu Shiyuan. It allowed Gu Shinian, who had been too independent and not very emotional since young, to have something else to find sustenance in emotionally. He also experienced more and more emotions from there.

At this moment.

A servant came up to say that the preparations for the birthday celebration were ready.

Lin Che headed outside together with Gu Jingze.

Only once they were outside, they brought along Gu Shiyuan, who was dressed up like a little princess, with them.

However, this little princess was a little chubby.

Children would look cute when they were a little chubbier. As Gu Shiyuan could really eat a lot, she appeared very round, like a ball. Moreover, her small face bore a huge resemblance to Gu Jingze. It was clear that she would grow up to become a great beauty. She had big glistening eyes, a small adorable mouth, double eyelids, and long fan-like lashes. She didn't need any additional touches to look very pretty. Of course, her teeth had just started to grow out and looked especially small.

The child entered together with Lin Che. Although she was still young, she held herself well with a good disposition.

Of course, it was also very likely that it was because everyone knew that she was Gu Jingze's daughter and thus, would unknowingly look at her as if she had an additional glow.

Lin Che looked at the place. It was made into a big affair, with a corridor decorated with countless flowers. They seemed to have put in a lot of effort into this.

Lin Che sighed. This didn't look like a birthday party for a child. It was more like a socializing event for adults.

She could hear someone saying at the back. "Look at their daughter's birthday party. As expected of one born with a silver spoon."

"If you're jealous, then go have a baby with Gu Jingze."

"I don't have that luck."

Lin Che also felt that this birthday party was too big, but since it was the relatives' kind intentions and they were the ones who had spent the money on this, there was nothing that Lin Che could do either.

Thankfully, the child was still young and didn't understand all these. Next time, she must tell them not to spend so much money. It'd be fine to get everyone together for a meal.

She didn't feel that it was good for the children to bring them up with such great vanity.

Gu Shinian doting on Gu Shiyuan was something he should be doing. He was her older brother, and it wouldn't be bad no matter how much he doted on her.

However, if outsiders doted on her as well, that would be wrong.

"Happy birthday."

"Oh my, the child is too beautiful."

"She's definitely going to grow up to become a great beauty."

"She's too adorable."

"She's so chubby. What does she eat? How can she be so cute?"

Everyone's praises were heartfelt. They looked at the child and felt that her genetics were really good. Both her parents were good-looking, so she wouldn't look bad in the future either.

She'd definitely charm many men.

It was clear from how her mother was a woman who had allured so many men. The child wouldn't be bad in the future.

But at that moment…

"Ahh… Gu Jingze, you said that you were going to marry me. Why didn't you? You…"

A voice suddenly rang out at the door.

Everyone was taken by surprise.

When they turned, they suddenly saw a lunatic dressed in battered clothes and having a strong stench. Wherever she ran by, everyone would cover their noses and avoid here. The person just charged in like that, taking everyone by surprise.

"Oh my, who… who is that…"

"Why did a lunatic run in?"

"Who was she calling?"

Lin Che was stunned.

That was… that Mo Huiling.

She looked toward Gu Jingze, who was still standing at the side, frowning and looking surprised.

He didn't recognize who Mo Huiling was. It was because he had completely lost his memories.

Mo Huiling had gone crazy, but when she saw Gu Jingze, her clouded eyes suddenly lit up. She ran right over toward Gu Jingze.

"Jingze, Jingze… I knew it. I knew that you still love me. This is our wedding, right? Are you going to marry me?"

Gu Jingze stood there, watching without moving.

By this time, the guards had already gone up to stop Mo Huiling, dragging her out.


"Stop it. It's a birthday party today. Why be so violent?"

Xue Mengqi walked over and looked at Gu Jingze. "Jingze, do you know who this is?"

Seeing that, Lin Che walked over.

She was just about to say something but Xue Mengqi was prepared for her. "Lin Che, what are you doing? This is Gu Jingze's matters. You aren't needed to say anything."

"Xue Mengqi, what do you want?" Lin Che looked at her.

Xue Mengqi snorted. "Why? Do you feel that Gu Jingze won't be able to say this woman's name, and so you want to stop me?"

Lin Che was stunned.

As expected, Xue Mengqi had found out.

Lin Che's lips curled up. "What are you saying?"

Xue Mengqi said, "Everyone, I recently heard that Gu Jingze has lost his memories."


"How can that be?"

"Lost his memories? He doesn't look that way to me."

A commotion broke out.

Xue Mengqi looked at Lin Che. "And this woman here hid the news of Gu Jingze having lost his memories, taking him under his control and commanding everyone else. Right now, the Gu family no longer goes by the surname Gu, but is going to change its name to Lin!"

Lin Che's countenance changed slightly.

Xue Mengqi said, "Am I right?"

Lin Che said, "The Gu family's name is still Gu."

Xue Mengqi said, "It's useless no matter what you say now. I'm only asking you this one thing. Did he lose his memories?"

Gu Jingze watched on by the side, and Lin Che stood next to him.

Xue Mengqi said, "It's fine even if you don't say it. Let Gu Jingze say what is this woman's name."

Lin Che said, "In order to frame us, you've even gone to the extent of bringing Mo Huiling to my daughter's birthday party?"

Lin Che spoke out Mo Huiling's name directly, and Xue Mengqi stared with wide-open eyes. "Lin Che, you said the name on purpose."

Lin Che feigned ignorance. "Oh? Why don't I know that?"

Xue Mengqi narrowed her eyes. "Even if you said her name, it can only mean that you're feeling guilty. Gu Jingze has already lost his memories, but yet you're hiding this from everyone. What are you scheming?"

Lin Che said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"It's no use for you to feign ignorance. We request that you to leave the Gu Industries!"


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