The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1279 Black Eagle, Move Away
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1279 Black Eagle, Move Away

Li Mingyu took Li Wei's hand.

Gu Shinian said, "I saw Uncle standing here by yourself, looking lost, and thus, came over to show you some concern."

Li Mingyu was stunned for a moment before he smiled and pinched Gu Shinian on the cheek.

He was really a small adult.

He could see things more clearly than anyone else.

Li Mingyu said, "Haha, forget it. If you're really concerned about me, then get your mom to marry me."

"Haha, you aren't as amazing as my dad."


Li Mingyu said, "Your dad's net worth is no longer that high now."

"My dad won't be easily suppressed by others, hmph."

Li Wei stood at the side, perplexed by their conversation. "Dad, what are you guys talking about?"

Li Mingyu patted his son on the head. "Don't head over there. I'll bring you guys somewhere safer."

Li Mingyu wondered bitterly why he had to be so sad and take care of the children here when Lin Che and Gu Jingze only cared about spending romantic time together?

And on the other side.

Yunyun was held by Mu Feiran, and she was trying to avoid the rest of the people around her.

However, she still bumped into someone.

The band music was too loud, and many people were moving around. It was inevitable that it would get a bit crowded.

At this moment, Black Eagle pulled Yunyun over.

Yunyun looked up and called out in surprise, "Uncle Mo, you're here!"

Black Eagle pulled the person who had just brushed past Mu Feiran.

That man was stunned to be suddenly pulled. He wanted to shout at the person who did that but then he saw that it was Black Eagle. He immediately shut his mouth tightly.

Mu Feiran was also stunned. For a moment, she was still a little worried that Black Eagle would start scolding that person. However, Black Eagle only threw him a cold glance and then let him go after letting out a snort.

That person quickly said, "Miss, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He then left quickly.

Mu Feiran heaved a sigh of relief.

Black Eagle looked at her. "Yunyun is here, so what are you scared about? I won't create a racket."

After saying that, Black Eagle picked up Yunyun and carried her to walk forward.

Mu Feiran was stunned.

Very soon, she understood what he meant. In front of the child, he wouldn't create a ruckus.

Black Eagle understood what it would be like if he scolded people in front of their child.

By the time Mu Feiran reacted to this, Black Eagle had already brought Yunyun along with him to leave this noisy place.

"Mo Jingyan, where are you going? Put Yunyun down."

Black Eagle put Yunyun down.

However, Yunyun was unwilling to be set down. She hugged onto Mo Jingyan's leg, "No, no. Mama, I want uncle to carry me. I want uncle to carry me."

"You…" Mu Feiran took Yunyun's hand and suggested, "Yunyun, why don't mama bring you to go look for Brother Niannian?"

"I don't want. I don't want to look for Brother Niannian. I want Uncle Mo."

As Yunyun said this, tears were already trickling down her eyes.

Mu Feiran had no other way out. She stood there, then made a harsh decision to carry Yunyun up.

"Mama, mama, I don't want to leave. I want Uncle Mo." Yunyun cried out loud.

"Yunyun, behave yourself."

"No, no, I don't want to leave."

Mu Feiran was very angry, especially when she saw Black Eagle standing here. She put down the child angrily. "Alright, alright, you can go live with Uncle Mo."

Mu Feiran turned to leave angrily.

Yunyun seemed as if she didn't want to follow after her, and kept on hugging onto Uncle Mo.

Black Eagle carried Yunyun up, and looked at her while she cried. "Yunyun, look. You've made your mama angry that she left."

Yunyun said, "But I want to be with uncle. Uncle, can't you quickly get mama to forgive you?"

Black Eagle looked in front and sigh. "Alright, uncle will bring you to look for mama first. Uncle will do my best to get your mama to forgive me. Uncle promises Yunyun."

Yunyun nodded vigorously.

Mu Feiran was infuriated. After leaving, she felt so angry that she was about to cry.

This Yunyun…

At this moment.

Someone passed a handkerchief over.

She was stunned and was about to take it subconsciously when she turned and saw that it was Black Eagle.

His handkerchief was a navy blue color, without any prints on it.

She didn't expect that Black Eagle was someone who would bring along a handkerchief with him.

She always felt that after tissue papers became the trend, most people would just bring along tissue paper for their convenience, and people would soon stop using hankerchiefs.

However, looking at this masculine man, she felt that there was a part of him in his heart that had a unique meticulousness.

Black Eagle said, "Feiran."

Mu Feiran snorted. "You must be feeling proud now. Yunyun listens to you so much and is unable to escape from your grasp. Yes, yes, yes, you're amazing. Yunyun will follow you in the future, alright?"

"Feiran, don't say that. Yunyun can't be without her mother."

"No, I think that she no longer needs me."

"You've gone through so much pain to give birth to her. How could she possibly not need you?"

Mu Feiran thought of it and her eyes moistened up.

When she gave birth to Yunyun, things had been really tough.

However, to think that Yunyun now chose Black Eagle over her…

Seeing Mu Feiran secretly wiping away her tears, Black Eagle walked over and slowly pulled her into his arms.

She leaned against Black Eagle, feeling that his scent made her want to cry even more.


After a short moment, she recalled something again.

She pushed Black Eagle away.

"Why are you getting so close? Get away from me."

Black Eagle said, "You were the one who got close to me…"

"I didn't. It was you." Mu Feiran's face flushed up and she snorted, turning to leave.

Black Eagle quickly followed after her.


"Go away. Don't follow me."

Some people behind them heard the sound of quarreling. After taking a closer look, they realized that these people were Black Eagle and Mu Feiran.

This woman was quite audacious, to dare to beat and push Black Eagle.

It seemed that she hadn't tried to do so weakly, but had used a lot of strength.

Black Eagle was so tall, big, powerful, and terrifying…

However, the surprising thing was that Black Eagle didn't have any intention of dodging at all. Neither did he feel angry or upset. His expression appeared very calm with a hint of adoration toward her.

This made those people found it even harder to hold themselves back and took a few more glances at this woman.

To think that Black Eagle had this side to him, and it was in front of a woman…

Black Eagle said, "You can beat me, scold me, or do whatever you want to me. But, don't treat yourself like this."

Mu Feiran looked up.

Black Eagle said, "I can't bear to see you like that. I can't bear to see you treating yourself so horribly. I can't bear to see you letting yourself cry so much."


When Black Eagle said such things, he was really…

Very smooth.

Other people never knew that a masculine man like him would speak such sweet nothings.

Mu Feiran thought about this, feeling a little consoled.

He might never had shown this side of him to anyone else before. This feeling made her felt very sweet.

However, she immediately stopped that train of thought.

She couldn't be deceived by him like this. Wasn't it enough to be deceived for once?

"Hmph, go away." She turned and stepped on his foot.

"Hey, it's so painful… you… alright, you can beat me or scold me. I'm not afraid of pain. But, look, Yunyun can't bear to part with me either. I believe that you can't bear to part with me as well!"

Black Eagle said that and exerted force on his hands on her shoulders, pulling her hard into his embrace.


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