The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1284 Never Seen Such A Thick-Skinned Person Before
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1284 Never Seen Such A Thick-Skinned Person Before

Lin Che looked at Xue Yang. "It seems that Glorious Star was trying to appeal to the general public, building up their reputation, and relying on it to get the audiences to like them."


Lin Che said, "With your current reputation, there's nothing much for you to fight in this aspect. It'll be enough for you to have one well-known television drama and one movie each year. To climb up further, you'll need to gradually build up a good reputation, and be liked by people both within and outside the industry. If possible, I'll take a look to see if it's possible to get a good Hollywood movie. Right now, many Hollywood movies also like to use people from C Nation. After all, they place high regard in the movie industry here."

At the mention of Hollywood, Xue Yang paused for a moment.

Hollywood… That was the United States.

Although they hadn't been in contact for very long, Ah Bi should be in the United States now. He had no idea where she was to be exact.

If he could participate in a Hollywood performance, would she be able to see him as well?

A gleam shone in Xue Yang's eyes, but it immediately dimmed down later on. He asked calmly, "Why would I be selected by Hollywood?"

Lin Che responded, "Why not? You have the looks and reputation. It'll all come down to how we go about with this. I'll get people to go liaise for the opportunity. No matter what, we should give it a try."

Xue Yang looked at Lin Che with gratitude. She must have taken Ah Bi into consideration as well.

She knew that Ah Bi was in the United States.

Xue Yang smiled. By this time, they had already arrived at the venue. Lin Che got out of the car together with Xue Yang.

Little Wei and Cheng Yuantu, who were both on the car behind theirs, also got off and came over.

Both of them were new artistes and thus, weren't assigned their own celebrity vans. With both of them sharing one, it could also be considered them saving costs for the company.

Although the company wasn't small, they would still want to have more resources invested in the matters that would build up the artists' fame. They could be slightly strict in other areas, but everyone didn't mind that. It was because they knew that if they were more conservative in their lifestyles, they'd have more money for the development of their future paths. When their developments were good, like if they reached Xue Yang's level, they wouldn't need the company to assign them with a celebrity car anymore. They would be able to afford expensive cars themselves.

"Little Wei, Yuantu." Lin Che walked over.

When Cheng Yuantu saw Lin Che, he was a little surprised. "Sister Che, why are you back?"

Lin Che said, "I came over to take a look. A few of you might be going up the stage today. Are you all prepared?"

Cheng Yuantu looked at her and then took in a deep breath. "I've been prepared since a long time ago."

"That's good, that's good. Don't be nervous when you go in. I'll be right inside."

Lin Che didn't walk on the red carpet but entered directly. After all, there were no television dramas that she was nominated for awards, and thus, she chose not to join in the bustle.

Not long later, the TV Festival started. As expected, Glorious Star was the biggest winner.

The few of their television dramas all received awards, and Wu Yufei won the award for the Best Female Lead.

Xue Yang didn't win the award for the Best Male Lead.

The Best Male Lead was won by a black horse who wasn't a well-known figure.

Cheng Yuantu won the Best Newcomer Award.

When he went up the stage, he looked down and fixed his gaze on Lin Che's face. He said, "Without Sister Che's help, taking in me at a time when I was unable to continue surviving, I might not be able to get to this place today. She is my benefactor, the helmsman who has changed my entire world. I'm will to follow her for my entire life to repay my debt to her."

When the reporters heard that, they turned the cameras onto Lin Che. Lin Che smiled, feeling very touched.

A reported quickly asked Cheng Yuantu, "Was Lin Che the one who had realized your potential?"

"That's right. After Sister Che met me, she brought me into the company and said that I can take another path and that I can give it a try if I'm willing to. I felt that I was left with no other way out then, and thus listened to her words, coming here and working hard."

Everyone felt that Lin Che had really helped many artists shoot up to fame.

On the stage, Lin Che was a great actress with superb acting skills. Behind the stage, she was a good supporter, providing a push to the others.

Suddenly, the fans liked her even more and felt greater admiration for her. They felt that she seemed to be so amazing in so many different aspects.

After Cheng Yuantu came down, he went up to Lin Che.

"Sister Che, this award should belong to you."

Lin Che quickly refused. "You fool. I only brought you in. These are what you've achieved from your hard work."

She heard that Cheng Yuantu had really worked very hard. He knew that he had a late start, and thus trained until very late every day. Right now, he was considered decent at dancing and singing as well, and he was at the entry-level in his acting skills. If he continued to put in hard work, he'd definitely be able to make it big.

However, as he wasn't professionally trained in school, he would definitely be weaker than people who graduated from schools in the areas of performing arts. Therefore, the starting path of his career would be longer compared to them.

At this moment, Glorious star's Liang Shan walked over. Next to him was Wu Yufei, who had just received an award.

"Oh, Lin Che. Why didn't I hear that Sister Che has been invited? I thought that Sister Che is too busy and doesn't care for the Panda TV Festival, and thus, the production team hadn't invited you. Why is Sister Che in such a great mood to come to the TV Festival to play?"

Hearing that, Cheng Yuantu was very displeased. "Who are you to address her as Sister Che?"

This guy was clearing saying that the production team hadn't even invited her, yet she still came to participate.

It was true that this was what Liang Shan meant. He looked at Cheng Yuantu, who had interrupted, and asked, "Do you still have any shame? Of course, I should address her as Sister Che. Sister Che is already a senior and is devoted to nurturing new celebrities. She doesn't even care to perform anymore. Of course, I have to address her respectfully. Hey, Sister Che, you're too fast in retiring to the backstage roles. If you still perform, our Yufei will definitely not have the chance to win the Best Female Lead award today."

However, it was a fact that the Best Female Lead now was Wu Yufei.

He was clearly showing off, and even flattering her.

Under normal circumstances, who would retire to the backstage? Only those people who were no longer popular would do so. He was outright ridiculing Lin Che that she was no longer popular anymore.

Lin Che wasn't angry. She looked at Liang Shan. "Congratulations. It isn't easy for you guys to win the big award either. I was also thinking that I'm no longer capable and won't continue to be popular for many years, so I might as well find some fun that can earn me money for my retiring days. That's why I started to nurture new artists. I can understand that you guys are happy. After all, it wasn't easy for you to win this award. Take the opportunity to win more of them in these two years. Good luck."

She spoke very calmly, but Wu Yufei felt very embarrassed.

What did she mean by winning more of these awards in these two years? It seemed as if she was implying that it was an intentional act for her to not fight for it.

Liang Shan snorted. "Then we'll have to thank Sister Che for giving us some slack."

"It's alright. I've always been so generous toward new artists."

Seeing that Lin Che had admitted so shamelessly instead of cursing out loudly, Lin Che's countenance turned even darker, unable to say a single word.

He had never seen someone like Lin Che act so arrogant. He had said some words of flattery, but she just took it calmly as if there was nothing wrong with it. Could she be more modest?


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