The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1300 How Should She Give Him A Surprise
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1300 How Should She Give Him A Surprise

Seeing this, Su Fen hastily pulled her daughter behind her and looked at Liulian reprimandingly.

Of course, Lin Che had heard the sentence she had muttered. She turned around and instinctively looked at this young girl. However, she did not comment any further.

"How long are you staying in B City?"

"We don't know yet. We came here mainly to visit you. We've never been to the capital before too, so we came for a visit". Su Fen answered carefully, chuckling as she looked at Lin Che.

Lin Che turned around and pondered for a bit. "In that case, let's make arrangements for your accommodation first."

"Really? Really? Oh no, we're so sorry for inconveniencing you. We just wanted to visit you."

Although Su Fen said so, there was happiness all over her face.

She knew that she would probably be able to save money if she contacted Lin Che while she was in B City. She could simply make some space in her house for them to stay in. Even if they did not have beds to sleep on, sleeping on the floor was fine too. In any case, they could save quite a lot of money by not staying in a hotel. After moving in with them, they would definitely settle their meals too. Then, they would be able to save much more money.

Lin Che arranged for them to go to a lodging.

This place was a villa in Gu Jingze's name.

Naturally, it was impossible for her to let them move into the Gu residence. But this place was probably sufficient to accommodate them.

She sent another maid to help clean the place up. Thinking that they were only going to stay here for a few days, she did not make any further arrangements.

There were usually people here to tidy up the place. This place had everything. Not a speck of dust was to be found inside. They could move right in.

They traveled by car to the lodging that had been prepared.

Inside, they looked at the exterior of the villa in admiration.

They also sighed in awe at the thought that Lin Che was actually staying in such a nice place.

After getting out of the car, Lin Che watched them enter the house.

"This place is done up so well. Wow, I feel as if I'm in heaven."

"This place is way too beautiful."

"Little Che, your house is really very clean."

Su Fen looked around and asked, "By the way, where is your husband? I only saw him briefly last year. I didn't see him after that. Is he still busy?"

Lin Che said, "Yes."

"Is he always away from home?" Su Fen asked after looking around and seeing that he was not here.

"Oh, we don't live here. This place is for you to live in. Second Aunt, have a good rest. I'll send my friend home first. Once we've rested up, we can discuss our plans for tomorrow."

Su Fen immediately looked around in surprise.

They did not live here?

"Eh, then where do you live? This place is so big."

"We stay somewhere else close by. You guys rest up."

Without saying anything else, Lin Che took Gu Jingyu with her and left this place.

When Wu Liulian saw Gu Jingyu leave, she was so anxious at the back that she wanted to stomp her feet.

It seemed that her eyes were about to follow him out. She stood there and kept staring at Gu Jingyu until his last strand of hair disappeared. Only then did she look elsewhere with her lip curled.

Su Fen was touching the beautiful curtain at the side. It was incredibly smooth and looked like cloth of extraordinarily good quality. She could not believe that it was used to make curtains.

It was truly a waste.

"She let us stay in such a huge house. She's way too polite…"

Wu Liulian said, "Mother, don't be so out of date. These wealthy people love buying houses. I'm sure this isn't their only house. This house that they let us stay in is merely one of their houses. It's called a villa. Look. It has two floors and it's so big…"

Su Fen asked, "Are celebrities that rich?"

"Yes. What did you think?"

Su Fen said, "Owning many houses like this one… she's so rich."

"On top of that, the houses in B City are particularly expensive. You don't know, but this house alone is enough to buy a few hundred houses back home."

"Is it really that extreme?"

"What did you think? This is the capital city."

Su Fen sighed and said, "Be good. I thought it was good enough for her to settle food and drinks for us."

"She's so rich. She won't care about such a small sum of money."

After leaving, Lin Che shook her head and said to her personal guards, "Watch over them. It would be best if they didn't cause any trouble."

After hearing their excessively respectful words, Lin Che did not have a very good impression of these people.

However, as they were ultimately related to her through her mother, she had to at least look after them a little.

After arriving home.

Lin Che recounted the incident to Gu Jingze.

"I find it a bit of a waste to even let them stay there. But if they don't stay there, it will be a bigger waste of money for them to stay in a hotel. I thought it would be better to arrange for them to stay at our house. Let them make their own meals."

Gu Jingze nodded and looked at her. "I sense that you don't really like them."

Lin Che said, "Anyway, I can't explain… that feeling either. It's strange. I keep feeling as if they're here to take advantage of me."

"There are many people like that."

"Have you met such people too?"

"In the beginning, weren't you here to take advantage of me too?"


Lin Che looked at him indignantly. "You were clearly the one who pushed me down."

Gu Jingze smiled brightly. The corners of his eyes were slightly pointing upwards with a hint of amusement. Consolation and mockery were blossoming on his face like a resplendent flower.

"But you still got a great bargain, right? That was my first time."

"Ha. As if it wasn't my first time too. Hmph. Is taking your first time considered taking advantage of you? I didn't even say that I gave you a free practical lesson. Otherwise, hmph, no matter how much theoretical knowledge you had in the past, you would just be a rookie."

Gu Jingze's eyes paused.

Huh. She had become so audacious.

He immediately flipped over and pushed her down on the narrow single couch.

Lin Che chuckled and quickly resisted him. "Let go of me. Let go."

"Teacher, you've taught me well. I thought that my results were not bad for so many years, but it seems that you haven't properly tested my results before. Come on. Let's do it now."

"Oh, oh, I don't want to…"

Lin Che hastily begged for mercy.

"It's useless to admit defeat only now."

Laughter from the two of them traveled from the room.

Hearing this, the people outside could not help but laugh along with them.

This married couple was so sweet. They themselves were starting to look forward to romance.

Under his ministrations, Lin Che's body was itching. She was gasping for breath.

She looked at Gu Jingze, thinking that he was right. She had indeed gotten a bargain.

Even after that, she continued to act as if it had not happened.

She had gotten such a handsome husband in exchange for nothing. His face alone had a high-class aura to it.

She held his face with both her hands and said gently, "It's fine for me to take advantage of you. But other people can't. Anyway, I must make them leave as soon as possible."

Gu Jingze pinched her cheek. "As long as you're careful. They say it's easier to invite the devil in than to send him away."

Lin Che was indeed a bit worried. She was worried that they would get into trouble.

But at the moment, there was no better alternative either.

She merely looked at Gu Jingze, feeling that it was, in fact, bad for her to take advantage of him without doing anything. She thought to herself that he was always the one giving her surprises.

In reality, she had not given him any special presents before.

Suddenly, she also wanted to see how he looked when he was surprised.

However, he had always been a calm man with no expressions. Although he was not like that in front of her, he always had an air of indifference either to favor or disgrace. It was as if everything was within his calculations and he was full of confidence. It seemed that all her thoughts could not escape him.

This made her feel very defeated.

She thought that no matter what, she had to make him fall into her trap once. Otherwise, she genuinely could not take this lying down.

But how would she conceal this from his sharp eyes?


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