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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1340 Must Go Apologize

Wu Liulian was very angry. They were obviously celebrities too. Why were they assigned elsewhere?

Actually, after being an assistant for a few days, she really felt that these celebrities were probably not that famous. How else could they be so humble?

They were not like Lin Che at all. Wherever she went, everyone would be respectful towards her.

She was really not happy. She said to Cheng Yuantu, "Just look at yourself. You are a celebrity too. Why don't you stand up for yourself? You don't have to succumb to scrutiny by others at all."

Cheng Yuantu said, "One can only exist if one remains humble and down-to-earth. The bigger the star, the more down-to-earth they are."

Wu Liulian would never believe that.

He was simply not famous enough.

"Why isn't it the case for Lin Che?" Wu Liulian asked.

"Don't you know how down-to-earth Sister Che is outside? But her status now is already enough, so no matter how humble she wants to be, people will always hold her in high regard and fear her. You can't feel it, but when have you ever seen Sister Che be demanding?"

"No. She's simply not like this. Don't think that I don't know her."

Wu Liulian felt that this celebrity was much more foolish than she thought.

Thus, she thought that if he was not going to fight for himself, she would fight for him. He was a celebrity, after all. Why did he have to be subject to scorn?

Thus, she immediately argued with the crew.

The crew members looked at Wu Liulian and only felt speechless. "You'll have to figure this out on your own. I can't really help you more. There really isn't room over there."

"You… You… I'm telling the director."

"Hey, the director is not in charge of every single thing. Are you really going to look for him over a minor issue like this?"

The crew member exclaimed speechlessly. Helpless, they sent someone to Lin Che's studio.

They told Lin Che's studio that the assistant was too demanding and they could not afford to keep her.

Cheng Yuantu was still unaware of all these.

Meanwhile, Lin Che's side already received this news.

Yu Minmin called Lin Che. "This Wu Liulian is really too much. She offended the crew just like this and it has only been a few days."

Lin Che said, "She will ruin Cheng Yuantu's future. If his reputation turns bad in the circle, he would be turned away easily."


"Nevermind, I'll go take a look."

"You're going over personally?" Yu Minmin asked.

Lin Che said, "I'm the one who sent her there. If I don't go over, I'd be harming Cheng Yuantu. Okay, I'm going over."


Half an hour later, Lin Che arrived on set.

The crew was still discussing.

There were indeed plenty of top-quality celebrities in the circle. Personal encounters were always talked about.

Just then, someone outside said, "Lin Che is here."

Lin Che came.

They did inform Lin Che's studio about the incident, but they never expected Lin Che to move for this.

The group quickly went out to see what was going on.

Lin Che arrived and went to look for Wu Liulian.

Upon hearing about Lin Che's arrival, Wu Liulian thought that she was here to speak up for Cheng Yuantu. She quickly said, "I just know it. Our studio would never let you guys off so easily. The nerve of you guys to bully us like this."

But the moment she went out, she saw Lin Che's stern face looking right at herself.

"You have to come with me and apologize to the crew."

Wu Liulian froze and thought that she heard it wrong. "What?"

Lin Che said directly, "Let's go. Your attitude is bad and you have hindered the crew's daily operations. Come apologize with me."

Wu Liulian then realized that she was not mistaken.

But what was the meaning of this? No way!

"Sis, do you know how they've been treating us and how they've been bullying us? Aren't you making us disgraced? You're telling me to go and apologize to them? I'm not going."

Lin Che lowered her voice. Her icy stern face instantly made Wu Liulian fearful.

But they were relatives. She probably wouldn't do that to her.

Although Lin Che was really formidable and made it seem effortless to deal with troublemakers, she probably wouldn't actually do that to her.

Wu Liulian was rather stubborn as she looked at Lin Che. "Sister Che…"

"Come on." Lin Che did not say anything else as she looked at her.

Wu Liulian quickly followed her.

Back at the crew.

They quickly welcomed her as she came in.

"Sister Che, what brings you here? You didn't even inform us. It's a mess here."

Lin Che smiled at them. "Sorry for taking your time. I heard one of our studio's members got into an issue. I've brought her to apologize."

Everyone looked at Lin Che in surprise.

They heard that Lin Che's studio was reliable, but they did not expect Lin Che to personally come here and apologize when they had a problem with the assistant now.

No wonder she had such a good reputation.

Behind, Wu Liulian looked on, extremely unhappy.

Unwillingness was written all over her face.


The group looked at her and knew that she was not sincere.

But since Lin Che already came down personally, they could not hold a grudge either.

They secretly thought that this rat almost ruined the reputation of Lin Che's studio. Thankfully, Lin Che was sincere and also had high emotional intelligence.

Everyone said, "It's okay, it's okay. She's new and still doesn't know things. She'll learn the ropes and get better."

After that, Lin Che took Wu Liulian and left.

Outside, she then said to Wu Liulian, "Don't go back to the crew for now. It'll be better if you head home and reflect on yourself."

Wu Liulian said, "Ah… Sis, please. I'll be good, really. It won't happen again."

To leave the crew…

It was not easy for her to finally get here. She hadn't gotten what she wanted.

Lin Che replied, "What else do you suggest? Look at yourself. You don't know anything. This won't do."

"I… I'll learn slowly. Really. I won't pick fights with others anymore. I know it's my fault."

Lin Che narrowed her eyes and looked at her. "If you really know it, then go back and reflect. If your attitude is acceptable, you may come back."

Wu Liulian still wanted to speak.

"This will be the last straw. Any more mistakes will result in punishment." Lin Che added.

Wu Liulian heard this and could only agree with gritted teeth.

But she went home, she immediately went into Su Fen's arms and complained.

"This Lin Che doesn't think for our family at all. She insisted that I came home to reflect. It's so embarrassing. How could she do this? I did not do anything wrong at all. Why do I have to reflect?"

"Alright, alright. Tell me what exactly happened."

Wu Liulian told her everything.

Su Fen asked, "What can you do about it? Even Lin Che went to apologize. It seems pretty serious. It also seems like it's not easy to be a celebrity. You should think twice."

"Impossible. Lin Che is being a coward. You didn't see how bossy other celebrities are."

Su Fen could not persuade her. She could only comfort her. "They are just not influential enough."

Wu Liulian was determined. When she went back, she would work even harder. She had to climb up the ranks.

So that she would never have to be dissed again!


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