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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1352 Lin Che Being Close

Lin Che asked, "Do you not have any evidence? Then you take your time to find it. I'm hanging up first. As for the rest, I have no clue either. Don't ask me. I've already said that it'll be better if we work together but you didn't agree. Isn't that right?"

Lin Che hung up as soon as she said those words.

Liang Shan was so mad that she could just die.

Lin Che actually hung up?

She… Wasn't she afraid that they would get a picture of something or discover something?

Then again, come to think about it, it was quite strange. Whatever news over at her side was locked up very tightly as though without a gap or chance for it to leak. It left one…

Liang Shan was disgruntled. But after much thought, she feared worse news would come if she did not stop.

Compared to Lin Che's leakproof ways, Glorious Star did not care about the process while gunning for a head start. Thus, they left many black spots around.

The next day.

Glorious Star appeared and expressed that they were willing to sell the copyrights over to Lin Che, but at a price of one million yuan.

One million yuan did not really matter to Lin Che and she gave it to them for the copyrights. She would fight with a gentleman but not a despicable person. Moreover, there were some disputes about these copyrights. There was some justification for this sum of money being spent.

Soon. the production of the TV drama resumed.

The studio's staff were elated.

"Our Sister Che is incredible. Previous companies ended up wasting uncountable TV dramas due to copyright issues. But all these can't stop Sister Che."

"Yes. Who would have thought that Glorious Star, the troublemaker would actually sell the rights for one million yuan?"

"I wonder what did Sister Che use against them."

"In any case, it's incredible."

"That's right."

For the filming of this TV drama, the scene at the shed would be filmed first.

Lin Che had arrived at the shed first. When she saw that everyone had a rest after two days, she lit up excitedly, feeling quite relaxed.

The male lead was a newcomer who had recently gained fame. His name was Ou Lie.

He did not take part in the opening ceremony as he had another event.

When he returned, he got news of a character whose looks were stunning and would be bound for fame.

But nobody had a picture of him. Moreover, Ou Lie did not want to make an effort to find out more as it would appear that he minded. However, deep down, he had wanted to see how stunning this new guy was.

Just then, Lin Che arrived.

Ou Lie said, "Sister Che, you're here. When will we start filming? I've not acted in a scene with you. I'll need a lot of guidance from you."

"No no, we learn from each other. I've seen your shows and your acting skills are good. You don't have to be so polite."

"No no, Sister Che, your acting skills are for all to see. It's beyond heavenly. I need to learn from you."

Ou Lie laughed as he tried to flatter her with praises when someone came closer to Lin Che.

When Gu Jingze arrived, he witnessed Ou Lie being so eager to please and being all smiles while gawking at Lin Che.

His face darkened.

Gu Jingze got closer with each step.

"Oh my, so handsome."

"Oh my, that must be Zhou Yu."

"So that's him. Too suave."

Hearing voices, Ou Lie looked up.

Immediately, he saw a man of style and suaveness, without any expressions on his face. An aura of pride and god-like, he was very different from the common folk.

This was…

Ou Lie was a little stunned himself.

However, Ou Lie realized right away that this man seemed to be staring at him. Moreover, this stare seemed to be of disdain and hostility.

Ou Lie did not know if he had offended him.

Or could it be…

Because he was the male lead and so this guy took it to heart?

It could be very possible!

Ou Lie could not deny that this Zhou Yu looked extraordinarily good. His looks, his figure, and his qualities were difficult to avoid fame in the entertainment industry.

But he did seem like a newcomer. Did he just enter the industry? Was he just brought in to be groomed after being discovered by someone?

Hence with his looks, it was understandable that he wanted to be the lead and wanted fame.

With the hostility now, was it because he wanted fame and the lead role himself?

Ou Lie felt pressured and insecure quickly.

This TV drama would be big. When the time comes, would his popularity surpass him?

He got stern in a moment and looked at Gu Jingze. "Oh, who is this? How come I've never seen you before?"

Not even the slightest mention of his looks or that he knew who he was and had heard the rumors from the whole production team. He acted like he had completely no idea who this person was. In this way, it could wreck this person's confidence. Don't think about getting famous right away. He still had a long road ahead of him as an unknown newcomer.

Lin Che looked and saw Gu Jingze approaching. She hurriedly got up, looked at him, and gave a bright smile.

Then, she introduced him to Ou Lie. "Ou Lie, this is Gu… this is Zhou Yu."

Ou Lie responded, "Oh, I've never heard of him. Is he new?"

Lin Che said, "That's right."

When she said that, she was smiling while looking at Gu Jingze. Her eyes were extremely bright and different from usual.

Ou Lie wondered why Lin Che seemed to be beaming with pride.

Could it be that she had her eyes on this Zhou Yu, ready to groom him?

That was really…

Too dangerous.

Ou Lie felt saddened about his own future. He started to worry. Looking at Gu Jingze, his heart sighed. However, he was still a newcomer right now. Fame is not based on looks alone. One has to be smart about it in the first place.

Gu Jingze glanced at Ou Lie and fixed his eyes on Lin Che. "What are we filming today?"

Lin Che quickly took the script and explained it. "It's like this. We'll film this today. Come come, I've told the director to change your part when it's your turn."

Ou Lie was stunned.

Lin Che was…

Why did it look like they were together as she walked away with Zhou Yu?

Looking at their behavior…

Looking at their actions…

Looking at how they walked together…

Was this how Lin Che should behave? A current top player in the industry in terms of networking, popularity, and experience.

Lin Che did not know that she was seen as being too close.

After all, with Gu Jingze, she was indeed used to being close.


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