The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1384 Buying A Row At Once
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1384 Buying A Row At Once

If he had not seen Gu Jingze in person previously, he might just have that ounce of courage to provoke Lin Che. Now that the two of them were right in front of them, there was an obvious difference.

Liang Shan pulled her and left quickly. Though dragging a person, he was running faster than a rabbit.

Liang Shan pulled her to the back.

Seeing her like that and worrying about reporters discovering, he quickly took some water and poured it over her.

"Wake up. Take a good look at yourself. What are you trying to do, coming to the union to kick a fuss? Are you tired of living?"

Wu Yufei wiped off the water on her face and opened her eyes to see Liang Shan. Immediately, she shouted, "You dare to splash water at me? Don't you know how many fans I have and you dare splash water at me? This face brings you money. Can you afford to destroy me?"

Liang Shan did not think that this Wu Yufei would have the audacity to speak in that tone with him.

However, he tolerated it. Seeing how drunk she was, he tolerated it.

In addition, it was a fact that her face brought in the money. He would not argue with the money tree.

After getting someone to send her home, Liang Shan went back to rest.

The next day, Wu Yufei was called to go to the company upon waking up.

Liang Shan immediately reprimanded her. "You have to be aware of your image. How could you let it happen? To think you got drunk. Look how many reporters were outside. You might become a joke if they got you running over to Gu Jingze."

Wu Yufei said indifferently, "They didn't get anything right?"

"Ha, didn't get anything. So does that mean you can drink? What if they got you on camera?"

"When that happens, then we'll talk about it. Also, what are you afraid of? It'll just light up some gossip if they have it. Even if it's not in the headlines, it can gain some attention and exposure. Which artist is not popular without some black spots? The more gossip one celebrity has, the more fame he gets."

"You… you…"

Wu Yufei had already stopped talking and immediately got up to leave.

Liang Shan was left angered, slamming the table.

This Wu Yufei was getting out of hand.

Wu Yufei felt lousy and she still had to make an announcement.

A few people followed when she arrived at the airport. After a night of being drunk, she felt exhausted with a long road ahead. Her assistant pulled up in a trolley cart and she got on it immediately. "I can't take it anymore. I'll sit for a bit."

The assistant felt it was a little strange. There were people watching but he could not reject it.

Wu Yufei sat on the trolley cart and moved ahead.

She got on and off the plane. As her flight was delayed, she arrived 2 hours later.

The assistant was like a cat on hot bricks. Wu Yufei was sleeping at a spot.

The assistant was making calls by the side. Wu Yufei said, "Alright, stop making a din. It's late anyway, let me sleep."

When the person had arrived, they were already three hours late.

A few of the older artists hummed, "Seriously, young people these days are really something. In the past, we had to arrive 2 hours earlier, in case of any delays."

Wu Yufei pretended not to hear and went in.

The assistant smiled an embarrassed smile before following.

"Sister Yufei, what would you like to drink?"

"Sister Yufei, let's make you something to eat."

A few of the assistants went back and forth. Wu Yufei could not be bothered to head out and hear those seniors reprimanding. She waited inside and only went out for a round after rehearsals were about to end. Then she returned to play games and enjoy the air-conditioning.

The television station mentioned that these artists were too much. Just appearing for a few minutes earned them a few hundred thousands. It was such easy money.

The television station immediately informed the agency that their artist was playing the high card. They thought it would be better to have someone less of a big shot the next time.

Liang Shan felt restless beyond words and paced back and forth. He could not help but call Wu Yufei to reprimand her.

"Wu Yufei, what are you doing? You even dare to offend the TV station. Aren't you afraid of getting the axe?"

Wu Yufei replied lazily, "Don't I have you guys? Just help me with the public relations and it'll be fine."

She hung up after saying her piece.

Liang Shang was bewildered. Where was the obedient and understanding Wu Yufei of the past? Where has she gone and why was she more and more difficult to manage?

Over at this side, Lin Che headed out with Gu Jingze early in the morning.

Gu Jingze had been away for very long and had said he would accompany her to shop when he returned.

Lin Che was happy of course. She headed out with him after dressing up. Gu Jingze was in charge of driving and she sat beside him.

The two were in a less conspicuous car, a Benz. It was common to see luxury cars on the roads these days and their Benz was much less conspicuous than their other cars.

Especially when one was able to buy a Benz at 200,000 yuan or so, it was no longer as esteemed. Though theirs was of the millions range, not everyone could tell.

Everyone only recognized the Benz sign. Most did not understand or know of the different models. Lin Che was one of those people. Though she knew the cars at home were expensive, it was just a Benz to her and she thought it should be cheaper than a Porsche. In actual fact, she did not know that many Porsches were just a few hundred thousand, not even as expensive as some Benz.

Whenever Gu Jingze wanted to accompany Lin Che, he would get his men to follow from afar, not getting close.

Though Lin Che already had many clothes bought back by the caretaker, all hung up in her closet to her convenience, in all sorts of style, she was after all, a woman. She needed to shop once in a while.

As she walked and reached a store, she did not expect that this time, as soon as she entered, someone greeted her.

"Wow, Lin Che, Gu Jingze…"

Lin Che saw the storekeeper running towards them with excitement.

One look and they were recognized, without an ounce of doubt.

This was because they had been appearing too frequently on the news recently. Those who paid attention to celebrities' gossip would recognize. How could they not know?

"Hello, how do you do?"

"Are you two shopping? Please, come in. We have new arrivals in the store. Take a look…"

Lin Che had wanted to walk around. With such an invite, she could not say so.

She went in to have a look. However, the storekeeper looked at them as though they were animals on display and that made Lin Che feel uncomfortable. Thus, she did not really see how the clothes were and casually went one round.

As for Gu Jingze, he lowered his head and looked at Lin Che, and then looked at the storekeeper who would not stop talking. He said, "Alright."

The storekeeper looked at Gu Jingze and wondered if he was getting upset. He did not expect Gu Jingze to say, "Alright, wrap up this whole row for us. Send them to the Gu family. The card is here. We still have things to do, so we'll make a move first."


The storekeeper looked. Wow, buying an entire row just like that.

A local tycoon indeed.

The storekeeper looked at Gu Jingze with surprise and joy. He quickly nodded his head, "Sure sure sure, rest assured."

Gu Jingze held onto Lin Che and left.


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