The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1403 Gu Jingze Said, Buy Buy Buy
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1403 Gu Jingze Said, Buy Buy Buy

The men left after they were done.

Liang Shan sat on the ground fuming as he had never been so humiliated before.

Fine, fine, Lin Che, you're something.

Liang Shan thought in his head. Fine, I won't deal with Wu Yufei. Wu Yufei is not worth my time.

But now, I'll deal with you, Lin Che.

He did not go face to face. Seeing the power that Lin Che had today, it was indeed more than what he had imagined. Naturally, he did not dare to use the same antics as he did with Wu Yufei on Lin Che. However, he could use underhand tricks.

Public opinions had always been like a knife. Anybody could use it, benefit, or get hurt from it.

Liang Shan had not returned for long and he made a call to a familiar marketing number right away. He got someone to let out the news that the person who was sowing discord between Wu Yufei and him was none other than Lin Che.

He said that Lin Che had always wanted to be the industry's chief but Glorious Star had always been in the way. As Glorious Star had grown, Lin Che had no choice but to start using this tactic to go against Glorious Star to poach their people.

There were all kinds of rumors spreading as well that mentioned that Lin Che had a lot of power, connections with officials, and befriending the people with motives as though she had the entire sky in her hands. Anyone who listened would be scared. Also, look at how scary the power surrounding her is, one wealthy family, one in the shadows, one Gu Jingze, one Yu Minmin. It was impossible if you want to steal the sky and exchange it for a day. Who would not be scared of her? Who would dare bully her? Even the broadcasting station was afraid of her. Thus, nobody else can make TV dramas except her. It was no issue even if it was being filmed while it was aired at the same time. The rumors made it like the internal departments were all operated by Lin Che's family.

Due to numerous marketing departments doing the draft at the same time, the netizens saw it right away.

When Yu Minmin saw all these, she scoffed. "What's the meaning of this? Are they messing with us?"

Lin Che looked at some of the netizens' responses. "No way. This is so exaggerated. Who would actually believe this?"

Yu Minmin replied, "To them, the entertainment industry has always been an exaggeration. They're not even familiar with it and only see it from their television screens. They don't know the specifics for sure. Oh, if you were as bold as they say you are, our company wouldn't be as small scale as we still are. And we wouldn't invest in a cheap TV drama that can only earn so much and we all end up exhausted. What is written about you is as though you're controlling the entire entertainment industry every minute."

"Yes… so formidable. I thought I was reading a novel."

However, even if the people within the industry knew how exaggerated it was, those outside the industry might not think the same.

The netizens immediately started bashing Lin Che.

Lin Che looked and felt down. She did not think it was good to respond directly, so she posted a statement on Weibo.

"This world is getting more fantastical."

Numerous netizens commented on this statement. In an instant, there were a few ten thousand comments, discussing everything.

Just then, Gu Jingze suddenly appeared…

In the afternoon, Lin Che was looking at the announcements when Yu Minmin ran over.

"Wow wow, quick have a look. Gu Jingze replied."

"What?" Lin Che looked curiously.

Yu Minmin immediately said, "Quick, have a look. Your husband is too domineering."

Lin Che rushed over to look.

It turned out that Gu Jingze had responded to one netizen's comment.

The netizen had said, "President Gu, your Lin Che has been bullied by Glorious Star."

Gu Jingze replied with one word. "Buy."

Lin Che stared in astonishment. "What does this mean?"

"Wow, didn't you see the top list of topics? You have to see both."

"What topic?"

Lin Che looked over and saw this on the top of the list: Gu Industries bought Glorious Star Entertainment.

"…." Lin Che was shocked and thought she had seen wrong.

However, it was right. Gu Jingze had really bought it over.

At the bottom, a notice by Glorious Star was seen.

"Glorious Star has a new owner but artists don't need to worry. Glorious Star has only a change of equity, it won't affect the department's growth. Under Gu Clan's leadership, Glorious Star will definitely be greater. At the same time, we've become a family with Lin Che's studio. Please stop flaming us, everyone. Thank you." Weibo also mentioned Lin Che's studio.

A staff member from Lin Che's studio had replied with a heart.

This show left netizens surprised.

"Gu Jingze is so cool." The netizens were attracted to this move of Gu Jingeze's. Nobody bothered about the outrageous story previously.

"Gu Jingze is the real man. He says buy and he buys."

"Wealthy means wealthy."

There was someone who even put together some paragraphs about Lin Che and Gu Jingze.

Lin Che's comments were overtaken by these paragraphs.

It was all something like, Lin Che said, Hubby, I…, and then Gu JIngze responded, Buy buy buy.

Lin Che wondered about Gu Jingze…

Just then…

Liang Shan was really helpless.

He went into the company, not understanding how the ownership of Glorious Star can change in just one afternoon when he was not around.

"President Chen, is it true? About what is being said online?"

Liang Shan asked immediately in the office.

President Chen was packing his things. "Yes, you only know now? We belong to Gu Industries. I've left some equity dividends but most of it belongs to Gu Industries now."

Liang Shan's face changed. "How can you sell just like that?"

"He offered a lot of money. Moreover, if Gu Industries wants to buy, there are many ways to do it. Do you think it's good to offend Gu Jingze? Look at it this way. If I don't sell it, he's going to use some tactics. When that happens, it'll still be his. I don't want to go through so much. Why not get that bit of money and let him have what he wants?"

"But I…" Liang Shan said. "I don't agree."

"Oh, you don't have to agree. When the company was bought over, it was also agreed that you would no longer be working here. You can pack up."

"What…" Liang Shan was stunned and just stood there, looking dead.

"Alright, you can go out now. This is part of the Gu Industries. Also, we've already decided to have good relations with Lin Che's studio. We'll also follow her studio's rules and regulations. The change will start immediately."

Liang Shan had never imagined that in an instant, he would fall into an abyss.

He had thought that he could fight it out with Lin Che.

All these years, he was considered as a reputable agent in the industry with some prestige. However, these were nothing in the eyes of the wealthy.

Because their methods of solving problems were easier.

Liang Shan had been too confident and too prideful all these years. He did not think that whatever made him feel proud was not even worth mentioning in the likes of Gu Jingze.


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