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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1432 A Beautiful Display

Lu Beichen looked over that side. "Relax, it's just a few punks. What's there to be afraid of?"

"But it's dangerous…"

Fu Chenxi could not hold him back.

Immediately, Lu Beichen had already gone forward.

"Hey, don't you guys feel embarrassed about surrounding one girl?"

A few of them turned their heads around, stunned. Their eyes shifted when they saw Lu Beichen.

Fang Zun knew he could not afford to offend Lu Beichen. His eyes shifted and he said, "Hey, you have your own girlfriend. Don't play the hero for other girls."

Lu Beichen was already walking over. "What does having a girlfriend have to do with Gu Jingyan? I just don't like seeing so many people surrounding a girl."

Fang Zun looked at Gu Jingyan. "I'm not surrounding her. I'm going after her. What does this have to do with you?"

Lu Beichen looked at Gu Jingyan. "He's chasing after you. Do you agree to that?"

Gu Jingyan shook her head. "I don't agree."

Lu Beichen smiled in satisfaction. He knew that the fourth young mistress from the Gu family would not like a punk like Fang Zun. Gu Jingyan had class.

"Hey, you've heard it. She's saying she doesn't like you. You can leave."

Fang Zun's face turned red. "Not liking means I've to do the chasing. We would be together if she liked me. Anyway, this is between us. It has nothing to do with you. Hey, isn't that your girlfriend over there? If you don't move away, I can't guarantee if I'll take any action. Don't blame me if anything happens then."

Lu Beichen scoffed. "If you want to hurt my people, you should take a look at your own capabilities first."

Fang Zun eyes narrowed. He could not be frightened in front of a pretty girl.

"Very well." Fang Zun immediately attacked.

Lu Beichen followed with his fist and returned a hit.

However, Fang Zun had many guys with him this time. Moreover, the school compounds were his territory. As he fought, the punks under him immediately charged over.

It was difficult for Lu Beichen's pair of hands to fight off four. Though he was not beaten to a pulp, he did take a few beatings.

On the other side, Fu Chenxi was scared stiff. She hid there, not daring to move an inch.

Just then…

"The police are here."

Someone outside shouted. The police were seen hurrying over.

Lu Beichen was kicked to the ground. He looked up at the men in uniform and said, "You guys are here pretty fast this time."

He also saw that Gu Jingyan had come along.

So it was her. She knew something was going to happen and had already gone to call the police.

Gu Jingyan noticed Lu Beichen on the ground right away.

Though the opposition was in bad shape, Lu Beichen was not great either. His handsome face had taken a hit and was bruised all over.

"Lu Beichen!" Gu Jingyan hurried over to help.

"How did this happen? You even got hit." She helped Lu Beichen up.

"Ouch…" Lu Beichen moaned. He got up and massaged his cheeks. "I'm alright. They're far worse."

Opposite, four guys had fallen to the ground including Fang Zun, whose face had turned purple after the beating. He looked far worse than Lu Beichen.

But Gu Jingyan's heart was slightly moved. She looked at Lu Beichen deeply. "Alright, let's go to the sickbay first."

As Lu Beichen was assisted, he looked at Gu Jingyan. This woman, I have not noticed her for two months and now, she looks even more beautiful.

It was as though something had penetrated her skin. She was glowing throughout.

Her skin was as fair as a snowflake, making her cheeks look even brighter.

At seventeen or eighteen, one would start transforming. If Gu Jingyan could be more low profile, her genes could just be left in her bones.

Lu Beichen only thought that for some reason, Gu Jingyan looked even prettier than before. He said, "Not that I want to say, but why did you have to be so attention seeking? Now, you're in trouble."

Gu Jingyan looked at him. "Why is it my fault again? He came looking on his own."

"If you weren't so attention-seeking in the first place, how would he have noticed you?"

"Oh, I'm happy to seek attention. But does it mean that he can come and make things difficult for me? You say it as if I stripped off my clothes and it's only natural that someone should come and rape me. Even if I'm naked, it's still rape if it's without consent. Do you even understand?"

"Ha, you've got a sharp tongue. I'm not going to care about you in the future."

"Ha, who wants your care?"

"Beichen, Jingyan…"

Just then, Fu Chenxi walked over.

Gu Jingyan looked at Fu Chenxi and let go of Lu Beichen's hand. She smiled, "Alright, you can have him back."

Lu Beichen looked. Was she just going to push him to someone else?

"Hey, Gu Jingyan, I did take a beating for you after all. And now, you're running off just like that?"

Gu Jingyan turned her head around. "Your girlfriend is here. What am I needed for? Go be lovey-dovey. I don't want to be the third wheel."

Fu Chenxi turned red in the face. However, looking at Gu Jingyan and then at Lu Beichen, she quickly said, "Jingyan, you seldom hang out with us now… Are you unhappy?"

Gu Jingyan paused and quickly waved her hand. "No no, I'm not unhappy. I'm just worried I'll intrude on you both. Moreover, you guys are together. It's cruel since I'm single. It's better if I stay far away."

Fu Chenxi looked at her and lowered her head in shyness.

She did not really want Gu Jingyan to be around either. It was quite nice for her to be alone with Lu Beichen actually. Whenever Gu Jingyan was around, she would somehow be nervous because Gu Jingyan was too perfect. She always felt that in front of her, she was buried completely. She worried that Lu Beichen would see Gu Jingyan in a different manner while his girlfriend was a disaster.

Lu Beichen asked, "Are you sure you're that kind-hearted?"


They reached the sickbay as they talked. Lu Beichen went to get the medicine on and Gu Jingyan left.

It was the school's awards ceremony the next day.

Gu Jingyan went up on to the stage again.

She was the top student of the entire school.

She was also the model student.

She went up on stage, received her award, and stood there to address the students.

"Hello everyone, I'm Gu Jingyan."

The students looked at her who stood under the sunlight, thinking she was extremely pretty.

Lu Beichen heard some started speculating at the side.

"Gu Jingyan looks really good. Look, her skin's so fair."

"Oh yes. I get tanned once it's summer. But it seems like she doesn't get tanned."

Lu Beichen looked at Gu Jingyan. Indeed, under the sunlight, her skin glowed. It was so natural and beautiful.

Someone from the side added on, "And her features are nice."

"She's good in her academic studies too."

"Do you realize that even in the same uniforms, it looks different on her and on us?"

"So it's better to just look at her face."


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