The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1451 Lu Family’s Banquet Is Really Of Nobility
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1451 Lu Family’s Banquet Is Really Of Nobility

Gu Jingyan looked up and really got a fright immediately.

"Wow, so handsome. There are handsome guys at the entrance."

"Who? They even drove here. Are they students? How can students be driving cars?"

The teacher looked out as well and saw two punkish and handsome looking guys. He frowned.

Gu Jingyan had no choice but to walk out.

"What are you all doing? Who asked you to come?"

Gu Jingyan crossed her arms as she spoke.

The two of them held onto Gu Jingyan. "Alright alright. There's no meaning to tutoring. Come, let's go have fun."

"Ah, no…"

Gu Jingyan could not resist them and got pulled away.

In the end, Fu Chenxi chose to go to Lu's home in a brighter color.

She debated for a while at home before finally picking the color.

She felt very nervous as it was the Lu family's banquet. She only hoped she would be at her best for the Lu family to see, for Lu Qinyu to see and for Lu Beichen to see. She did not wish to embarrass herself.

Her family members saw how dressed up and beautiful she was and found it strange. When Fu Chenxi went out the door, she did not even want to look at her parents. She always felt that it was unfair that she was born into such an ordinary family.

Her parents looked at her and asked, "Chenxi, where are you going after you've put on makeup? You're a student. It's not good to put on makeup."

Fu Chenxi immediately frowned and said, "What do you guys know? I have to put on makeup when I attend a banquet."

"What? You're just a student and you're attending a banquet?"

"I've already said you won't understand. Get off my back." Fu Chenxi immediately opened the door and headed out.

She was usually an obedient girl. Her family did not know what had gotten into her, which sparked such a huge change.

Fu Chenxi got into Lu Beichen's car far from her home.

She had gotten Lu Beichen to pick her up not too close to her home.

Lu Beichen saw Fu Chenxi and smiled. "Your clothes are not bad. Your taste is not bad."

Fu Chenxi's eyes moved. She smiled. "Is that so?"

She did not mention that Gu Jingyan had picked this outfit for her.

Soon, they arrived at the banquet.

The location of the banquet was more impressive than that of the school's. One could tell that it was a very upscale place.

When she got out of the car, she looked up and sighed. One look at the sign with the seven stars and she knew that this place was a seven-star rated hotel.

Lu Beichen was already walking over when she got out of the car.

She hurried to catch up. Looking at the people who came, one looked nobler than the next. The number of beautiful women was uncountable.

This was much more grand and significant than the school's banquet.

At first,  Fu Chenxi was still quite confident with the attire she had on and had dressed up well. She thought she was in a good spot. As long as Gu Jingyan didn't come, then she would not embarrass Lu Beichen.

Unexpectedly,  upon arriving,  she saw so many beautiful women. Right away, she felt insignificant.

She held onto her hands tighter. Looking at Lu Beichen, she felt scared to keep up with him anymore.

Lu Beichen did not realize her uneasiness. He turned back to say, "Walk quickly."

Fu Chenxi hurried over.

Soon,   they entered the place. Then,  she discovered that there were even celebrities walking past in the lobby. Fu Chenxi said, "There are so many beautiful women."

Lu Beichen just nodded.

Fu Chenxi wanted to test him. "Can't you see? There're so many beautiful women."

Lu Beichen asked, "What does that have to do with me?"

Fu Chenxi lowered her head. "Nothing… I'm just afraid I'll embarrass you."

Lu Beichen replied, "What are you thinking? That won't happen. They are them. I am me. Who cares about me?"

                             However, he may have said as such but there were still numerous people who noticed Lu Beichen as soon as they walked in.

This was the Lu family's banquet after all. Lu Beichen was the successor of the Lu family. How could people not notice him?

Fu Chenxi then realized how powerful Lu Beichen actually was.

The adults who looked like officials and executives all bowed to him and Lu Beichen did not seem to bother about anyone.

Fu Chenxi wondered how affluent the Lu family was that everyone was so afraid of them.

Just then…

"Beichen, you're here."

Someone said, "Your father is inside. Go in quickly."

Lu Beichen nodded and took Fu Chenxi along to head in.

"Lu Beichen, why are you only here now? I've already helped entertain your father for half a day."

The woman inside was dressed in warm yellow. She looked pretty and generous. Though she was young, she looked like a noble princess.

Lu Beichen said, "Got it got it. You can leave first."

"Hey, you don't care about me now that you've made use of me? Call yourself my older brother." The young girl placed her hands on her hips.

This young lady was Lu Chuxia, Lu Beichen's younger sister.

Fu Chenxi's eyes lit up when she heard this.

Lu Beichen brushed Lu Chuxia aside.

Lu Chuxia scoffed and noticed Fu Chenxi who was behind. She frowned and asked, "Who's this?"

"None of your business." Lu Beichen pulled Fu Chenxi in immediately.

Fu Chenxi looked at Lu Beichen. "That's your younger sister?"

"Yeah, don't bother about her. She has issues."

"How can it be?" Fu Chenxi turned back to look. "I think she's very pretty."

"No matter how pretty she is, it can't change the sick brain she has." Lu Beichen said.

"What sick brain? Who are you talking about?" Lu Chuxia said from inside.

Fu Chenxi saw Lu Qinyu in a moment and immediately lowered her head.

Lu Qinyu saw her.

"Oh, you're here." Lu Qinyu smiled. "Your dress is not bad. Where did you borrow it from?"

Fu Chenxi was shocked.

Lu Beichen frowned. "Dad, when did you start researching women's clothes?"

Lu Qinyu turned to face Lu Beichen. "If you've nothing better to do, bring your friend around. But you have to be clear. There are many guests today. Don't run about thoughtlessly. What wou


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