The Chance to Grow
1 1 An Average Day, I think...
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The Chance to Grow
Author :Nostalgia_
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1 1 An Average Day, I think...

ENGHHH, ENGHHH, ENGHHHH (Alarm clock noises). It was 6:15 in the morning, and just like any other day, Cloud woke up and got ready for another day of school. Well at least, ordinary for this generation's students. Cloud was your average every day joe you could spot any where on the streets. There wasn't really anything special about him at all. He had an average look, height, weight, background, talent, and dick size. His grades and combat skill were average, putting him in the exact middle of his high school's ranking system.

Cloud walked downstairs into his kitchen where the rest of his family were eating. "Good morning Cloud." A beautiful middle aged woman greeted. "Morning mom." Cloud greeted back. He sat down next to his older sister who was also a gorgeous young woman. The trio ate peacefully with the sunshine peeking through the window sills. No matter how you looked at this scene, one would think that the family was an average, normal family. That guess would be right. The three were all average people, at least Cloud really was. His sister, Miku, was not only beautiful and plump in all the right places, but was the number one student in academics and third in combat ability. She was in her last year of high school and had received a full ride scholarship to go to Yaleous University. The number one University in all of the west. While Leon's mother, Rose, had grown up relatively normal. The only thing special about her, besides her beauty and mature body, was that she was the former heiress to a multibillion dollar company which went bankrupt after her father had apparently gone crazy and sold all the the stocks to some homeless man with a bank account. "Hey Cloud, you ready for your recruitment test today?" Miku asked. "Recruitment? Oh shit the recruitment test!" Cloud exclaimed. Miku sighed,"This is why you're stuck in the middle of the rankings. You better hurry up and get to school before it starts." The young woman said. With that, Cloud ran out the door in a rush to get to school.

Even though he didn't want to admit it, his sister was right. "Geez, I got to get off my ass and get on top of things from now on." As Cloud was running to school, a military helicopter passed overhead. The helicopter had the army's symbol/logo on the side of it. The symbol depicted a tiger head with two Japanese katanas making an X through it. In the helicopter was the army's recruiter/inspector who took all the promising and talented students to become true cultivators and master their powers at prestigious military academy's and university's. Yaleous university Cloud's sister was one of those military university's. Cloud's goal was to also get accepted to Yaleous. His goal wasn't to get a scholarship, but just to get accepted, as he knew his averageness was never going to be enough to get a scholarship. "Sheeeet, almost there!" Cloud ran as fast as he could , as those who were late wouldn't get to take the recruitment test. As he ran into to his classroom, the helicopter landed on top of the school. Out came a tall and toned woman. She was wearing a military uniform with a staff sergeant insignia on it. Next to the staff sergeant, was a sergeant under her command. The two were greeted by the school's principal, an old man who had a buff body. He looked like he held not only wisdom from old age, but wisdom to kick your ass. "Beautiful as always my daughter!" The old man yelled out. "Hey pops." "Hello Sergeant Major Jergens" The two women greeted. "Awh come on Ceta, now that you're under my daughter you don't have to be so formal." The old man said with a tone of sarcastic sadness. The three walked down into the school building.

"Yo! You actually showed up on time today!" A young man yelled out to Cloud with a smile on his face. This young man was Cloud's best friend Leon. Leon was a tall and handsome young man with a good figure. Some might even say he had the looks to be a professional model or actor. "Oh, hey Leon. Has anything started yet?" Cloud asked. "Nah you're just on time for the first part of the test." Leon said. Cloud looked around the classroom. All of his classmates were furiously studying, of course except for himself and Leon. "So what's the first part?" Cloud asked. "No one knows for sure yet, but the rumor is that it will consist of a strategy scenario essay and then basic strength test like weightlifting." Leon answered. "Oof that's tough...Well then again, I don't really excel at anything..." Cloud thought. A few moments later the class' teacher walked in with the principal and two women in military uniforms. "All right everyone, I'd like everyone to listen up! You guy's should already know what's happening so I won't waste anyone's time and introduce these two ladies." The principal, Sergeant Major Jergens announced. "To my left is Staff Sergeant Jergens, and to my right is Sergeant Philips." The whole class went silent as they knew ranking in the army meant the amount of power that person held. "Staff Sergeant Jergens seems pretty young doesn't she? Wish I could have a smoking hot wife like her in the future." Leon whispered to Cloud. "Yeah, I wonder how she reached that rank so early in life." Cloud responded. "You two in the back! Come down here now!" A voice boomed from the front. Cloud and Leon both in shock looked towards each other and started to sweat. "You dare ignore my command?" The voice yelled out again. The two best friend's darted down the steps of classroom and ran towards the front. They stopped in front of the same young woman who they were just talking about. "Fuck..." Leon whispered to Cloud. "Knell!" The Staff Sergeant commanded. The two then felt that they had no control over their bodies. A mini nuke went off in Cloud's mind. He realized that they were examples for the rest of the class. The staff sergeant wanted to show off what she could do because of the army university's help. Cloud and Leon both knelling in front of the young, bountiful, and stunningly beautiful lady couldn't help but feel and show anger towards her. SSG Jergens then yelled out, "Today all of you will perform to the best of your ability's. If myself and Sergeant Philips over here see them as adequate enough you may receive a the guarantee to go to any military university or institution you want." The whole class started whispering amongst themselves as all of the felt both excited and nervous at the same time.

While all of this is happening, Cloud and Leon collapse onto the floor from the oppressive force that was still on them. "Now as for you two, get your asses back to your desks and shut up!" SSG Jergens yelled. The two made their way back. Cloud thought to himself,"I'll definitely make her mine."

"Test Start!" yelled out the principal. The class had been tasked to write out a battle plan/strategy against an attack from a much stronger invader. Cloud wrote,"Face them head on with no fear. If I must die, then I will die for my country." He was happy with the essay he wrote and when it was time to stop turned it in proudly. The next test also went with the rumors. It was a basic physical ability test. It consisted of punching force, kicking force, the level of cultivation they were at, the use of any power's the student's had, and etc. Once that test finished, all the results from the first test came out.

Rank 1: Cara Divine

Rank 2: Maxwell Thermal

Rank 3: Leon Light

Rank 4: Esmeralda...


Rank 50:Cloud Gold


Rank 100: ...

"Ugh, 50 out of 100? Dang, average again." Cloud commented to himself.

"Alright everyone, it's time for the fun part!" Principal Jergens announced. "Based on the rankings of the first few tests, the bottom ranking students get to challenge any rank above their current rank to a spar. This will get you a higher spot in the overall rankings if you win. Those who are challenged, if you win you stay the same rank. Each rank starting from 100, challenged a higher rank to a duel. Some won some lost. Some revealed powers like the ability to control an element, or shapeshifting. While others showed off their cultivation prowess/how far they have gotten in their cultivation journey. There were a special few though who revealed they have both a power and the talent to cultivate.

It was now cloud's turn to challenge someone. "I challenge rank number 5." The whole class started laughing. You could hear the snarky remarks some made towards his challenge. "Is he serious? He isn't even as strong as rank 40, and he want's to challenge rank 5." One student said. "You sure you want to do this?" Leon asked Cloud. "Yup, this is the only way to guarantee a spot to Yaleous." Cloud responded. Another student with a more disdainful tone announced,"I'll take you on little bitch." This was the student who was currently rank 5. The two made their way into the fighting arena. "This should be interesting." Sergeant Philips said to the other two. "Kid's got balls at least." SSG Jergens commented. "Who is he anyways?" SG Philips asked Principal Jergens. "Here's his stat sheet." Principal Jergens handed a tablet over.

Cloud Gold


Height: 176.53Cm/5ft 9.5In



Cultivation: Rank 4 Student

Talent: Average


Combat Ability Grade: C+

"An average student I would say." SG Philips said. "Average indeed." SSG Jergens commented.

A whistle blew and two young men rushed towards each other. The 5th ranked student, Jeremy, threw a haymaker towards Cloud's right eye. Cloud at the same time attempted a flying knee, which was notorious for busting faces up. The two attacks block each other but Cloud is sent backwards by the force of Jeremy's punch. Jeremy rushes Cloud as Cloud gets back up. Jeremy yells,"Your only another piece of shit cannon fodder!" Cloud's mind goes blank as he dwells on what just happened. "A knee was supposed to be stronger than a punch right? Then what the hell just... FUCK THIS!" Cloud see's Jeremy rushing towards him and runs towards the edge of the arena. Jeremy sends a flying kick towards Cloud. Cloud sidesteps to the right, and shoots out a quick palm to Jeremy's back. Jeremy's body is sent outside of the ring.

"What just happened?" The crowd was confused on how Cloud actually won. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Cloud yelled out with passion. He rushed out to Leon and the two celebrated together while everyone else was still dumbfounded on how Cloud won in such an easy fashion. "He just sidestepped and won...Who would be dumb enough to fall for that trick?..." The crowd murmured. Cloud also knew that he had won by dumb luck that his opponent was an arrogant idiot. In the official box above the arena. "HAHAHAHAHA! You owe me a picture of you in cosplay!" SG Philips shouted out to SSG Jergens. "Screw you." SSG Jergens responded with a pissed tone. "You lost the bet my daughter you must commit to the deal." Principal Jergens told his daughter with a smile on his face. Principal Jergens then winked towards Sergeant Philips, which meant to send him that picture later too. "Fine, but get the kid who just won over here. I need someone to release some steam on and he seems like the perfect target considering he dodged to win." SSG Jergens said.

"What the... Where am I?" A young man said. He was in a pitch black room. He felt around and turned on a light switch. "Uhm hello again SSG Jergens..." Cloud spoke out weakly. "Why am I here?" Cloud asked. "I had my sergeant teleport you here." SSG Jergens responded. "For what?" Cloud asked. "You made me lose my bet. Now you have to pay!" Jergens said. Crack, pop, SSG Jergens cracked her knuckles. "Wait a minute! I stil... Still have to fight in the ranking test if someone challenges me!" Cloud stammered. "It's okay, i'll just have your rank stay at fifth no matter what." SSG Jergens responded. She then rushed towards Cloud. "WAIT I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOUR REAL NAME! At least tell me before..." BOOM*. Jergens fist lit up with an azure glow and a cold chill came off of it. Cloud's face and Jergens fist connected and Cloud was sent into the wall's of the room. "You can call me Misty." SSG Jergens told him. "So beautiful..." Cloud had passed out mid sentence. Right before he went unconscious, he had determined Misty to be his future wife. Not because he actually fell in love with her, but because she had humiliated him twice. He wanted to get back at her by making her head over heels for him. What Cloud didn't see though, was that Misty blushed after she heard him call her beautiful. Even though she was a Staff Sergeant, she was still a young woman at heart.


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