The Chance to Grow
3 3 Weird Scenes all Day...
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The Chance to Grow
Author :Nostalgia_
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3 3 Weird Scenes all Day...

Two young men were practicing martial arts in the yard of their school. "Watch out Cloud!" Leon warned Cloud as he threw out a fist full of fire. "Too slow". Cloud dodged the fist and got behind Leon with twice the speed he was able to before. "A THOUSAND YEARS OF DEATH!" Cloud's fingers approached Leon's ass faster than the speed of sound. *BOOOOM* A sonic impact hit Leon's now bleeding asshole. Leon landed on the floor with a face full of happiness. He had reached a state of euphoria... "Leon you nasty ass..." Cloud commented. "You're the one who had to pull out the forbidden move!" Leon responded with a smile on his face. Leon wasn't gay, but you could say he was a bit of a sissy..."Now I have to get you back! SEXY JUTSU!" Leon's body turned into beautiful female's. He had grown large glistening breasts, and a booty so phat, you'd think his name was Kim K. His face resembled the model Emily Ratajkowski, who had a tanner shade of sexy skin. "You piece of shit! You know I can't fight back against my queen!" Cloud had lost his sense to fight, but a different feeling inside of him started to grow. "HAHA, I win!" Leon poofed back into his own body in a cloud of smoke. "Fuck you dipshit..." Cloud frustratedly said.

"When did you get so fast? You never were able to get behind and land an attack, I always blocked them before they reached." Leon questioned with a curious tone. "Secrets my friend, secrets." Cloud looked at Leon while thinking about the Marychan the OP system. "Whatever... Did you report to Principal Jergens yet?" Leon asked. "Why would I do that?" Cloud retorted "Well each student selected to go to Yaleous next year, has to get their forms directly from him. You also have to tell him how you are going to pay the rest of the tuition." Leon answered. "Welp, i'll go right now then." Cloud parted ways with Leon and walked towards the principal's office.

*Knock*Knock*Knock*. Cloud slightly opened the door to the office without waiting for an answer. "Damn Principal Jergens, you got hoes!" Cloud commented in his head and quickly pulled out his phone. Inside the room a muscular old man, who could definitely beat Cloud's ass, was being attended to by two women, who were of course of age and had consented to their actions. It wasn't too long after he started recording before he was caught. "How the fuck did you get in here?! Ladies, please leave the room. I'll call you back later." The old man was flustered but impressed on how Cloud snuck into the room without him knowing. The two ladies scurried out the door while nodding towards Cloud with their blushing faces. "Very impressive kid. I don't know how you got past my spiritual sense, but what do you want anyways?" The old man asked Cloud. In reality, Principal Jergen's spiritual sense was down because he was too focused on the ladies from before. "Well Principal Jergen's, I was told that I need to get forms for Yaleous University from you." Cloud said. "Well kid, since you saw me for me already... You can just call me Old Man Jergens. Anyways, the forms are on the coffee table in front of you, just sig and return them back by next week Friday, with whatever amount of money you can, to pay the tuition." Old Man Jergens said. "Alright thanks, Old Man Jergens." Cloud turned around to leave. "Wait kid! Secret, right?!" The Old Man asked. "Hehe, of course a secret." Cloud said with an evil tone. "Kid, I have enough power to wipe out your whole family in an instant. You think i'm playing around?" Old Man Jergens threatened. "Well then, how about you owe a single favor and I won't send this video I recorded of you to anyone." Cloud threatened back. "Damn, sneaky ass kid." The old man thought. "Don't think about trying to break or take my phone, I already uploaded the video to the cloud and drive. I can access it no matter how many devices you break, there will always another." Cloud was actually bluffing, he didn't have enough time to do anything with the video besides end it when he got caught peeking. "Okay, here's my number, save it and call me whenever you need help with something, but if I ever see that video posted online. I'll slaughter you and your whole family." Old man Jergens said while radiating killing intent. "If that were to ever happen I would already be OP, lol." Cloud thought inside his head.

As Cloud was heading towards his room after he got home, he heard his mother sobbing in the master bedroom. He got closer to it and when he confirmed his mother was actually crying and not some tv drama, he opened the door to see Rose on the floor holding a piece of paper and a picture. He walked up to her and seen that the photo was of a middle aged man wearing a mercenary uniform. "Mom, why are you crying?" Cloud asked concerned over the contents of the letter. "Oh it's nothing. I just received something that I never thought I would." His mother responded. "Who is that?" Cloud asked. "You know how I told you, your father died before you were born? This is your father, he disappeared when you were just 2 years old." Rose responded."My father? Why did I feel like I saw this coming lol." Cloud said to his mother with no sign of concern over where his father is. "So what does that letter say?" Cloud asked. "He's coming back." Rose answered with the look of glee on her face. "Oh its' like that now? What do I call him? He hasn't been here for my whole life..." Cloud asked. "Just call him pops like you did with grandpops." Rose responded. "Ight, when's he coming?" Cloud said. "Says's here, tomorrow. It also says you better get ready." Rose told Cloud. "Ready? Ready for what?" Cloud asked. "I don't know, it just says get ready." Cloud's mother responded. Rose put away the letter and picture. "How about dinner, how does that sound?" Rose wiped away her tears and with a face full of excitement and expectation, went downstairs and prepared dinner for the family of three who were about to become four. "You heard all of that Miku?" Cloud asked a white skinned beauty who was passing by. "Yup, by the way, you change your hair or something?" Miku asked wondering what looked different about her brother. "Maybe, I should've gradually increased my height. Seems too suspicious if I keep growing a few inches out of nowhere." Cloud thought to himself. "Uhm, yeah. Thanks for noticing." Cloud responded and headed downstairs.

Cloud sat on his bed. "So Marychan, what cultivation level was my grandpops at exactly?" Cloud asked the system. "Diamond Realm, level 4." Marychan answered. "What does that mean?" Cloud asked. "Well the cultivation system goes like this. Student, bronze, carburized iron, silver, gold, dark gold, diamond, and polished diamond." The system answered. "Who the fuck named it after metals? Horrible naming sense. Lets do it like this. Student, Apprentice, Practitioner, Earth Realm, Sky Realm, Moon Realm, Sun Realm, and Star Cluster Realm." Cloud commented. "Still sounds like shit, but whatever." Marychan answered. "Each realm is split into ten levels and right now, you're at the lowest one." Marychan answered. "How about the students at Yaleous University?" Cloud asked. "Apparently the freshmen reach apprentice in the middle of the school year, sophomores reach practitioner, juniors get to Earth Realm, and Seniors have to hit peak Earth realm to graduate." Marychan answered. "I've got a lot of work to do." Cloud thought. "Is there a way to make cultivation go faster?" Cloud thought of his new cultivation manual and how weird it was. "Well you can rub better herbs on your body." Marychan answered. "Aha! Great idea, but where do I get better herbs from?" Cloud asked Marychan. "According to the data given to me by your grandpops." Marychan answered. "Of course...Amazonian sells everything." Cloud proclaimed.

Cloud went online and bought 3 sets of herbs. "It says in the description, each set should last me a month, but with my "rubbing" habits. All three should only last a month." Cloud thought to himself. Cloud had spent $10000 on Phoenix leaves, plant "jizz", and a mixture of other leaves. Apparently, Cloud had to stir the plant "jizz" with hot water and drink it.

The next day: DING DONG MOTHERFUCKER* The door bell went off and Cloud went to the door. "Damn those leaves came in fast!" He thought to himself. "Package for Cloud Gold." said a gigantic and muscular deep voiced middle aged man at the door. "Yup that's me! Thanks." Cloud responded and tried to close the door. "Ah, wait!" The man moved his foot to stop the door. "Uhm, you need something?" Cloud asked. "Cloud, I am your father." The man said. "You mean, "No, I am your father.", right?" Cloud responded, abashed at how the man got one of the most famous lines from the movie Star Battles wrong. "What? No. That's not what I meant." The man who claimed to be his father said. "Ohhhh, MOOOOM! Someone who said he's my father is here!" Cloud yelled into his home. "AHHHHH, SHIN YOU'RE BACK!" Cloud's mother ran downstairs and ran into the arms of the man at the door. "Hello my Rose. Still as beautiful as ever I see." Shin said. SMACK* "After 14 years of being gone, that's all you have to say?!" Rose berated at the man. "Why's mom hugging the mailman?" Miku asked while walking down the stairs. "Wait a minute why do you feel so familiar?" Miku asked Shin. "Cause he's your father." Rose answered for him. Miku stared at the man intensely. Tears falling from her gorgeous goddess like face. "Why did you leave?" She also ran at the man, but not to hug him, but to attack him. "Do you know how many times you made mom cry? Growing up and struggling to live because mom's old job never payed enough! FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! White Dragon's Breath!" An image of a White Ice Dragon appeared behind Miku and out of her palm came out dozens of sharp ice spears. "Apprenctice realm, level 3? Too weak." Shin said. The ice spears coming at him disintegrated before they even got sent towards him. Shin then looked towards Cloud, "How about you boy? Come at me."


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